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A variety of flowers' language of flowers. A fourth-leaf clover.

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1 A variety of flowers' language of flowers

2 A fourth-leaf clover

3 About the meaning represented by the four leaves of Clover,there are the two argument: One:The first leaf represents hope,the second on behalf of the confidence (faith), and the third leaf represents love (love), but the fourth leaf represents a symbol of lucky (luck). This argument match with the Christian hope, faith and charity ideological. Two:The first leaf represents love (love), the second leaf represents health (health), the third leaf on behalf of Honorary (glory), the fourth leaf represents the wealth (riches).

4 Dandelion

5 Dandelion Dandelion: vibrant yellow flowers, "Everlasting Love". Purple dandelion: 'Legend of the Purple' Dandelion Arrows: 'targeting marbles'

6 Sunflower

7 (Perennial Sunflower) (Affinity) Perennial Sunflower is closely related to our daily lives, it is a plant has affinity with human beings. Therefore, it is the language of flowers - affinity. One who born by this flower blessings is the ideal lover, is the best partner for life.

8 Carnatinon

9 Warm Most carnations are representative of the feeling of love, charm and respect.

10 Light red on behalf of admiration Crimson on behalf of a deep love and care The pure white represents the purity of love and luck

11 Pattern carnations on behalf of the apology of refused courtship Pink carnations have the most important symbolic and historical significance, therefore the pink carnation became the immortal symbol of motherly love.

12 Carnation: the great, holy, loving mother Carnation (white): pure friendship, expressing the mourn and miss of the deceased mother Carnation (pink): I wish mother always young, beautiful

13 Lavender waiting for love

14 Daisy Hidden love in the heart In Roman mythology, Daisy is the fairies in the forest

15 Gardenia florid 1: joy, just as the vitality of the summer and is full of unknown hope and joy 2: the eternal love and agreement 3: Waiting for the love

16 Rose Rose: pure love, beautiful love, Red Rose: love, passion, love you Purple Rose : romantic truth and preciousness and uniqueness, a symbol of joy and love. The symbolic meaning of purple rose is deep love Pink Roses: love, courtship, love and special care

17 Yellow Rose: noble, beauty or apology Orange roses: full of youthful spirit, the mood of the first love White Rose: innocent, pure Green Rose: pure and simple, resident youth, I only love you

18 The meaning of the number of roses 1:In my heart you are the only one 7:I love you secretly 10:perfect love 36 :romantic 99: forever 100 : 100% love

19 108 :a symbol of marriage proposal 144 : a symbol of love in ones lifetime 365 :symbolize like you every day 999 : a symbol of the permanence 1001 : a symbol of forever

20 Pure love and honest kindness.


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