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Classification of Plants Plant Kingdom Flowering Plants Non-flowering Plants.

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2 Classification of Plants

3 Plant Kingdom Flowering Plants Non-flowering Plants

4 . 3 groups FernsMossesGymnosperms Non - flowering Plants Do NOT produce flowers

5 A plant can be divided into 3 parts

6 Examples of Mosses

7 spores Spore-producing capsule

8 . No true roots, No vascular tissues (no transport) Characteristics of Mosses. Simple stems & leaves. Have rhizoids for anchorage. Spores from capsules (wind-dispersal). Damp terrestrial land. Simplest plants


10 underground stem root A leaf (finely divided into small parts)


12 . roots, feathery leaves & underground stems Characteristics of Ferns vascular tissues. have vascular tissues (transport & support) Dampshady. Damp & shady places Spore-producing organ. Spore-producing organ on the underside of leaves (reproduction)


14 needle-shaped leaves

15 Male cones (in clusters) Female cones (scattered)

16 . roots, woody stems Characteristics of Gymnosperms. needle-shaped leaves. tall evergreen trees. cones with reproductive structures. dry places. vascular tissues (transport). naked seeds in female cones

17 . 2 groups MonocotyledonsDicotyledons Flowering Plants. roots, stems, leaves. vascular tissues (transport). flowers, fruits (contain seeds)

18 Monocotyledons Parallel veins

19 . one seed-leaf Characteristics of Monocotyledons. leaves have parallel veins. herbaceous plants. e.g. grass, maize

20 Dicotyledons Veins in network

21 . two seed-leaves Characteristics of Dicotyledons. leaves have veins in network. e.g. trees, sunflower, rose

22 Plant Classification Non-flowering Plants Flowering Spore- bearing Naked seeds No roots with roots MossesFerns Gymnosperms 1 seed- leaf 2 seed- leaves MonocotsDicots

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