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Wedding Flowers Weddings o ne of the most interesting and challenging segments of the florist business t radition plays a major role.

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2 Wedding Flowers

3 Weddings o ne of the most interesting and challenging segments of the florist business t radition plays a major role

4 m odern weddings are reflecting more individuality c ouples are generally older and have a specific idea of what they want

5 Wedding Info Average Cost of a Wedding in the US $20,000- $25,000 Average Cost of a Wedding in Seattle $25,951

6 Nation wideSeattle $1,636 $1,329 ***Percentages vary by floral shop Average Cost of Wedding Flowers

7 Compare and Contrast Formal & Informal Weddings 2 Types of Weddings Formal –Fancy –Often held in religious buildings like churches, cathedrals, temples, etc. Informal –Less fancy –Often held outdoors **Determined by culture & personal preference

8 Bridal Consultations f irst interview is usually the most important a t least three months prior to the wedding

9 n ormally handled by the head designer or the owner/manager of the shop a n area is usually set aside for these meetings where interruptions will be minimal

10 m ay include looking at ribbon samples p hoto albums of sample wedding work

11 f lorist must learn as much about the wedding plans as possible

12 f lorist needs to determine: s et a budget within which to work

13 Other stuff…. T ype of gown t ype of wedding being planned h ow large is the wedding party

14 F ormal or informal w here will the service take place t ime of day or evening r eligious ceremony

15 W here is the reception h ow large will the reception be w ho is paying for the flowers

16 Bridal Consultation e stablish the size and budget for the wedding w ith this info the florist will be better able to make suggestions relative to flower choices and other decorations

17 Wedding order form u sed for planning floral decorations l ists the majority of items needed for the wedding

18 h as space for notes on the style and types of flowers used s erves as a contract between the florist and the bride

19 t he form is signed by the bride and the florist t his helps prevent problems in the future

20 a copy is given to the bride to serve as her reference i temized list of floral expenses

21 f orm may categorize expenses under two columns o ne for the bride and one for the groom

22 Bouquets b ridal and attendant s tyle is preference of bride s everal factors considered in selecting style of bouquets

23 f lowers should compliment the gown t raditional gowns - traditional flowers such as roses and stephanotis

24 s ize of the bride and attendants p etite women should carry a small airy cascade n ot a large, heavy cascading bouquet

25 l arger women can carry larger, heavier bouquets m ost frequent styles ordered: a rm bouquet

26 c olonial nosegay c ascading bouquet v ariations of each are made by altering the flowers used, size, density of bouquet

27 Arm bouquets p resentation bouquet c arried across the forearm d esigned with natural stems remaining on the flowers k ept fresh in a vase until wedding time

28 o rchid tubes or water picks may also be used r emove tubes just before the wedding f lowers are bound together with wire

29 Arm Bouquets Arm bouquet – Flowers tied together and cradled in the arm

30 Colonial Nosegay h andheld bouquets c onstructed in a circular shape with an attached handle u sually a plastic bouquet holder is used with

31 Colonial bouquet – A round bouquet based on the English nosegay. Created on oasis bouquet holder with no visible stems.

32 s oaked oasis or floral foam is placed in the bouquet holder a piece of PVC pipe is used to hold the bouquet holder while designing

33 Cascade bouquets h eld at the waist c reated by extending the colonial bouquet into a flowing garland.


35 c ascade may be any length from one foot to floor length c ascade is extremely popular with brides

36 h and tied - each flower wired and taped separately d esigned in same foam holders as colonial nosegays

37 w ire and tape the long cascade and add to a foam bouquet holder

38 Cascade Bouquet – Round central area with trailing line of flowers and foliage

39 Hand-tied Hand-tied Bouquet – Natural looking gathering of flowers and foliage with the stems tied together

40 Bridesmaid Bouquets Smaller version of the Brides bouquet Usually for Bridesmaids and Maid of Honor

41 Corsages and Bouts n ormally worn by ushers, best man, groomsmen p arents, grandparents s ervers at the reception o ther close family members

42 Corsages and bouts o rganist, minister, soloist m inister - if they do not wear a robe r oses and orchids are favorite for mothers and gmas

43 Corsages and bouts a ny flower can be chosen u sually flowers used in bridal or bridesmaids bouquets

44 Boutonnieres For the men in the wedding Groom, father of the groom, ushers, best man, groomsmen, grandfather, wedding official

45 Corsages Could be pin on or wristlet For mothers, grandmothers, sisters, and other special women involved with the wedding

46 Ceremonial Decorations c heck to see if the church has a policy on the use of flowers and decorations

47 a few large, bold arrangements are more effective than several small ones

48 Entry and Vestibule g uest book table c ut flower arrangements g arlands framing doorways

49 Aisles and Pews b ows made of number 9 or 40 ribbon w hite is the most common o ften accented with flowers and foliage

50 m ay be used on every pew e very second or third pew

51 Candelabra m ay have flowers and foliage added m ay be used in altar area or in aisles

52 Altar f ocus attention on the center of the altar s hould be large enough to be seen by wedding guests l arge, bright flowers are most effective

53 s ingle arrangement in center of altar t riangular or fan shaped

54 Reception Decorations m any times arrangements used at the wedding are moved to the reception site

55 Reception s erving tables c ake table p unch table f loating pool arrangement

56 Rehearsal dinner d epends on the style of dinner a rrangements are kept low so guests can see

57 Wedding Cake Cake is usually adorned with flowers

58 Table Centerpieces Tables at reception and dinner need a centerpiece This includes any food tables when serving buffet

59 Entry Arch, Aisles, Altar Reception and/or ceremony usually has an arch & decorated background where the bride and groom stand


61 Examples of Color Schemes

62 Delivery f lorist usually stays at the wedding site until the ceremony has begun. p ins on corsages and hands out bouquets

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