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Section Four the Flower

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1 Section Four the Flower

2 Part One Makeup and Shape
Definition The flower is a abnormal short shoot. Physiological Function through blossom out and pollination ,than raise up seed.

3 Medicinal Values For example , Flos Carthami(红花) , Flos Caryophylli(丁香) , Flos Chrysanthemi(菊花) Flos Lonicerae(金银花) , Flos Mgnoliae(辛夷) ,Pollen Pini(松花粉),Stigma Croci(番红花) and etc.

4 Flos Caryophylli Flos Carthami Flos Chrysanthemi Flos Lonicerae Flos Mgnoliae

5 Ornamental Values Paeonia ostii Lanhua Tanhua

6 Composing of Flower 1.Corolla 2.Anther 3.Filament 4.Stigma 5.Style 6.Ovary 7.Receptacle 8.Calyx 9.pedicel

7 The composing of Flower

8 1.Composition ★Pedicel ★Receptacle ★Perianth   calyx    corolla

9 the Types of Corolla ☆cruciferous corolla ☆funnel-shaped ~
☆papilionaceous ~ ☆labiate ~ ☆tubular ~ ☆ligulate ~ ☆funnel-shaped ~ ☆Campanulate ~ ☆urceolate ~ ☆salver-shaped ~ ☆rotate~


11 Types of Corolla 1.cruciferous corolla 2.papilionaceous ~ 3.labiate ~
4.tubular ~ and ligulate ~ 5.funnel-shaped ~ 6.Campanulate ~ 7.rotate~ 8.salver-shaped ~

12 ★androecium filament anther Types distinct stamen diadelphous ~ didynamous ~ polyadelphous ~ tetradynamous ~ syngenesious ~ monadelphous ~

13 Type of Stamen 1.Monadelphous stamen 2.Diadelphous stamen
3.Didynamous stamen 4.Tetradynamous stamen 5.Polyadelphous stamen 6.Syngenesious stamen

14 Type of Stamen 1.Didynamous stamen2.Polyadelphous stamen 3.Monadelphous stamen 4.Synantherous stamen 5.Diadelphous stamen 6.Tetradynamous stamen

15 ★gynoecium stigma style ovary Types: simple pistil compound pistil

16 Type of Pistil 1.Simple pistil 2.syncarpous pistil 3. syncarpous pistil 4.simple pistil 5.apocarpous pistil


18 Ovary superior ovary(hypogynous flower)
inferior ovary(epigynous flower) half-inferior ovary(perigynous flower)


20 Part Two Type of Flower ★complete flower,incomplete flower
★double perianth flower,simple ~,naked ~ ★bisexual flower,unisexual ~,monoecism ,dioecism,asexual ~ ★actinomorphic flower, zygomorphic ~,asymmetric ~

21 Ⅲ.double perianth flowewr
Type of Flower Ⅰ.naked flower Ⅱ. Simple flower Ⅲ.double perianth flowewr 1.Bract 2.calyx 3.corolla

22 1. naked flower 2. double perianth flowewr 3.4. Simple flower
Type of Flower 1. naked flower 2. double perianth flowewr 3.4. Simple flower

23 Part Three Flower Formula and Flower Diagram
it show composing , arrange , location and each other relation of flower with letter, number and symbol.

24 1.Letter P:perianthium K:kelch C:corolla A:androecium G:gynoecium 2. Number wanting or degenerate ∞ ≥10 or unsureness Carpel:ovary room:ovule

25 3.Symbol *:actinomorphic flower ↑: zygomorphic flower :bisexual flower
♂:staminate flower ♀:pistillate flower ( ) adnation + ring G: superior ovary G : inferior ovary G: half-inferior ovary

26 For instance 桑科(Moraceae) ♂P4~6A4~ ♀P4~6G(2:1:1) 罂粟科(Papaveraceae)   *↑K2 C4~6A4~6,∞G (2~∞:1:∞)

27 百合科(Liliaceae )   *P3+3,(3+3)A3+3 G(3: 3 : ∞ ) 毛茛科(Ranunculaceae)   *↑K3~∞C3~∞,0A ∞G1~∞:1:1~∞

28 Flower Diagram It is the illustration drawing by transverse section of flower.


30 Part Four Inflorescence
The way in which the flower arranges regularly on the rachis and open order are called inflorescence.

31 ★Indefinite ~: Raceme spike catkin Spadix Corymb umbel Capitulum


33 Type of Inflorescence 1.Raceme 2.spike 3.corymb 4.catkin 5.spadix 6.umbel 7.head 8.hypanthodium 9. panicle 10.cyme

34 Type of Inflorescence 1.Raceme 2. spike 3. spadix 4.catkin 5. corymb 6.umbel 7.head 8.hypanthodium 9. panicle 10.cyme 11.Verticillaster 12.coniform spike

35 ★Definite ~: Monochasium dichasium Pleiochasium verticillaster

36 Type of Definite Inflorescence
1.Hericoid cyme 2.Scorpioid cyme 3.Dichasium 4.Pleiochasium 5 . Verticillaster

37 Type of Definite Inflorescence 1. Scorpioid cyme 2. Hericoid cyme
3.Dichasium 4.Pleiochasium

38 Part Five Physiological Function
1.Anthesis self pollination 2.pollination cross pollination 3.fertilization


40 Part six microscopic structure
(一) calyx 1 epidermis 2 mesophyll 3 vein

41 (二) Morphology of pollen grain

42 Morphology of pollen grain

43 Review Questions 一.Definition flower , androecium , gynoecium, placenta, complete flower , incomplete flower , double perianth flower , simple perianth flower , naked flower , bisexual flower , unisexual flower , asexual flower , flower formula

44 二.simple answer 1.what is the function of the flower? 2.what is the composing of the flower?

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