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2 Parts of a Flower Flowers make pollen, attract pollinators, produce fruit, and make seeds. Despite differences in appearance, most flowers have a similar structure: Sepals Petals Stamens Pollen Pistil Ovary Ovules

3 What’s In A Flower?

4 Pollination The shape, color, and fragrance of a flower provide clues as to the size and shape of its pollinator. Tube-shaped flowers, such as honeysuckle, are typically pollinated by animals with a long beak, proboscis, or tongue.

5 Pollination Fragrant, showy flowers attract pollinators.
Flowers that use wind to disperse pollen tend to be small and lack fragrance.

6 Flowers Come in Many Colors, Shapes and Sizes

7 Some flowers attract bats
The flowers that are visited by bats are typically: open at night large in size ( inches) pale or white in color very fragrant - fermenting or fruit-like odor A good supply of dilute nectar

8 Prickly Pear Banana Plant Kapok Tree

9 Bees are the champion pollinators!
The flowers that are visited by bees are typically: full of nectar brightly colored with petals that are usually blue or yellow or a mixture of these (bees cannot see red) sweetly aromatic or have a minty fragrance open in daytime provide landing platforms often bilaterally symmetrical (one side of the flower is a mirror image of the other) flowers are often tubular with nectar at the base of the tube

10 Flowers pollinated by bees

11 Flowers pollinated by birds
The flowers that are visited by birds and hummingbirds are typically: Tubular and have petals that are curved to be out of the way Have tubes, funnels, cups Strong supports for perching Brightly colored (red, yellow, or orange) Odorless (birds have a poor sense of smell) Open during the day Prolific nectar producers with deeply hidden nectar Modest pollen producers that are designed to dust the bird’s head/back with pollen as the bird forages for nectar

12 Flowers pollinated by birds

13 Flowers Pollinated by Butterflies
The flowers that are visited by butterflies are typically: In clusters and provide landing platforms Brightly colored (red, yellow, orange) Open during the day Ample nectar producers, with nectar deeply hidden May be clusters of small flowers

14 Flowers Pollinated by Butterflies

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