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Flower Characteristics

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1 Flower Characteristics
AGR 161

2 Objectives The students will be able to:
Label the parts of the flower. Identify each parts function. Recognize the different inflorescence types.

3 Flowers Flowers are produced primarily for their commercial purposes
Flowers come in various shapes, sizes and colors Flowers are used for reproduction

4 Parts of the Flower

5 Sepals Green leaf-like structures beneath the petals.
Calyx is made up of all the sepals on one flower

6 Petals Usually brightly colored Primarily used to attract pollinators
Collectively petals are referred to as calyx

7 Stamens The male reproductive part of the flower is the stamens
2 parts Anther and Filament

8 Pistils The female reproductive parts of the flower
3 parts Stigma, Style, and Ovary Ovary contains ovules or eggs

9 Inflorescence Inflorescence is the arrangement of flowers on a stem.
Some flowers are clustered at the tip of the stem, while other are likes spikes

10 Types of Inflorescence
Cyme Spike Raceme Panicle Corymb Umbel Spadix Catkin Head

11 Cyme Usually a flat topped inflorescence Baby’s Breath

12 Spike An elongated inflorescence with a central axis.
Flowers are attached to the inflorescence without a stem or stalk Liatris

13 Raceme Elongated inflorescence with central axis.
Pedicels are more or less of equal length Snapdragon

14 Panicle Elongated inflorescence
Along the central axis there are branches that are themselves branched Astilbe

15 Corymb Flat topped inflorescence
Mainly a vertical axis with branches of unequal length Yarrow

16 Umbel Inflorescence having several branches arising from a common point Queen Anne’s Lace

17 Spandix Spike with a thickened, fleshy axis Anthurium

18 Catkin Catkin is a spike, raceme, or cyme
Composed of unisexual flowers without petals Falling as a unit Willow Tree

19 Head Rounded or flat-topped cluster of sessile flowers
Type of Chrysanthemum


21 REVIEW Spadix Calla Lily


23 Catkin Willow Tree


25 Cyme Baby’s Breath


27 Spike Liatris


29 Umbel Queen Anne’s Lace


31 Panicle Astible??


33 Head Spider Mum


35 Raceme Delphinium


37 Corymb Yarrow

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