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Flowers,fruits and seeds

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1 Flowers,fruits and seeds
Some plants reproduce by creating fruit and seeds. BACK NEXT

2 The seeds are contained within or on the fruit.

3 There are lots of different types of fruit.

4 Seed dispersal BACK NEXT
Once a seed has grown fully it is ready to begin to make a new plant. Plants create lots of seeds because many get eaten, damaged or do not find a good place to grow. The seed has more chance of becoming a new plant if it can start to grow away from its parent plant. This is because it will need light, water and nutrients which are harder to get underneath the parent plant. BACK NEXT

5 Being eaten BACK NEXT Seeds can be dispersed in different ways.
Seeds are packaged within tasty fruit. Animals and birds eat them. They are deposited in their droppings. The droppings act as a special fertiliser to help the young plant grow. Being eaten BACK NEXT

6 Flying away BACK NEXT Seeds can use the wind to leave home.
Some seeds are light and have tiny parachutes. Some are shaped like wings to spin away like a helicopter. Flying away BACK NEXT

7 Some seeds use hooks to grab a ride on passing animals.
The animals carry them away from the parent plant. After a while the seed falls off and can begin to grow. Clinging on BACK NEXT

8 Some seeds are spread by the seed pod splitting open violently.
The seeds are thrown in all directions. Many seeds are thrown away from the parent plant and can begin to grow. Exploding BACK NEXT

9 Germination When a seed has been dispersed, only a few of those the plant creates land where they can form a new plant. The seeds that land in a good place can begin to grow. This process is called germination. BACK NEXT


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