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LOOK AT THESE!!!!!. A Beautiful Bouquet Smiling Sunflowers.

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2 A Beautiful Bouquet

3 Smiling Sunflowers

4 Lovely lilac


6 One Flower but means so much

7 A Shining New Day

8 A Beautiful Decoration



11 Flowers are the most beautiful things in Nature

12 The Valley of Flowers Miss.Sahaya Mary PRT, KVASC Centre(S) Bangalore-47

13 The Valley of Flowers



16 The Valley Of Let us all visit the….

17 The Valley of Flowers!!!!!

18 The State of Uttaranchal


20 What will you find there? Himalayan Blue Poppy

21 Daisies…. White… Yellow… Purple

22 Dianthus

23 Calendula Flowers

24 AstersAsters

25 Strawberry Flowers

26 Brahma Kamal Or Bethlehem Lily

27 Pansies

28 Let Us look at some common flowers around us…..Zinnia

29 Marigold

30 Hibiscus…… Shoe Flower

31 Periwinkle

32 Vinca Rosa

33 White Beauties.. Night Blooming Flowers

34 Night Blooming Cereus

35 Cactus flowers

36 Lily

37 Lilies

38 Night Jasmine Flowers

39 Water Lily…. Friend of the Moon

40 Datura…. Beautiful at Night

41 Jasmine

42 Flowering Trees….Magnolia

43 Jacaranda

44 Bottle Brush

45 Flame Of The Forest

46 Famous Flowers. LOTUS The National flower.. Friend Of the Sun

47 Neel Kamal…

48 Banyan.. The National Tree

49 Lajwanti…Touch-Me-Not Flowers

50 Ashoka Flowers.. Friend of Sita

51 Tulips Of Holland

52 Carnations

53 The Queen Of Flowers


55 Uses Of Flowers Kewda Flowers make sweet scent

56 Some Flowers are eaten Banana Flowers

57 Some flowers are medicinal

58 Some flowers yield colouring substances Indigo flowers

59 Flowers are used for many Occasions like…..


61 Look at these women.What are they carrying in their baskets?

62 Who are these people?

63 A Florist and his wholesale shop

64 A Flower market in Calcutta

65 Our Countrys largest business in flowers is in these places

66 Let Us look at some flowers??? Bell shaped

67 Funnel shaped

68 Trumpet-shaped

69 Plate-like Or Salver-form

70 Tube-like= tubular

71 Urn-shaped or pot-shaped

72 Bowl-shaped

73 Saucer- shaped

74 Star-shaped

75 Cross-shaped

76 Lipped flowers

77 Let us be like flowers spreading goodness and beauty around us

78 I hope you ve learnt all about us the flowers very well!!!!

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