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Pollination and Fertilisation Standard Grade Biology.

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2 Pollination and Fertilisation Standard Grade Biology

3 Pollination Self-pollination Pollen from the anther is transferred to the stigma

4 Cross Pollination Pollen from the anther of one plant is transferred to the the stigma of a different plant

5 FeatureReason small petals, often brown or dull green no need to attract insects no scentno need to attract insects no nectarno need to attract insects pollen produced in great quantities because most does not reach another flower pollen very light and smoothso it can be blown in the wind anthers loosely attached and dangle out to release pollen into the wind stigma hangs outside the flowerto catch the drifting pollen stigma feathery or net liketo catch the drifting pollen Wind Pollinated Flowers

6 Wind/Insect Pollination

7 FeatureReason large, brightly coloured petalsto attract insects often sweetly scentedto attract insects usually contain nectarto attract insects moderate quantity of pollenless wastage than with wind pollination pollen often sticky or spikyto stick to insects anthers firm and inside flowerto brush against insects stigma inside the flowerso that the insect brushes against it stigma has sticky coatingpollen sticks to it Insect Pollinated Flowers

8 Fertilisation

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