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Responding to the marking in your books

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1 Responding to the marking in your books
Write the title “Feedback and Corrections” in your exercise book with a green pen. Look back at your work that has been marked. If you have a spelling mistake (sp) you will need to write out the correct spelling THREE times. If you have a grammar error, you should write out the whole phrase ONCE. If you finish in the allocated time, you should add more detail to a couple of sentences from your last lesson.

2 Reinforcing Personality words
Recapping the adjectives and time indicators Listening for the key adjectives Reading to recognise the key words Speaking games Writing as a summary Key Words: je suis = I am il est = he is elle est = she is

3 Starter: Do these words have accents? If so, where?
sympa sportif egoiste drole intelligent penible patiente sympa sportif égoïste drôle intelligent pénible patiente

4 Recapping adjectives and time phrases
On the next slide, words will appear. If it contains and adjective, you will make an ‘A’ with your arms. If you think it contains a time phrase, you will make a ‘T’ with your arms.

5 Adjective or Time? Je suis sympa Je suis de temps en temps malade
Je joue au foot tous les soirs Je suis sympa Je suis de temps en temps malade J’écoute de la musique quelquefois Je suis très sportive

6 je suis timide

7 je suis patiente

8 je suis sympa

9 je suis pénible

10 je suis égoïste

11 je suis parasseux

12 je suis très drôle

13 Listening task – Levels 2-3
g,b,i,a d,c,h,f a,c,b,f c,g,h,e 1-6 = Level 1 7-11 = Level 2 12-16 = level 3

14 Reading tasks – Levels 2-4 – p49

15 Speaking task Chain game / which one am I thinking?

16 Writing task: Describe your personality
Describe your friends’ personalities Add TIME PHRASES Use LINKING WORDS and the HIGH FREQUENCY WORDS on page 25

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