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Civil Integrated Management

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1 Civil Integrated Management
3, 4, 5, xD Modeling in Highway Design & Construction

2 About Parsons Brinckerhoff
Founded in 1885 by General William Barclay Parsons Approx. 14,000 Staff in 150 Offices Worldwide Active in All Major Infrastructure Markets Transportation is Key Area of Expertise Services Across the Life Cycle of a Project Key Company under Balfour Beatty

3 About Rachel Arulraj Dr. Rachel K. Arulraj, Asst. Vice President at Parsons Brinckerhoff (PB) Active in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Building Information Modeling (BIM) Industries Manages a multi-million dollar BIM project for a $16B Construction Oversees IT & BIM for design projects Doctorate in Geographic Information Systems with focus on AEC industry. Participates in AEC Industry Advisory Boards, Professional Association Boards, Transportation Research Board committees, etc. Won industry awards for the projects she manages Is an award-winning speaker at international conferences. Also a Certified Project Manager and Principal Professional Associate for Information Technology at PB.

4 Objectives of Presentation
Show how CIM is the collection, organization and managed accessibility to accurate data and information related to a highway facility Introduce basic principles of CIM Briefly touch upon tools and technologies Provide project examples where 3D, 4D, 5D has worked in design and construction projects

5 CIM For Transportation
Civil Integrated Modeling = CIM CIM benefits with 3D Data (Instead of 2D) The transportation industry requires more 4D & 5D than most other industries using CIM CIM needs computing investments 3D is for representing graphic civil objects in an infrastructure, 4D for time and 5D for cost

6 Technology Adoption Life-cycle
Innovators (Techies) Early Adopters (Visionaries) Early Majority (Pragmatists) Late Majority (Conservatives) Laggards (Skeptics) The Chasm Adapted From: Geoffery Moore (1991) GPS in 2012 CIM in 2012

7 Integration of Technologies
Information Technology, Web, Database Management Systems, Project Controls, Schedulers Estimators Management Systems Data Geospatial Technologies (CAD, GIS, GPS Laser Scanning) CIM Presentation Portals Mapping Visual Graphics, Presentation Material, CAVE

8 Laser Scanning Technology for CIM

9 4D Technologies for CIM C1 North Cut-Off Wall 7’-0” 10’-0”
C1 Steel Conduit C1 Water and Sewer in East Side Walk C2A Alternative Steel Gas Main

10 CAVE Technology for CIM
Computer Analysis and Visualization Environment

11 CIM in 3D, 4D, 5D, xD xD Design, Construction and Beyond
Use Model for O&M Integrate into Facility Management QC As-builts Review Construction Sequencing Tie Construction Schedules Cost Planning & Estimating Multi-discipline coordination Design Drawings Extracted Design, Construction and Beyond Develop 3D model 3D drawings Design - Weekly Meetings Issue 2D Drawings for Construction Design Reviews at 30%, 60%, 90% 2D drawings Traditional Tools Future Tools

12 Benefits of CIM in 3D, 4D & 5D Minimize Risk Minimize Cost
Enhance Value and Quality of Design Automate Data Management Avoid rework and delays Better design & construction procurement Improve project scheduling and planning Enhance project coordination Communicate See before investing

13 CIM for Infrastructure Life Cycle
Conceptual Design – 3D Preliminary Engineering – 3D Detailed Design – 3D, 4D, 5D Construction Phase – 3D, 4D, 5D Program Cost Management – 5D Operations & Maintenance – xD Supply Chain Management – xD

14 Conceptual Phase

15 Conceptual Phase

16 Design Phase Support a Referendum

17 Design Phase Communicate Design to Stakeholders

18 Cost Management – Final Design
Slide 7- Beyond 4D Modeling 8:00-9:00 Graphics- Contract Phasing Simulation (PresidioParkway_ContractPhasing_AU.wmv)

19 5D Cost Estimates from BIM

20 Construction

21 Operations & Maintenance

22 Operations & Maintenance

23 Operations & Maintenance

24 Supply Chain Management

25 Risk Management

26 Enhancing Stakeholder Experience
Better Communication Faster Approvals Enhanced Experience For the future of the built environment

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