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INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SERVICES UTBackup: Desktop Backup Client and Service Overview.

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1 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SERVICES UTBackup: Desktop Backup Client and Service Overview

2 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SERVICES Introduction Oscar Treviño ITS User Services, UTBackup Service Primary Contact Ryan Baldwin College of Education, Senior IT Manager, UTBackup Steering Committee Zac Clubb ITS User Services, UTBackup Service Technical Lead

3 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SERVICES Table of Contents UTBackup General Overview Project history Service description, information, and options Getting started Service support **Service Q&A** UTBackup Technical Overview Customizing the client Managing users and computers Restoring files **Technical Q&A**

4 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SERVICES Project History SITAC identified need for centralized data backup service in 2009. 60 day try-and-buy program with UTBackup service conducted during Summer 2011. Based on the try-and-buy results, UTBackup client licenses and appliances were purchased early Fall 2011.

5 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SERVICES Service Description & Information Provides enterprise level, centralized, automated backup for desktops and laptops Cross-platform support for Windows, Mac, & Linux Provides limited open file backup support Data restoration available from any computer Please see:

6 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SERVICES Service Options Option 1: Centrally managed option by ITS Option 2: Purchase the UTBackup software through ITS and install it on a locally managed server and storage hardware Option 3: Purchase the UTBackup software and UTBackup appliances through ITS Option 4: ITS Managed Desktop Support (MDS) contract; data storage purchased through ITS

7 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SERVICES Getting Started UTBackup is available today, November 14 th UTBackup Service Request form: Contact the ITS Help Desk, 475-9400

8 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SERVICES Billing Storage consumption tracking begins on December 1, 2011 Storage use is calculated as a snapshot of the top level org taken at the end of each month Monthly totals are tallied, averaged, and rounded up to the nearest Gb Billing invoices will be issued in August, 2012

9 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SERVICES UTBackup Support UTBackup Help & Support: ITS Help Desk, 475-9400 Subscribe to the UTBackup Mail List:


11 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SERVICES Customizing client installers Simplifies account creation Streamlines org management Please see for more information.


13 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SERVICES Organization Management How do I manage the UTBackup service for my department? TSCs can remotely administer UTBackup clients and devices through control of a nested, hierarchical grouping of parent and child organizations. Remote management is handled via a web-based administrative console (

14 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SERVICES Management console walkthrough

15 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SERVICES TSC Client Management Client settings are the settings applied to UTBackup client computers. Client settings can be created for individual orgs, child orgs, or computers. Client settings are inherited from the parent organization, unless explicitly blocked. No explicit file selection or include/exclude filters set by default. Client settings can set to read-only from the admin console

16 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SERVICES File Restore Procedures Client files can be restored in two ways: UTBackup client application No size limit/fastest method Can restore to original file locations Admin Console Default 250mb restore limit Slower than client (WebDAV) No client application necessary TSCs can restore org users files via console


18 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SERVICES Service Security Is UTBackup CAT I compliant? Yes. UTBackup has been analyzed by the ISO and has received approval for transmitting and storing CAT I data. 448 bit Blowfish encryption over the wire and at rest Admin console accessed via HTTPS/SSL Client Security Settings By default, clients use the standard archive encryption key (Level 1) Can assign personal password to encryption key (Level 2) Can replace default encryption key with personal encryption key (Level 3)

19 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SERVICES Other Issues and Considerations Data retention settings By default, files are deleted from backup archive 30 days after deletion from backup set Network Settings Initial client seeding should occur on a wired, campus network Open file backup Generally supported, however, some frequently modified files can be problematic. Testing is recommended. Reporting and Alerts Users and org admins receive automated backup status reports and alerts based on settings

20 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SERVICES Information ITS UTBackup Service Site: UTBackup wiki: UTBackup Service Request Form: CrashPlanPROe Support:

21 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SERVICES Questions? Contact information: Oscar Treviño ITS User Services, UTBackup Service Primary Contact Zac Clubb ITS User Services, UTBackup Service Technical Lead

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