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MAVCAPs Perspective in Financing Green Technology Deals.

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1 MAVCAPs Perspective in Financing Green Technology Deals

2 What is Green Technology? Evolving Landscape & Opportunities Challenges Key Considerations Funding Gap MAVCAP Contents

3 Green Technology ? Green Technology is the development and application of products, equipment and systems used to conserve the natural environment and resources, which minimize and reduces the negative impact of human activities. By Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water

4 Green Technology ? Four Pillars Of Green Technology Policy Energy Environment Economy Social Seek to attain energy independence and promote efficient utilization; Conserve and minimize the impact on the environment; Enhance the national economic development through the use of technology; and Improve the quality of life for all.

5 Why?... How?... Environmental issues ie depleting natural resources, disasters and etc Evolving environmental policies ie EU in creating a carbon market Rapid rise in commodity prices esp. in Asia Green wave propagated by mainstream business publications Evolving Landscape and Opportunities

6 Business Owners/Promoters … Incomplete eco system R&D facilities Rapid change in technology Time to market Competition esp. from established conglomerates Familiarity Government support and policies Challenges

7 Value proposition and position in the value network Business model Technology roadmap Market and growth strategy Financial and valuation Funding and utilisation Exit strategy Management Key Considerations

8 Value proposition Key Considerations Position in the value network

9 Business model Key Considerations

10 Technology roadmap Key Considerations

11 Market and growth strategy Key Considerations

12 Financial and valuation Historical - revenue, profitability and cash? forecast & projections (trend alignment or setter?) Valuation ??? Key Considerations

13 Funding and utilisation How much is enough? How is it being used? Key Considerations

14 Exit strategy IPO? Trade sale? Buyback? Key Considerations

15 Management Honesty & Integrity Expertise / Focus Experience Motivation Commitment High level of energy Key Considerations

16 Funding Gap Leveraging Or Other forms of financing Equity Size, tenure and nature of project

17 Founded in 2001 Largest Malaysian Government VC arm focusing on ICT/high growth tech sectors (ex biotech) Early to late stage investor Fund under management: RM970 million Typical investment size: up to RM 22 million Largest number of VC professionals 128 portfolio companies (73 (direct) & 55 (OSP)) MAVCAP


19 High growth private companies ICT, clean/green tech and technology related Malaysian angle Minority stake with board seat Investment horizon – 3 to 5 years Exit option - buyback, IPO, trade sale INVESTMENT MANDATE

20 Market Expansion Product Expansion Listing or Sale Commercialization TIME Concept Alpha Beta Early Adopter FUNDING AMOUNT Co Formation 3-6 months 12-24 months 24-60 months VC FUNDING CYCLE


22 THANK YOU Tel:03 2050 3000 email:

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