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WELCOME to the Presentations on Academic Project By Logipro Software 1.

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1 WELCOME to the Presentations on Academic Project By Logipro Software 1

2 2 Founded in May 2000 Started as IBM Business Partner in Training In staffing business since 2001 Started Product Development in 2003 MILESSTONE

3 Software Development Staffing Solution Training & Development 3

4 4 Retail Training Java Dot Net Software Testing PHP SQL Academic Projects Corporate Training Technical Behavioral Finance & Accounting Sales & Marketing Institutional Training Technical Behavioral Aptitude Employability skills Other as required

5 5 Why Logipro ???????? Quality Standard:ISO certified company 13 years of industry excellence Managed by IIT s Preferred vendor for top IT clients Expertise in analyzing the need of requirement Pre and Post training services and support Best of the Industry s resources Innovative Techniques for deliverables and many more …

6 6

7 7 Academic Projects

8 8 Are you excited to know about the following ? PROJECT SDLC TYPES OF PROJECT LOGIPRO LOGIPRO WHY LOGIPRO ?

9 9 A project in business and science is typically defined as a o Collaborative Enterprise o Frequently Involving Research /Design o Carefully Planned o Achieve a Particular Aim o In a Particular Time Line PROJECT

10 10 PROJECT MANAGEMENT Project management is the discipline of o Planning o Organizing o Leading/Motivating o Controlling Resources to Achieve Specific Goals

11 11

12 12 SYSTEM SIDE PROJECTS These Projects are Desktop Application Technology required are C,C++ and java NETWORKING PROJECTS These Projects are working with more then one system also called as Intranet Application Technology using are C,C++ and java WEB APPLICATIONS PROJECTS These projects are Internet Oriented Application Technology required using are J2EE,Dot Net and PHP IEEE PROJECTS These are based on International Electrical and Electronics Engineering Research Base Papers Projects Technology required are Java and Dot Net EMBEDDED APPLICATION PROJECTS These are the Projects dealing with Electronic Devices Technology required C and Java DIFFERENT PROJECTS

13 LOGIPRO 13 Technology | Java |.NET | PHP IEEE Networking Mobile Computing Cloud Computing Grid Computing Network Security Web Application Projects Live Projects/Internship only for limited students (first cum first serve basis)

14 Process of Project Development 1.Select a Project Title and get it approved by HOD 2.Abstract 3.Synopsys 4.Technology Training 5.Development/Coding 6.Project Slides Preparation 7.Project Presentations 8.Project Report/Document 9.Completion Certificate 14


16 Thank You !!! Any Questions Please ??? Please Contact for Training and Academic Projects Phone: Mobile: Website: 16

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