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The Theory of Plate Tectonics…

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1 The Theory of Plate Tectonics…
…states that the Earth’s lithosphere is divided into tectonic plates that move around on top of the asthenosphere fhttp:// -

2 Tectonic Plate Boundaries
A place where tectonic plates touch. Three types Transform Divergent Convergent

3 Types of Plate Boundaries

4 Convergent Boundary The boundary formed by the collision of two lithospheric plates.

5 Divergent Boundary The boundary between two tectonic plates that are moving away from each other.

6 Transform Boundary The boundary between tectonic plates that are sliding past each other horizontally.

7 Possible causes of plate motion
Scientists believe it is convection currents in the mantle that cause the tectonic plates to move.

8 Possible causes of plate motion, continued…
They also believe it is a combination of “Ridge Push” and “Slab Pull”

9 G. P. S. Global Positioning System
Technology that uses a network of satellites to map and locate points on the Earth’s surface Scientist can use GPS to measure the rate at which the plates are moving

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