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Challenges of the New Rapidly Changing Knowledge-driven Economy

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1 Master of Business Synergies (MBS) Inspiring innovative cross-functional combinations!
Challenges of the New Rapidly Changing Knowledge-driven Economy To win today and tomorrow, you need new MBS competencies to: build your cross-functional excellence build an adaptive organization master systemic innovation build synergies between your complex business system and social system leverage the power of diversity to achieve sustainable business growth © Vadim Kotelnikov

2 Master of Business Synergies (MBS) Coaching Innovative Leaders for New Organic Organizations
MBS – new post-MBA creative learning: MBA tells you, ‘Be a good administrator – understand different functions’ MBS tells you, ‘Be an innovative leader – create synergies across functions’ Key Features OLD MECHANISTIC ORGANIZATION NEW ORGANIC ORGANIZATION Management Style Command & Control Entrepreneurial Leadership Organization Pyramid, robust Flat, responsive Decision Making Vertical Distributed Innovation Linear Systemic Growth Management Strategic Management Change Management Process Management Functional Cross-functional © Vadim Kotelnikov

3 Business Systems The Balanced Approach
Case in Point Balancing 10 resources between 2 perspectives YOUR BUSINESS WHEEL Case A: 10 x 0 = 0 Case B: x 1 = 9 Case C: x 2 = 16 Case D: x 3 = 21 Case E: x 4 = 24 Case F: x 5 = 25 Customer Innovation STRATEGY Finance Processes An unbalanced wheel will roll neither fast nor far

4 Sustainable Competitive Advantage Synergy of Distinctive and Reproducible Capabilities
DISTINCTIVE CAPABILITIES (cannot be replicated by competitors) Your Sustainable Competitive Advantage TANGIBLE Intellectual property rights Exclusive licenses Statutory monopolies INTANGIBLE Strong brands Leadership Tacit knowledge & skills Teamwork Organizational culture Business processes Partnerships REPRODUCIBLE CAPABILITIES (can be replicated by competitors) Technical capabilities Financial capabilities Marketing capabilities Explicit knowledge Non-exclusive licenses © Vadim Kotelnikov

5 Master of Business Synergies (MBS) New-Generation post-MBA Inspirational Learning
Create synergistic – winning! - cross-functional combinations Unlock your entrepreneurial creativity by building your lateral thinking, entrepreneurial and people skills Build your sustainable competitive advantage by creating a synergistic combination of your distinctive capabilities Manage change effectively by building an adaptive organization and synergistic business processes Manage innovation systemically – with speed! by building your cross-functional excellence and innovation system Achieve sustainable business growth by balancing continuous improvement and venture strategies © Vadim Kotelnikov

6 Master of Business Synergies (MBS)
Master of Business Systems (MBS) x Master of Business Synergies (MBS) = Master of Business Success (MBS) Venture Management Venture Financing Venture Investing Venture Strategies Entrepreneurial Leadership Synergistic Organization Personal Development × People Skills Systems Thinking Entrepreneurial Creativity Synergistic Partnerships Sustainable Growth Synergistic Marketing Systemic Innovation Synergistic Processes © Vadim Kotelnikov

7 Master of Business Synergies (MBS) 12 Courses and Their Target Users
Businesses MBS e-Courses Start Up Small Medium & Large Venture Management XXX XX Venture Financing X Venture Investing Venture Strategies Entrepreneurial Leadership Entrepreneurial Creativity Synergistic Organization Synergistic Partnerships Sustainable Growth Synergistic Marketing Systemic Innovation Synergistic Processes

8 E-Coaching versus E-Learning Differences & Complementarities
Helps you to learn a specific subject Inspires you, helps you to identify and define your specific goals, and then organize yourselves to attain these goals Focus on the subject Focus on the person Helps you to learn functions you've never done before Helps you to apply yourself personally in new ways Passes knowledge to you Helps you to unlock your true potential Gives effective answers Asks effective questions Concentrates on the depth of knowledge; develops functional excellence Concentrates on the width of knowledge; develops cross-functional excellence Facilitates vertical in-depth thinking Facilitates lateral creative thinking Curriculum-based; a journey with a fixed destination A continuous journey; never-ending improvement process Helps to develop knowledge reserves Provides just-in-time (JIT) knowledge that can be applied immediately

9 Master of Business Synergies (MBS) courses Entrepreneurial Creativity
New Business Models Venture Management Innovation Management Discovering Opportunities Pursuing Opportunities Moving with Speed ENTERPRISE OPPORTUNITIES PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT Creativity Entrepreneurial Skills People Skills CUSTOMER COMPETITION Creating Customer Winning Customer Retaining Customer Competitive Advantage Competitive Strategies Change Management © Vadim Kotelnikov

10 Master of Business Synergies (MBS) courses Venture Management
CONTINUOUS GROWTH Build a balanced business system. Keep reinventing your growth strategies. Establish a responsive innovation system. Develop capability for flexibility & speed. RAPID GROWTH Reinvent differentiation & competitive strategies Cultivate leaders. Empower employees. Broaden lines, extend geographic coverage. Inject relentless growth attitude in your people. INITIAL GROWTH Capture market share. Launch differentiated produce. Gain repeat customers. Expand channels & revenues. Expand management team. Train and coach employees. Start inventing your second stage of growth. START UP Define product & market niche. Prepare a venture plan. Prepare a business plan. Build management team. Protect your intellectual property. Brand company. Position & launch the product. Create platform to expand lines. © Vadim Kotelnikov

11 Master of Business Synergies (MBS) courses Entrepreneurial Leadership
"Failing organizations are usually over-managed and under-led“ - Warren G. Bennis The New Manager Classic Managerial Work New Leadership Task Planning Creating vision and inspiring Organizing the hierarchy Aligning the web of relations Measuring and controlling Empowering and coaching

12 Master of Business Synergies (MBS) courses Entrepreneurial Leadership
CUSTOMER Results ORGANIZATION Results Leadership Arts, Skills, & Tasks Leadership Attributes Entrepreneurial Creativity Strategic Thinking Business Systems Thinking Results-based Leadership Volatility Leadership Energizing & Coaching Change Management INVESTOR Results EMPLOYEE Results © Vadim Kotelnikov

13 MBS Courses: Sustainable Growth
VISION Balanced Business System Managing Change & Moving with Speed Competitive and Differentiation Strategies IMPROVEMENT STRATEGIES VENTURE STRATEGIES Synergistic Organization Inclusive Company / 7-S Model Corporate Capabilities Results-Based Leadership Innovation Management System Value Chain Management Business Process Management Systemic Innovation Continuous Improvement Disruptive Product Development Radical Project Management In-company Ventures Spinouts Cooperative Research & Design Strategy Innovation Opportunity-driven Growth Venture Investing / Acquisitions Joint Ventures Building Your Sustainable Competitive Advantage © Vadim Kotelnikov

14 Master of Business Synergies (MBS) courses Sustainable Growth & Venture Strategies
“Shun the incremental and go for the leap“ - Jack Welch VENTURE STRATEGIES In-company Ventures Spinouts Venture Investing Venture Acquisitions IMPROVEMENT STRATEGIES Incremental Innovation Continuous Improvement Firm (CIF) Quality Management & Six Sigma Synergistic Acquisitions & Joint Ventures © Vadim Kotelnikov

15 MBS Courses: Synergistic Processes
Shift from Functional to Cross-functional Paradigm “Traditional functional paradigm has done more to impede customer focused, business performance improvement over the past two decades than almost any other factor” - Andrew Spanyi New Cross-functional Paradigm Cross-functional Team Managerial Space

16 Master of Business Synergies (MBS) courses Venture Financing
revenue Maturity Expansion IPO, Acquisition Banks Growth Inception Roll out “Knowledge-based technology-led companies have special characteristics. First, they are harder to assess as investment opportunities than conventional firms, due to the speed of technological development and the central role of people and ideas. Second, costs tend to be front-loaded. In the fields of biotechnology and electronic commerce, for example, it is necessary to invest heavily in development long before any revenues are generated. Third, growth capital is required at an early stage, in order to access global markets from the outset - retained profit is seldom sufficient to finance growth. All this makes debt financing totally inappropriate. Banks are unwilling to lend against intangible assets and are not equipped to assess these new business models, while the companies do not have sufficient revenues to service loans. A knowledge-based economy needs equity finance”. (Prof. Colin Mason, University of Southampton) Debt Financing Pilot test Founders Venture Capital Firms & Corporate Investors Angel Financing time

17 Master of Business Synergies (MBS) courses Venture Financing & Venture Investing
6 in 1000 business plans get funded on an average 5% of business plans are read beyond the executive summary 10% of proposals pass initial screening 10% of pre-screened proposals pass due diligence & receive funding Selection Parameters Opportunity Introduction Initial Screening Due Diligence Negotiating Funding - presentation, executive summary, milestone chart, cash flow forecast - management team, business plan - management, personnel, marketing, production, financials, references - valuation, ownership, control, management, legal contract

18 Master of Business Synergies (MBS) courses Venture Investing
Investment motivations Investment criteria Finding deals Preparation Initial screening Due diligence Negotiation and actual investment Investing Post-investment monitoring Exiting and realizing returns Following Up

19 Master of Business Synergies (MBS) courses Synergistic Organization
Top Management Team Leading Innovation Vision & Strategy for Innovation Culture Supporting Innovation People Cross-Functional Teams Mapping Innovation Road Empowered Employees Driving Innovation Working Environment Processes, Practices, & Systems Supporting Innovation

20 Master of Business Synergies (MBS) courses Synergistic Organization
KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT (both Explicit & Tacit) COACHING ORGANIZATION Everybody is learning teaching & being taught coaching & being coached Everybody is learning teaching & being taught TEACHING ORGANIZATION Everybody is learning LEARNING ORGANIZATION INDUSTRIAL ORGANIZATION RESULTS (Sustained Growth & Value Creation) © Vadim Kotelnikov

21 Master of Business Synergies (MBS) courses Systemic Innovation
ORGANIZATIONAL innovation PRODUCT innovation STRATEGY innovation PROCESS innovation MARKETING innovation TECHNOLOGY innovation © Vadim Kotelnikov

22 Master of Business Synergies (MBS) courses Synergistic Marketing
Getting Customer Feedback Aligning Strategies Co-Innovating with Customers Customer Value Proposition Positioning & Advertising 22 Laws of Marketing PARTNERING MARKETING Creating Value Branding Differentiating Communicating Influencing Observing RETAINING SELLING Service-Profit Chain Customer Relationships Customer Satisfaction Relationship Selling Persuading People Closing the Deal © Vadim Kotelnikov

23 Project Management The New Business Synergies Approach
Organizational Strategy Defining Project Contribution to Business Strategy Business Case Analysis PROJECT INITIATION Strategic Alignment Project Duration Project Cost Project Outcome Project Management Practices PROJECT EXECUTION Increasing Economic Value Employing Project Outcome OUTCOME LIFECYCLE Success Criteria: Traditional Emerging

24 MBS: Market Development Trend The Classic New Concept Adoption Curve
Share MBS Market Share as of May 2004 Innovators Early Adopters Early Majority Late Majority Laggards

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