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Presented by : Yashwant Soni & Dr. Megha Phansalkar Micro Technologies (India) Ltd.

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1 Presented by : Yashwant Soni & Dr. Megha Phansalkar Micro Technologies (India) Ltd.

2 City Sanitation Plan and challenges Various components of ICT and its usage in CSP preparation and its execution Way forward..

3 Initiated under National Urban Sanitation Programme (NUSP) Aims to provide/ strengthen Household level sanitation facilities and to carry safe disposal and treatment of solid and liquid waste Active community participation in sanitation management process As per MoUD, 40% cities in India needs immediate remedial measures in sanitation Hence every ULB should have updated information on sanitation which will become the base for developing CSP.

4 Under NUSP, we have prepared CSPs for four cities in Madhya Pradesh, i.e. – Gwalior, Khajuraho, Raisen and Astha Under CSP our aim was to assess present level of sanitation facilities and to suggest a best suitable technology for the sanitation management in the city It will be supported by a comprehensive workable plan Availability of data in small cities is a great challenge.

5 Preparation of Base Map on consultative process Collection of updated information on various components of sanitation through handheld GPS Preparation of thematic maps Baseline survey for collection of non-spatial data Integration of spatial and non- spatial data on GIS Further data analysis and visualization. Figure 1: Thematic flow diagram

6 SAMS (Sanitation Amenities and Management Systems) - To provide spatial representation of the existing situation of the sanitation facilities. Mapper - For participatory planning within a ward. Mobile Application - For capturing field based sanitation data with location and pictures. Ward map with sanitation Locations of waste bins and open dumps

7 User friendly web application designed to assist activities related to CSP Accessible for any body and anywhere with internet connection Helps in query generation analysis and getting different reports Spatial representation of relevant information which can be visualised by the user Cross sectoral analysis Data management and Report generation Decision making tool for local bodies through smart data management Main technology used for SAMS is Java.

8 Home page with focus area for Gwalior city 1. Water Supply 2. Drainage & Sewage 3. Sanitation 4. Solid Waste Management

9 Gwalior city profile

10 Existing Ward wise sanitation facility

11 Query Generation – for analysis purpose

12 User friendly desktop based GIS Mapping tool Effective tool for community participation - Ward level information collection, storing, data updating, planning and decision making Available in local regional language Used for local area mapping through participatory planning Simplifies data representation & updation – create and modify the data through layers Useful tool for Planning and decision making at local level.

13 Mapper used in Resource Mapping

14 Mapper as Layer Manager to store spatial data

15 Mapper as Field Manager to store non-spatial data

16 Ward level analysis and decision making

17 Mobile based application tool Tool for monitoring of CSP execution Useful in updation of current status of services from the field Upgrade the real time data and useful for O&M in the sectors like, water supply, Sanitation and SWM Secure and reliable data transfer Enabled with GPRS and GSM technologies Report generation as per requirement.

18 Project Menu

19 Field Entry

20 Sanitation Field Entry

21 Field Entry & Data Uploading Data Uploading

22 Helps in effective data collection, management and decision making process Need to disseminate such technology among the community Need to develop a generic application of ICT tools which will help in data collection, management and assessment It facilitates participatory planning and interaction between service provider and end users Need to develop an integrated approach to get more involvement of stakeholders (service provider and user) for sustainable management of services.


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