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Communication Technology Cell Phones By: Summer Wells.

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1 Communication Technology Cell Phones By: Summer Wells

2 Cellular Phones Cell phones are wireless phones that most people talk with today Most people own cell phones today instead of just house phones

3 History of the cell phones Michael Faradays study if space could conduct in electricity in 1843 lead to the development of cell phones The first person to communicate wirelessly was Doctor Mahlon Loomis in 1865

4 The first cell phone Now there are many different types and services of cell phones, but the first was the Motorola Martin Copper came up with Motorola in 1973

5 History In 1977 the first cell phone was made At first 2000 people were given a free trial of the new phone By 1988 over 54 places were making cell phones all over the world

6 History continued Dr. Copper made the first call on a cell phone was in April 1973 The first call was between Dr. Copper and his rival Joel Engel

7 Risks of cell phones The cell phones gave off dangerous radiations After long term use some could develop brain cancer because of the radiations The dangerous radiation was like the radiation naturally in thunderstorms

8 More Risks It is still possible to develop health risks from using cell phones A lot of the times cell phones are the reasons for car accident

9 Bibliography a070899.htm storycell.htm

10 Bibliography 2 me.htm fety.htm

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