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DAGIN Marine Technology Group of 7 Dutch companies, very experienced in the shipbuilding industry. Design and production of advanced goods, valuable for.

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2 DAGIN Marine Technology Group of 7 Dutch companies, very experienced in the shipbuilding industry. Design and production of advanced goods, valuable for many types of ships. Synergy and cooperation to the advantage of our customers. WWW.DAGIN.NL

3 DAGIN Marine Technology 1. Börger 2. Benes Machinefabriek 3. Eefting Engineering 4. Eekels Elektrotechniek 5. Gebr. De Haan 6. Roden Staal 7. Scheen The associated companies: WWW.DAGIN.NL

4 DAGIN Marine Technology In 2008: >600 employees Turnover : >100 mill. Euro WWW.DAGIN.NL

5 DAGIN Marine Technology Reference list (Partial) Owner:Yard: Arklow Shipping, IrelandBarkmeijer Stroobos Wijnne & Barends, NetherlandsNiestern Sander Hartmann, GermanySchlömer Leer Seatrade, The NetherlandsVan Diepen Amasus Shipping, The NetherlandsDamen Shipyards Many owners in Netherlands and abroadPeters Kampen Spanish NavyIZAR Spain Dutch NavyDe Schelde Feederlines, GermanyDamen Shipyards Carisbrooke ShippingDamen Shipyards Arpeni, IndonesiaVolharding Shipyards Royal Boskalis Westminster, Netherlands Merwede Bockstiegel, GermanyJiong Dong Shipyard, China UK NavyKvaerner Govan Rensen ShipbrokersHong Ha, Vietnam Several owners via Conoship, NetherlandsChowgule, India Partenreedereien, GermanyBahrati, India

6 boot

7 Börger Börger manufactures a wide range of standard and tailor-made products: -Ladders, Stairs, Platforms -Gangways -Hatches and Louvers -Watertight doors -Oiltanks -Bollards -Masts -Housings And many more products WWW.MF-BORGER.NL

8 Börger Deliveries to many types of vessels Well known for exact delivery times High quality Strong in supplying complete packages Steel, stainless steel, aluminium Competitive prices WWW.MF-BORGER.NL

9 Engine Room Floors

10 Stairs and Ladders HatchesDoors

11 Benes Machinefabriek Internationally renowned for the design and production of manoeuvring modules with many types of rudders like (Semi-)Spade Rudders Balanced rudders Flaprudders (High Lift) Fish-Tail Rudders and many more WWW.BENESGROEP.NL

12 Benes Machinefabriek Complete ruddersections with rudderstock, trunk, fairwater, machined for all types of rudder-actuator. Sternrollers, winches and all kinds of other general constructionwork. WWW.BENESGROEP.NL

13 Benes Machinefabriek Strong in designing the best steering solutions for your vessel More than 85 years experience Thousands of rudders and sections Other steel constructions Many satisfied customers all around the world WWW.BENESGROEP.NL


15 Production of flaprudder make Barke Flaprudder Classic Balance Rudder Sterntube

16 Trunk, Fairwater Fishtail rudder Machining shaft FlaprudderMachining

17 Eefting Engineering Eefting Engineering is specialised in (heavy) fuel oil systems (Booster Units) Compact modules with dual pipe connections. Easy access to valves and necessary equipment Clear control panels Different types of heaters - steam - electrical - thermal oil WWW.EEFTINGENGINEERING.NL

18 Eefting Engineering Holding 15 % of the European market Competitive in price and quality High standard Reliable WWW.EEFTINGENGINEERING.NL

19 Eefting Engineering Conversions (MDO to HFO) are also possible Compact modules for a.o. oil, water separators etc. WWW.EEFTINGENGINEERING.NL

20 Heavy Fuel Booster Units EEFTING ENGINEERING Tested, ready for delivery

21 Finishing and testing

22 Eekels -a history of more than 100 years of experience in the field of installation work. - Installations in the range of inland navi gation till highly specialised sea ships. - Consultancy, design, maintenance, service, inspection

23 Eekels Eekels Elektrotechniek BV designs and produces Eekels made : -Switchboards -control- and signalling panels -motor control centers (MCC) -control desks and alarm installations according to customers specifications or Eekels standard profile

24 Eekels alarm systems & equipment (Eekels) automation (Eekels) ballast pump (Eekels) bilge pump (Eekels) bow thruster control unit (Eekels) control systems (Eekels) converters (Eekels) engineering (Eekels) frequency converter (Eekels) power management (Eekels) repair services (Eekels) ship's telegraphs (Eekels) switchboard (Eekels) telegraph, emergency (Eekels

25 CabinetFrequency converters


27 Gebr. De Haan De Haan is well known in many countries for their expertise in the field of HVAC. De Haan can supply the engineering and assembly kits of the complete HVAC and sanitary systems on board of ships and mega-yachts WWW.DEHAANHVAC.NL

28 Gebr. De Haan De Haan exports to various countries in Europe and Asia. - Engineering ( AutoCad / Nupass Cadmatic ) -Supply of complete systems -Supply of components and units -Support during installation -Commissioning -Turn-key projects by De Haan WWW.DEHAANHVAC.NL

29 Self contained AC-unit HydroforeAC-unit in engine room

30 Sanitary Equipment Mist Eliminator

31 Workshop Commissioning References

32 Roden Staal Well known manufacturer and designer of all kinds and types of ships hatches, like: Hydraulic Folding Single pull Pontoon StackPack Tweendeck hatches Grain Bulkheads WWW.RODENSTAAL.COM

33 Roden Staal Roden Staal can design and engineer all types of hatches for your ship. The choice is for the customer to decide where to produce the hatches: At the yard At another steel construction company At Roden Staal WWW.RODENSTAAL.COM

34 Roden Staal When Roden Staal supplies design and engineering they also deliver the necessary parts: cleats, rubber, cylinders etc. We also deliver the gantry crane when pontoon hatches will be chosen. WWW.RODENSTAAL.COM

35 Folding Hatches with close up of cylinders Special design hatches

36 Folding Hatches The new building hall in Drachten Three ships in the Eemshaven with RODEN STAAL Hatches


38 Roden Staal Roden Staal is also well known supplier of hangar doors for navy vessels and offshore applications. Hangar doors are made in steel or stainless steel. WWW.RODENSTAAL.COM

39 Hangar Door for a navy vessel

40 Scheen bv Core-business of Scheen bv is the interior- and shipboarding. Besides that the company makes furniture of all kind for every shiptype and every room or cabin in the ship. WWW.SCHEENBV.NL

41 Scheen bv - Furniture. -Cupboard- and ceiling system and inner doors. -Insulation sets and draughtmanship. -Sub floors according to class set-up. -Upper floors. -Decoration. WWW.SCHEENBV.NL

42 Scheen bv One of the oldest specialities of Scheen is the boarding of yachts. As a result it is possible to get the highest standards for merchant vessels as well combined with the best prices. WWW.SCHEENBV.NL

43 Bridge furniture

44 Messroom

45 Member of Holland Marine Equipment Holland Marine Equipment (HME) represents the interests of the Dutch suppliers of marine technology and services. Core activities are networking, projectmanagement, member events, and government contacts. The member companies are active in the fields of maritime engineering & contracting, fabrication of installations and components, the supply of maritime services and ship repair. New members are carefully screened on their reputation in the marine sector before they may enter the association. For more information about Holland Marine Equipment please visit We are proud to be one of the members of HME. Please take a look at our HME-certificate at the next page:


47 Dagin Marine Technology CONTACT ADDRESS AND PERSON: Dagin Marine Technology Mr. H. Th. Pronk P.O. Box 575 9200 AN Drachten The Netherlands Tel.: +31 6466 13102 Fax: +31 512 591050 Email: Website: (and then click on marine)


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