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3 OUR MISSION Simply stated the mission of HOML is to leverage our technology and research and development resources to ensure that we are constantly innovating in a manner that helps to protect humanity and preserve the safety, health and welfare of people around the world.

4 OUR PROFILE HOML is a leader in optical anti- scanning, anti-counterfeiting technologies for homeland security, governments, law enforcement agencies, security printers, brand packaging, and businesses concerned with enhancing security and reducing identity theft.

5 OUR PROFILE HOML is a leader in proven protection against counterfeiting and unauthorized copying, scanning and photo imaging. We develop and license anti- counterfeiting technology, processes and products, and provide consulting for customized document security printing solutions.

6 OUR TECHNOLOGY Current HOML s technologies and processes offer protection against reproduction of sensitive documents using black and white and color analog and digital color copying machines, photocopying and other imaging technologies. We have developed a significantly improved Pantograph system and a revolutionary new technology called SecureDoc to defeat counterfeiting of multi- color documents. For verification, we provide hardware and scanning software (under development) for authenticating documents.

7 Protect You Financial Instruments, Sensitive Documents & Brand Identity Think about the cost to your business resulting from unauthorized reproduction of your sensitive documents. Now you can add enhanced document security options to your forms, check or packaging print runs. With no capital investment required by your printer in new equipment, or specialized printing media. All you need is a license and training for your printer from HOML.

8 The Fraudulent Power of Pixels SecureDoc plays an important role in the security of the worlds most important documents, from something as personal as a birth certificate to the dynamics of global economics and worldwide commerce. Due to the increasing capabilities of scanners, copiers, and graphics software, keeping valuable documents secure is a constant challenge. A recent article by the International Chamber of Commerce estimated that forgery, and document fraud is a $600 billion-a-year headache. And that doesnt even include the criminal impact from forged credentials, fake prescriptions and other illegal document duplication or alteration.

9 OUR SERVICES - COSULTING Our consulting services can help you develop the best document security strategy for your exact needs. Whether you are a business or government agency, we can design and implement document security technologies into various sensitive and critical documents, labeling and packaging. We can also help develop custom contract printing sources or on-premises security printing solutions.

10 OUR SERVICES – CUSTOM APPLICATIONS HOML can provide customized document solutions for brand owners and other users. We will advise on the optimal solution that works for your graphics and can provide the technologies in a digital format or in the form of negatives for traditional printing processes.

11 OUR SERVICES – CUSTOM PRINTING Save time and setup costs and let us print your document or package. Our licensed commercial printers will provide the highest level of confidentiality and security for your project.

12 Protect You Financial Instruments, Sensitive Documents & Brand Identity Choose from a portfolio of advanced anti-counterfeiting, anti-scan and anti copy technologies. Then add one or more of them on a single print run for additional security. HOML s technology is embedded in your digital file format or in films for traditional printing. HOML can advise on optimal solutions that work within your graphics.

13 Protect You Financial Instruments, Sensitive Documents & Brand Identity Low incremental cost process that is part of print design. Use current pre-press and printing methods (Offset, Intaglio Engraving, Flexography, Web Process Printing and Silk Screen Printing). All printable substrates including films, Tyvex ®, Teslin ®, PVC and Pressure Sensitive. Tyvex ® is a registered trademark of DuPont Teslin ® is a registered trademark of PPG Industries

14 SecureDoc PAPER Each new generation of digital scanners and copiers makes counterfeiting easier and more undetectable. Our solution: the newest generation anti copy plus anti scan protection Safety Paper (known as SecureDoc). Each new generation of digital scanners and copiers makes counterfeiting easier and more undetectable. Our solution: the newest generation anti copy plus anti scan protection Safety Paper (known as SecureDoc).

15 SecureDoc PAPER SecureDoc Paper is manufactured with HOML's new Hidden Message Technology. The world's only Safety/ Security Paper that is effective with today's digital copiers and desktop scanners. VOID or UNAUTHORIZED COPY messages appear on materials printed on SecureDoc paper when they are copied or scanned on a B&W Copier, Color Copier or Desktop Scanner.

16 SecureDoc PAPER Custom hidden messages or images are available. SecureDoc Paper tint also thwarts forgery by revealing white areas if erased. An inexpensive handheld plastic verifier lens reveals hidden words or images to authenticate documents printed on SecureDoc paper. Dssi SecureDoc paper is available in wide choice of popular paper types, sizes, single- or double-sided, micro-perforated, in 3 stock colors, up to 28 x 40.

17 APPLICATION AREAS OF SecureDoc ChequesDemand DraftsBonds & Shares Copyrighted Material Examinations Papers School Transcripts BooksProposalsEducational Certifications LabelsID Cards / Passports Prescription Pads Legal FormsGift CertificatesOriginal Music

18 APPLICATION AREAS OF SecureDoc CouponsTickets / TagsManuals ReceiptsBirth Certificates Scripts Trade LicensesDesignsBusiness Plans SchematicsProduct LogosPackaging Customer ListsDriving Licenses Ration Cards

19 Users of SecureDoc Local Governments Schools Banks & Financial Services Gaming Industry Medical Industry Pharmaceutical Companies Publishers Software Companies Graphic Artists Fortune 500 Companies Associations Engineers

20 Users of SecureDoc Food Industry Entertainment Paper Suppliers Printers Retail Industry Restaurants Photographers Chemical Industry Manufacturers


22 Our "off-the-shelf" or "blank" security paper products are compatible with a wide variety of applications. All of these paper products already feature our patented anti- copy security features, so no need for custom ordering, proofing, or quoting, our security paper is in-stock and ready to ship!

23 This SecureDoc paper is perfect for ANY document you wish to protect. Just replace your normal office copier, printer, or fax paper with this product and rest easy. 99% of scans, black & white, or color copies of this paper reveal one of three choices of hidden word patterns of "VOID", "COPY" or "UNAUTHORIZED COPY" across the duplicate. Available quantities: 500 sheet packs or 3,000 sheet cases. Standard size: (8.5 x 11)inch / (216 x 279)mm. Also available in international A4 / (210 x 297)mm sizes.

24 A classic target for fraudsters and counterfeiters - the cheque. INR amounts, payee information, signatures and even the check itself is scanned and often successfully altered or duplicated by malicious parties. Guard your business against this threat by using our Laser Cheque SecureDoc Paper. By using a cheque paper with these tough security features, you will have exercised "due diligence" and relieved yourself of liability in the event that a fraudulent cheque was to be cashed. APPLICATIONS: This product is great for businesses who print their own checks with popular accounting software.

25 Boutique stores, salons and other small businesses are always falling victim to the casual counterfeit of coupons and & gift certificates. While, the initial dollar amount at stake may not always be large, the impact on your bottom line can be significant when the crime is repeated. APPLICATIONS: This product is great for businesses who print their own gift certificates, coupons or vouchers in small volume. We also offer custom template design of the "to-from" fields, contact for more info.

26 APPLICATIONS: Our "Certificate" Security Paper is great for printing documents with a clean, secure and prestigious appearance. Ideal for stock/bond certificates, product warranties, building permits, awards, certificates of authentication, etc.

27 The Verifier About the size of a business card and ideal for fast document authentication, our convenient handheld verifier lens reveals the hidden artwork or messages embedded in documents that feature various SecureDoc technologies. A hidden message appears when The Verifier is rotated over SecureDoc Paper. This is the same technology used on the new U.S., Canadian and European currency. The Verifier is of compact size: 2- 3/4" x 3-3/4", and can be personalized with custom graphics.


29 We hope to earn your business by providing you with extraordinary value, super-friendly service, and by demonstrating a sense of urgency for your security printing projects. Please contact us at……..

30 HOLOGRPHIC ORIGINATION & MACHINERIES LIMITED An ISO 9001 – 2008 Company Salty Plaza, 4th Floor 3C, Block – AN, Sector – V Salt Lake City, Kolkata – 700 102 INDIA Phone: +91 33 23673995 / +91 33 23673996 Facsimile : +91 33 23673996 Email:

31 Please Visit


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