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ITS A HIGH TECH WORLD Information Technology Division Kimberly Westberry, Director Citizens Academy September 3, 2013 1.

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1 ITS A HIGH TECH WORLD Information Technology Division Kimberly Westberry, Director Citizens Academy September 3, 2013 1

2 Around the Clock Care - Data Center Operations Keeping Track of the Bad Guys - Criminal Justice Information System Taking It to the Street – GIS and Mobile Computing A Day In the Life of an IT Tech - Troubleshooting Problems Viruses, Worms, and Other Bugs – Security 2 Breakout Sessions Welcome and Introduction The IT Movie! Wrap Up Agenda

3 To provide Volusia County agencies with a secure and reliable information technology and communications infrastructure along with the IT products, services, and knowledge necessary to streamline operations and deliver the highest quality customer service. Mission Statement Information Technology Division 3

4 Vision Information Technology Division Customers are highly satisfied Data is available at any time and from any location Information Technology employees are passionate, committed people that carry the fire and love for their jobs Information Technology is recognized in the industry as a world-class organization 4

5 Guiding Principles Information Technology Division Information Technology will: provide professional and high quality services purchase software rather than develop it where appropriate implement leading edge technology deliver what's promised when it's promised conduct business in a legal, moral, and ethical manner provide employees with opportunities to develop skills and abilities develop relationships of trust, respect, and teamwork between IT staff and user partners 5

6 The Information Technology Division: manages a complex and diverse set of technologies and applications to support all facets of County business provides complete IT services to County Council and County departments provides various IT services to County Elected Offices and several outside agencies, including Clerk of Court, Court Services, Judicial, State Attorney, and Public Defender Snapshot Information Technology Division 6

7 PCs and Mobile Devices - 2,200+ PCs - 50+ Smartphone Devices - 463 air cards Supporting a network of 130+ sites across 1,200 square miles Information Technology Division … WHERE THE ONLY CONSTANT IS CHANGE 800 MHz Public Safety Radio System - 12 300 ft. radio system towers - 180 transmit/receive amplifiers - Over 8,275 radios used by all city and county first responders 100+ Application Systems - Finance/Human Resource - Growth and Resource Management - Geographic Information System - Criminal Justice Information System 24 x 7 x 365 Data Center and Help Desk - 300+ servers - 409+ trillion pieces of data - Oracle and MS SQL database management systems Telephone System - 1 main and 53 remote telephone switches - 3,300 telephone handsets LARGE…COMPLEX…DIVERSE OPERATION 7


9 Transitioned to easy to use, web-based systems that utilize new technologies 9 Information Technology Modernization Program Builds infrastructure to support modern systems Replaces antiquated mainframe business systems Adds new systems that automate many manual processes Expands e-services with interactive web applications Replaces aging telephone and voice mail systems Upgrades 800 MHz public safety radio system Multi-year initiative wrapping up

10 FY 2012/13 Adopted Budget $ 6,562,269 Authorized Positions 80 realigned reporting structure and clerical support to reduce management and clerical head count by 5 positions using contract workers to augment technical staff allowing analyst and technician positions to remain vacant; will right-size number of permanent staff as economy improves Total number of filled positions 65 Completed Work Orders 27,655 Information Technology Division down 18% from total authorized positions work orders completed in 2012 DOING MORE WITH LESS 10 down 1.9% from FY 2011/12

11 Providing system stability, reliability, and availability amidst ever changing technology Challenges Information Technology Division 11 Maintaining an environment that is open for public access but secure from hackers Keeping staff technical skills current with limited training dollars Satisfying increasing demand for service with declining headcount

12 Application Services Auth: 23, Filled: 19 Technical Services Auth: 35, Filled: 30 Communication Services Auth: 19, Filled: 13 Administration Auth: 3, Filled: 3 Business Information Systems Criminal Justice Information System Geographic Information System PC and Mobile Support Server and Database Management Data Center Operations Support Desk Voice and Data Network Management Switchboard Operations 800 MHz Radio System Organizational Structure Information Technology Division 12

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