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Rolls-Royce in partnership with Academia

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1 Rolls-Royce in partnership with Academia
Presented by Phil Ruffles Engineering Professors Congress, Cardiff University 6th April 2004

2 Why do research in academia ?
Industry benefits - Access to high intellectual capability Continuity and independence of thought Cost - partially funded overheads/leverage Academia benefits – Opportunity to work on technically challenging, real problems across a broad data base Attractive cross-cultural working environment for University staff and students

3 Academy - Industry collaboration - Why a better approach was needed
Pre-1990 >80 Rolls-Royce / university links in the UK (different departments / research teams) Largely based on ‘personal’ links, with no security of future funding Few with real ‘critical mass’ - staff or investment Supporting infrastructure / facilities limited - difficult to argue for priority investment in any one academic group Duplication between research teams…inevitable ? Additional - but low - level of activity in mainland Europe and USA (‘critical mass’ taken to mean a minimum of 6 researchers involved in a single field of relevant study preferably co-located)

4 Types of research Strategic Research Applied Research
Emerging or as yet unproven technologies Beyond scope of current business plans Often applicable to range of products and services Applied Research Development of generic capability Product focused research Testing of real components Technology Validation Validation of integrated packages of technology Aims to provide “off-the-shelf” capability Blended Wing Body Fuel Cells ANTLE Demonstrator

5 Research and Technology Management
Product Realisation Full Concept Definition New Product Planning Production Service Support Disposal New Capability Realisation Facilities People/skills Supply Chain Infrastructure R&T Strategy Planning Rolls-Royce Strategic Intent RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY PROGRAMME UNIVERSITY TECHNOLOGY CENTRES Applied Research Global Academic Network Strategic Technology Validation Generic Project Specific

6 Rolls-Royce University Technology Centres
“…a case study model for the benefits of effective Industry/University collaboration.” – Richard Lambert Centres of Excellence in specific technology fields Concentration of activity into fewer, larger centres Based around groups with proven track records May be a partnership between institutes 5 year rolling contract covering business and technical goals Security of funding enables recruitment of high quality staff Formal IPR agreement to meet needs of both RR and UTC Formal performance review by joint RR / UTC group Close working enables effective technology transfer Staff exchanges / secondments / recruitment UTC staff involved in RR training courses and staff development activities

7 Global research base Europe North America
20 University Technology Centres (UTCs) in the UK 1 UTC in Sweden, other Nordic links being developed 1 UTC and 1 Prime Partnership in Germany 1 UTC in Italy strong links in other countries North America UTC at Purdue Strong links to MIT, Georgia Tech, Stanford, Penn State Developing Canadian relationships Asia China - NPU, BIAM, BUAA, SEDRI, Tsinghua Japan - NAL Singapore - iHPC

8 What has been necessary to make it work well ?
Central control - policy and direction and budgets Advisory boards Annual Conference Cessation of involvement with some research teams Breaking of personal links Acceptance of lead time to get to useful output Up front agreement on IPR, publication, etc Establishment of new teams Industry commitment to fund in advance of results Flexibility - on both sides Mutual acceptance that long term research may be deflected - temporarily - to work on immediate, production issues Feeds back into research areas Focus - ensuring research targeted at ‘real’ applications Validation and production vehicles

9 University Technology Centres
Chalmers, Gothenberg Hydrodynamics Strathclyde Electrical Power Systems Sheffield Control & Systems Engineering Materials Damping Technology Advanced Electrical Machines and Drives Design Partnership (with BAE) Cranfield Performance Loughborough Combustion Aerodynamics Nottingham Manufacturing Technology Gas Turbine Transmission Systems UMIST Electrical Systems for Extreme Environments York Systems & Software Engineering Swansea Materials Partnership Birmingham Materials Partnership Cambridge Design Partnership (with BAE) Materials Partnership University Gas Turbine Partnership (UGTP) Imperial College Vibration Oxford Computational Fluid Dynamics Solid Mechanics Heat Transfer and Aerodynamics (Osney lab) Sussex Aero-Thermal Systems Southampton Design Partnership (with BAE) Noise Surrey Thermo-Fluid Systems Purdue, USA High-Mach Propulsion Cottbus Turbomachinery

10 Rolls-Royce Research & Technology funding
UTC Funding today: Rolls-Royce – PV Money guaranteed for a number of years EPSRC – paid directly to the University DTI – paid into a holding account and matched approx. 50% by Rolls-Royce European – 100% funded by EC, paid directly to the University MoD – paid directly to the University, some contribution from Rolls-Royce Rolls-Royce funding geared by 2 or 3 times Overhead rate similar to Research council levels Good Value …however = Significant increase in overhead rates DTI move away from sectoral funding Since 1992 Rolls-Royce R&T expenditure has doubled with all of this increase occurring outside the UK Future challenges…

11 University Technology Centres
Sheffield Sheffield Cambridge Sheffield Swansea Cambridge Cambridge Sheffield

12 Engineering perspectives
Some specific examples of success… Cambridge Combustion technologies JSF LiftSystem AU3D model Swansea

13 Summary Rolls-Royce is proud to recognise that the company’s success in the market place today can be directly linked to our close relationship with academia

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