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Cost Management Through Product Life Cycle

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1 Cost Management Through Product Life Cycle
Presented By: Tamer A. Qaqish Pressed Steel Product Ltd Durham University

2 Contents Research Objectives Definitions Product Life Cycle
Summary of Research Case Study Summary & Conclusion

3 Research Objectives To develop tools and techniques to manage the implementation and control of information system technologies in SME’s To develop tools and techniques to manage costing data through Product Life Cycle.

4 Definitions Cost Management Technology Management
Product Life Cycle Management

5 Cost Management

6 Technology Management
Selection Implementation Control Improve

7 Product Life Cycle Design Planning Production Delivery Service Design
Package PDM ERP Others

8 Design Stage 75% of cost can be controlled Technology Cost Estimation
Parametric, Feature based, Cased Based Reasoning, and Others Design to Cost Target Costing

9 Production Stage Actual Production Data Capacity Planning Technology
Cost Management

10 Delivery & Services Hidden Costs Technologies Cost Accounting
Management Review

11 Research & Models Select and Implement the Technology
Technology Integration Cost Data Management Business & Operational Development

12 Select and Implement the Technology

13 Technology Integration
Design PDM ERP Excel

14 Costing Data Management
Design PDM ERP Estimate / Quotation Cost Estimation Product Data Service/Delivery Cost Reduction Cost Analysis Production Actual Cost

15 Business & Operational Development
Improvement Team Market Operational Decision Cost Analysis Strategic Decision Management Review

16 Business & Operational Development
Data Analysis Operational & Strategic Decisions Cost Control /Reduction Business and Operational Improvements

17 Case study PSP PSP established in 1998 providing products for the building and cladding industry. These include many standard products as well as special bespoke products

18 Case Study PSP Small size fast growing company Make to order
Short Product Life Cycle Technology Management Structure Resources Product and Market Services

19 Summary & Conclusion Profit = Price – Cost Estimate Control Reduce

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