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Technology Transfer National Metallurgical Laboratory

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1 Technology Transfer National Metallurgical Laboratory (CSIR) @

2 sfer Commercialisation stages 1.Technology Push-in/Pull-out 2. Strategy 3. Licensing out:Final Phase

3 Incoming……(Push-in/Pull-out) Build Publicity: – Website, Seminar/Conf/PPTs Website Query Handling: – Hard-communication; Emails & WebsiteWebsite Feasibility Studies: – Technical – Economic

4 Strategy…… Negotiation – Costing of Process/Product – Revenue sharing, IP sharing Licensing Agreement Signing- Transfer of Know-How – Modes (Exclusive/Nonexclusive/Sole) – Effective date, duration and termination of the agreement – Arbitration Secrecy Agreement Signing – Supply scientific and technical data relating to the KNOW-HOW – Price payable – Maintain strict confidentiality and to prevent disclosure of the INFORMATION. – Client shall not file any application in its own name or in the name of its associates – Client shall not also oppose any KNOW-HOW filed by the NML. – Clients obligations with respect to the secrecy:Written Records/Public domain

5 Licensing-Out Final Phase Demo of Technology at Proposed Scale of Transfer LAB SCALE, PILOT SCALE Consultancy as per Agreement Support after Implementation Extension/Modifications/Improvements of agreement

6 Modes of Technology Transfer Know-How Transfer: Development of biphasic calcium phosphate Collaborative: Formulation of know-how into bone graft substitute Spin-Off: Production of Scaffold for Tissue Engineering

7 Nanosized Hydroxyapatite at room temperature Size: 30-40nm Basic biocompatibility studies done Shows superior cell interaction Being commercially produced

8 Technology Value:5.0L Royalty :7.5%

9 Main Problem How to develop a scaffolds for irregular & small fractures? Injectable scaffold: A possibility……..

10 Technology on SPIN-OFF pattern signed for Eye-Scaffold Technology on SPIN-OFF pattern signed for Ferrofluids Etc……….

11 Thank you

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