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Diode Technologies Inc. Over View of Diode Technologies Inc.

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1 Diode Technologies Inc. Over View of Diode Technologies Inc

2 Diode Technologies Inc. 2 Introduction ٭ Diode Technologies is a professionally managed service and support organization – BPO/KPO Model ٭ Head quartered in Chesapeake, VA. ٭ Diode Technologies Inc was incorporated in 1999 to address the needs of national and international businesses. ٭ Diode has been providing Services and Solutions to small, medium and large sized business groups and industries across the Globe ٭ Key Focus areas - Consulting New Technologies

3 Diode Technologies Inc. Diode Relationships/Associations State Level: –Universities and Research Organizations –Economic Development Corporation –Industrial Development Corporations –Industry & Manufacturers Associations –Chamber Of Commerce Federal Level: –Plugged into the government –Experienced in start-up phase –Well-versed with the environment –Experienced team of Company Law/Taxation/HR/Real Estate expertise at Diode disposal –Governmental subsidy options can be explored (in select cases)

4 Diode Technologies Inc. Diode Main Line of Business –Consulting- IT and Engineering Services –Health Care Sector –Consulting on Outsourcing & BPO –Procurement & Sourcing for Overseas Market –Providing Local & Logistic Support for Foreign Companies. –Market Research and Market Entry strategies –Consulting on JV, Mergers and Acquisition

5 Diode Technologies Inc. Commitment to Critical Success Factors Partnership through flexibility and total transparency Best practices – Quality Processes, Service Delivery Leveraging experienced human resources and proven technologies People, Processes and Technology Commitment of Senior Management Time for Project Progress and Organisational Support Diode s Values and Code of Conduct

6 Diode Technologies Inc. What qualifies us : the advantage Our unique mix of resources, industry experiences and international network enable Diode to deliver superior insights, highly differentiated programs and exceptional results for clients worldwide. Long experience with both Asian and western cultures and value systems Business expertise/Process expertise relevant to multiple industry segments and not just software technology Management expertise for both IT technologies and Product development

7 Diode Technologies Inc. The Future To create ground breaking technologies and products. To form new partnerships with technology and industry leaders To continuously improve services to our customers and to achieve the highest quality levels.

8 Diode Technologies Inc. Medical Simulation Overview In Association with many Universities, Medical Centers and Specialists

9 Diode Technologies Inc. Fact statement A health care provider's ability to react prudently in an unexpected situation is one of the most critical factors in creating a positive outcome in a medical emergency, regardless of whether it occurs on the battlefield, freeway, or hospital emergency room. – AIMS (Advanced Initiatives in Medical Simulation)

10 Diode Technologies Inc. Challenges to the Healthcare System The accelerating need for education of practitioners and students The imperative to maintain and improve patient safety in a rapidly changing healthcare milieu The World Health Organization has designated the Joint Commission and Joint Commission International (JCI) as the world's first WHO Collaborating Centre dedicated solely to patient safety

11 Diode Technologies Inc. What is Medical Simulation Simulation is a training and feedback method in which learners practice tasks and processes in lifelike circumstances using models or virtual reality, with feedback from observers, peers, actor-patients, and video cameras to assist improvement in skills.

12 Diode Technologies Inc. What is Medical Simulation Simulation is a technique – not a technology to replace or amplify real patient experiences with guided experiences, artificially contrived, that evoke or replicate substantial aspects of the real world in a fully interactive manner. Gaba, DM, The future vision of simulation in healthcare. Qual Saf Health Care 2004:13(Suppl 1):i2-i10

13 Diode Technologies Inc. Why Medical Simulation? Simulation techniques allow for interaction with almost any pre- programmed scenarios on demand

14 Diode Technologies Inc. Task trainers Teach and maintain the skills of health professionals Allows the student to review and practice procedures as often as required to reach proficiency without harming the patient.

15 Diode Technologies Inc. High fidelity medical simulation Human patient simulators allow for training of critical thinking and skills needed in complex medical scenarios without putting the patient at risk.

16 Diode Technologies Inc. Who should use simulation? Physicians Nurses Physician assistants EMS providers Residents Medical students

17 Diode Technologies Inc. Future of Medical Simulation Future generations of healthcare providers will be required to complete standardized simulated encounters as part of their training and continuing education for certification/recertificatio n requirements.

18 Diode Technologies Inc. Advantages of Patient Simulator Curriculum planned for needs of learner Gradual increase in difficulty of clinical teaching scenarios Unlimited repetition Immediate feedback Learners go at their own pace

19 Diode Technologies Inc. Questions?

20 Diode Technologies Inc. Contact Details Diode Technologies Inc. 828 Greenbrier Parkway Chesapeake VA 23320 Vivek kamath Phone: 757-685-6633

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