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Geodesign Changing Geography by Design Rajesh C Mathur Vice Chairman NIIT GIS Ltd.

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1 Geodesign Changing Geography by Design Rajesh C Mathur Vice Chairman NIIT GIS Ltd.

2 The Synapse GeographyDesign Geodesign

3 Design is the process of originating and developing a plan for a product, structure, system or component with intention. … Wikipedia Some Definitions of Design Design is aesthetic composition. … design student Design is a plan for arranging elements in a such a way as to best accomplish a particular purpose. … Charles Eames

4 Some Definitions of Design Design is applied imagination. … anonymous Design is a bridge between the abstraction of research and the tangible requirement of real life. … Glenn Lowery Everyone designs who devises courses of action aimed at changing existing situations into preferred ones. … Herbert Simon

5 Geography & Design Geography is the Science of Our World Design is About Purpose & Seeing the Future GIS Worlds

6 Geodesign is About Geographic Planning & Decision Making Extending GIS to Support Creative Designing GIS DESIGN PLAN Evaluation

7 GeoDesign is an Evolutionary Step Like GIS, it will Be Applied in Many Fields Creating Many New Opportunities By Individuals By Groups By Society on the Web

8 GIS Technology is Changing… Becoming Richer, Easier & More Pervasive New Styles, Patterns & Techniques Many Opportunities for Applying Geography Everywhere Mashups Web Maps Geo database Mobile Model New Services New Media

9 Today Mapping & GIS are Being Implemented in Many Patterns Evolve with Advances in New Technology Increasingly Integrated with Web Mobile Enterprise Server Desktop Web Clients USING SERVING AUTHORING Faster Bandwidth Storage Mobile Cloud Resources

10 Making Smart Growth Smarter with Geodesign Smart Growth is called smart growth because it seeks to strike an intelligent balance between Unfettered sprawl & Restrictive no-growth policies

11 Making Smart Growth Smarter with Geodesign Sketching DiscussionRevise & Render Final 2 D & 3D Map Planners Stakeholders vision /feedback Final Product Planners Conventional Planning Process

12 Geodesign for Smart Growth Geodesign combines the information capacity of GIS with decision making process Sketching Sketching Spatially informed Models Spatially informed Models Fast Feedback Fast Feedback Iteration Iteration

13 Multiscalar GeoDesign Multiscalar Design Design Architecture/ Landscape Architecture Urban Design Neighbourhood Scale Community Planning Multiple Neighbourhoods Town & City Planning City Scales Regional Planning Planning for Mega - Regions Smart Growth plan s needs to make sense across a spectrum of scales and disciplines

14 Geo-Spatial Design Geodesign Responsible Creating Envision Design Instantiate Context for Geodesign DATADESIGNANALYSIS Manage Geo-Spatial Information Analyze Geo-Spatial Information Truth Understanding Values Critical Thinking Analysis Assessment Knowledge Get & Manage Information Analyze & Assess Information Create or Recreate Goods &/or Services Organizations Academia GIS Technology What is geodesign?

15 Definition of Geodesign Geodesign is design in geographic space … It unites the art and creativity of design With the power and science of geospatial technology

16 Geodesign can produce more informed, data based design options and decisions

17 Integrating geospatial technologies into the design process with the goal of living more harmoniously with nature

18 GeoDesign is designing with nature in mind.

19 GeoDesign is changing geography by design. - - Carl Steinitz

20 Defining Geographic Space Moving beyond geography and landscape … to geo-scape Geo-scape is the planets life-zone. land + water below + surface + above physical + biological + social + economic

21 Scope of Geodesign The Scope of Geodesign Surface Below, On, Above Land Geology, Water, Air 2D/2.5D 3D/4D Rural Urban Outside Buildings Inside Buildings Objects Events, Concepts, Relationships

22 Geodesign Process by Carl Steinitz CHANGE MODELS IMPACT MODELS DECISION MODELS DATA INFORMATION KNOWLEDGE DATA INFORMATION KNOWLEDGE 1.How should the geo-scape be described? 2.How does the geo-scape operate? 3.Is the geo-scape working well? 4.How might the geo-scape be altered? 5.What differences might the changes cause? 6.Should the geo-scape be changed? REPRESENTATION MODELS PROCESS MODELS EVALUATION MODELS Assessment Intervention


24 Regional Geo-scape

25 Urban Geo-scape

26 Global Geo-scape

27 Geodesign Challenges Challenge #1 Develop a comprehensive understanding of geodesign and then work together to translate that understanding into a shared vision. definition and scope of geodesign the nature of design the technology of geodesign what it means to be a designer (geo-designer)

28 Geodesign Challenges Challenge #2 Develop an appropriate design centric GIS technology. Easy to understand Easy to use Rapid creation and modification of entities On-the-fly assessment Dashboard authoring tools Scenario management tools Collaboration environment

29 Geodesign Challenges Challenge #3 Apply that technology to a wide variety of geo-spatial design problems. Financial Services Forestry Health Care Human Services Mining Petroleum Planning Public Safety State & Local Gov Surveying Telecommunications Transportation Utilities Water Resources Agriculture Conservation Defense Education Engineering Facilities Management Federal Government

30 Geodesign Challenges Challenge #4 Work together to establish a discipline of geodesign, both in practice and academia. Geographic and Environmental Sciences Landscape Architecture Urban and Regional Planning Architecture and Engineering Operations Research Computer Science GIS

31 The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Create it - Late Prof. C K Prahlad Rajesh C Mathur

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