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Radial Flux Technology

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1 Radial Flux Technology
License and Technology Review

2 License Status To: Small Wind Turbines, LLC (SWT)
Permitted Application: 5kw -99kw small wind Permitted Territory: Worldwide License Type: Exclusive Right to manufacture or have manufactured Right to sell and distribute Subject to: Product Development & Licensing Agreement dated January 26, 2009

3 Radial Flux Technology (RFT)
T Flux trials over a decade RFT a derived technology from T Flux RFT prototype tested by Garrad Hassan SWT designs complete to prototype

4 Key Features Light and Compact due to its innovative design.
Conventional Generator Light and Compact due to its innovative design. Unique Permanent Magnet Technology High Efficiency allows use of smaller drive engine Radial Flux Generator

5 Single stator Dual stator Traditional PMG Rotor vs. RFT PMG

6 Wind Turbine RFT Benefits
A low rpm permanent magnet direct drive replaces gearbox and high rpm generator Jacobs (US) used for comparison analysis Generator/Gearbox weight reduced by 43% Electrical generation efficiency increased 30%

7 Wind Turbines RFT vs Jacobs Gearbox Turbine
G A Jacobs 20kw Speed (rated RPM) 180 1230 Power (rated Kw) 20 Weight (Kg) 213 262 Generator Type PMG 3 phase Synchronous Brushless 3 phase Drive Direct 6-1 Gearbox Gearbox Weight (Kg) No gearbox 114 Combined Efficiency (%) 96% 67.2% Productive Operating Wind Speed (m/s) 0-12 7-12 Conclusions 43% less weight 30% greater power Produces usable power from low wind speeds

8 Jacobs 20kw vs. RFT Gearbox Generator

9 RFT based Turbine

10 20kW RFT Wind Design Status
FEA complete Production design complete

11 20kW RFT Completed Design

12 20kw RFT Completed Design

13 20kw RFT Prototype Status
Three prototypes in production 20 kw now complete, 10 kw by Machining has begun on 40 kw All three will be complete by Testing, modifications and tooling complete for 20 kw unit by

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