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Strategic Technology Resources LLC 1 Press escape to exit slideshow Contact Us.

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1 Strategic Technology Resources LLC 1 Press escape to exit slideshow Contact Us

2 Strategic Technology Resources LLC 2 Does This Fit With My Experience? Can Our Current Expertise and Processes Handle It? Is the Current Organization up to the Challenge? Is This Ordinary Business? When a New Challenge Presents Itself Questions Arise: Often the Answer to These Questions Is No, Especially for High-uncertainty, Beyond-Ordinary-Business Challenges Such As: New Business Growth for a Mature Organization Launching a Departure New Venture Developing Competitive Advantage Vs. Global Competition Delivering Commercial Value From Breakthrough Technology Resolving Major Process Upsets Structuring and Staffing an Effective Organization to Execute a Still-unfolding Mission Contact Us

3 Strategic Technology Resources LLC 3 What We Offer: A Capability to Guide Client Organizations Through Issue Resolution and Plan Development in All Stages of New Business Development A Facilitated Workshop Approach Proven in Over 20 Years of Industrial Practice that, –Establishes the Status of Current Efforts –Incorporates External Expertise on Key Issues –Effectively Harnesses the Capabilities of Internal Operational Teams and External Experts –Develops Creative, Practical, High Value Solutions Tailored Technology and New Business Strategy Workshops that Meet Our Clients Needs –Clarification of Strategic Direction (Initially One-on-one With Client) –Identification of New Opportunities –Prioritization and Selection of Most Attractive Opportunities –Strategy and Implementation Plan Development –Building a Justifiable Business Case –Formulation of Program Objectives and Detailed Plans –Organization Assessment and Design Staffing of Key Positions Via an Alliance With Infinity Resources 2-Day Teaching Workshop from which Participants Gain Skills in Formulating Strategy, Facilitation, Creative Problem Solving and New Business Process Fundamentals Strategic Technology Resources LLC is Founded on 35 Years Experience in Monsanto Company and FMC Corporation, Meeting High-Uncertainty Challenges Contact Us

4 Strategic Technology Resources LLC 4 Contact Information I Am Eager to Explore How We Can Help You Meet Your Unique Challenges in Technology Strategy and New Business Development That Are, Beyond Ordinary Business. F. Wyman Morgan, Ph.D. President Strategic Technology Resources LLC Located on the New Jersey Shore 732-5739492, office 732-573-0005, fax 215-680-8405, mobile Continue for: Strategy Workshops Format and Benefits Teaching Workshop Format and Benefits Strategic Technology Resources Process Wyman Morgan, Experience and Contributions

5 Strategic Technology Resources LLC 5 Strategy Workshops Range in Duration From 2 to 5 Days, Depending on the Scope of the Challenge Addressed, and Are in Two Phases: –The Initial Phase Is Presentation of the Current Status of Internal Programs and Technology and an Overview of External Capabilities Presented by Technology and Market Experts. The Second Phase Consists Of: –Identifying Opportunities and Directions That Fit the Clients Broad Business Intent –Developing Objectives That Integrate the Contributions of All Functional Areas –The Formulation and Prioritization of Actionable Implementation Plans –Capture of Ideas and Comments Live Onscreen With the Aid of Typist and Computer Projector –Groups of up to 25 Can Work Effectively, Focusing As One Mind on the Challenges at Hand Benefits: –Rapid Situation Assessment of Business, Markets and Technology –Creative Strategic and Program Options that Integrate Internal Capabilities and External Opportunities –Alignment and Motivation of Operational and Management Teams –Foundation for Integrated Action Plan Strategy Workshop Format and Benefits Contact Us

6 Strategic Technology Resources LLC 6 Teaching Workshop Format and Benefits Format: Day 1 Consists of Fundamental Concepts of Industrial Value Creation, Strategy, Objectives Development, Creative Problem Solving, Facilitation and Group Management Day 2 Consists of Addressing the Open-Ended Challenges that Attendees Face in Real-World Industrial Life, and Practice of Key Processes Learned on Day 1 Benefits Gained: An Increased Awareness of Sources of Value An Ability to Select Highest-Value End Results to Pursue An Ability to Develop a Set of Objectives that Rigorously Link Individual Efforts to the Organizations Strategic Intent and that Provide the Basis for a Plan that Can Deliver Targeted Demonstrable Value Skills to Improve Personal Contribution –Productive Use of Groups to Achieve Complex Industrial Missions –Proficiency in Solving Open-Ended Problems Faced by Industrial Organizations –Ability to Use Facilitation to Achieve Results when Responsibility Exceeds Acknowledged Authority Contact Us

7 Strategic Technology Resources LLC 7 Strategic Technology Resources LLC Process Establish (or make explicit) Strategic Intent Consistent with Organization Mission and Capabilities to Guide Planning Effort Utilize Market Knowledge to Identify Un-Met Needs Link Available Capabilities and Market Opportunities and Set Explicit Objectives for Potential Directions Identify Specific Ventures to Capture Attractive Opportunities Evaluate Markets and Opportunities Based on Attractiveness, Risk, Reward Strategic Fit, Competitive Advantage, Relative Merit, Resource Requirement and Timing Develop Implementation Strategies and Plans, Supplementing Internal Capabilities with External Resources as Needed to Meet Business Objectives Clearly Define what is Offered and Make the Value Proposition Explicit from the Customers Point of View Marshal Data and Logic to Objectively Demonstrate Business Merit Formulate Specific Program Objectives Necessary and Sufficient to Meet Overall Business Objectives Design Organization to Achieve Business and Program Imperatives Identify Internal Capabilities and Enabling External Technologies Skip to Next Slide Contact Us

8 Strategic Technology Resources LLC 8 Strategic Technology Resources LLC Process for Challenges Beyond Ordinary Business Contact Us

9 Strategic Technology Resources LLC 9 F. Wyman Morgan Experience and Contributions FMC CORPORATION, 1991-2005 Director Chemical Technology Guided strategy development, opportunity assessment, planning and venture implementation for technology-enabled businesses –Led the effort to identify new technology platforms for the BioPolymer Division resulting in a new business unit with its own marketing and technical resources, NovaMatrix, targeting biomedical applications of biopolymers. –Developed a methodology ("Technology Review and Planning" format) to identify new business opportunities and operational improvements that integrates external market and technology input and aligns commercial, manufacturing and technology functions toward the most attractive business goals while improving morale in the process –More than 30 reviews conducted on subjects ranging from plant troubleshooting, to cost reduction, to new applications, to pre- construction technology verification, to new technology platforms, to new business opportunities, to potential business strategies, to quality systems, to customer service, to selection of external technology partners, and to organization design Assembled R&D effort, identified basic technology (in-licensed) and made breakthrough improvements to arrive at technology to extract lithium chloride from Argentine brine sources resulting in a facility that enjoys an industry low-cost position Led the effort to outsource production and restore operations in two production plants that experienced major fires and to identify the best future technology directions Conducted first-ever corporate-wide study of the process technology function that led to a reinvigorated and more effective process capability Contact Us

10 Strategic Technology Resources LLC 10 Experience and Contributions, continued Monsanto Company 1967-1986 R&D Director for Bovine Somatotropin (BST) Program. BST is an endogenous protein that improves milk production in dairy cows. Initiated and managed Monsanto BST research program from inception to regulatory submission and manufacturing startup. Managed technical relationship with Genentech, the supplier of Monsanto's recombinant BST organism. Responsible for research on a worldwide basis: formulated long range R&D plans, hired people and built facilities. Developed first-of-its-kind sterile, injectable, prolonged-release product for BST and developed a process for production of multi-ton quantities of bulk and finished products. Built and managed a highly effective and motivated R&D department of more than 130 scientists and support personnel. Moved Monsantos BST effort from clean-slate start to a leadership position, beating out established animal health companies companies with Exclusionary Intellectual Property R&D/Process Development Manager Managed chemistry research section in anti-cancer drug program and developed a process for active drug. Produced multi-pound quantities of the drug candidate for human clinical trials. Developed numerous processes for detergent materials and managed pilot plant production of developmental quantities Human Resource Planning and Development Manager Initiated and led innovative programs in Monsanto's Personnel Function to improve assessment, acquisition, placement and development of technical personnel on a corporation-wide basis Education Ph.D., Inorganic Chemistry, University of Florida 1967 BS, Chemistry, Florence State College 1962 Contact Us

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