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Technology at Smiles For Kids By Kasia Lindhorst DDS, MSD.

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1 Technology at Smiles For Kids By Kasia Lindhorst DDS, MSD

2 Why do we care about technology at Smiles For Kids??? It makes dentistry safer! It makes dentistry faster! It makes dentistry better! It makes our patients and parents happier!

3 Our waiting room Fully paperless office with electronic pad check-in and medical history update Health history questionnaire that can be downloaded and filled out online

4 Our waiting room Wii and X-box games for the kids Large screen TVs for presentations and watching movies

5 NEXT STOP… X-RAY ROOM! Panoramic and intraoral digital x-ray machines have 80% less radiation than traditional ones and they allow for easy show and tell with parents and patients as well as communication with other dentists via email.

6 On to the dental exam! Diagnodent-caries detection device Intraoral camera Screens to communicate with parents

7 And if you need to have fillings or sealants done… Isolite will make visibility and isolation easy and more reliable! Patients (even the little ones) love it Improves our technique sensitive procedures

8 New composite system: SonicFill incorporates the latest technology Sonic system of filling cavities that makes the composite flow smoothly into a cavity, but still has superior strength Avoids voids and makes composites much faster to do!

9 Fun for all our patients! We have TVs in all patient rooms for entertainment and peaceful conversations with parents Kids can pick what movies they want to watch during treatment to forget all about dentistry!

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