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Manufacturing technology Introduction

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1 Manufacturing technology Introduction
Technology II – Jan Tomíček

2 Manufacturing Important part of World economy. Allmost all products are manufactured. Demands are increasing New issues – energy efficiency, waste, etical issues

3 Changes in the world of goods manufacturing
World wide competetion New materials Advanced technologies New manufacturing systems Enviromental issues

4 1. World Wide Competetion
Global business Market = Whole world Everybody can make business – knowledge vs. capital customization vs. mass production Product placement vs. variability

5 2. New materials Demands from customers
Smooth surface on plastic parts Transparency of plastic Shiny metal look etc. New developed materials with better properties Heat resistant materials High strength materials Special materials

6 3. Advanced technologies
Complex products Combined principles Mechanical principles Electrical Electronical Combination Water, steam, electricity,

7 4. New manufacturing systems
Manufacturing strategies Management

8 5. Enviromental issue Low energy and material consumption
Utilization of human labor, heavy work Healt and security issues Ethical problems

9 Product Life Cycle Design Construction Manufacturing Sale
Service and recycling

10 TIME Cost Per unit SATURATION Annual sales per model START-UP
RAPID GROWTH MATURATION COMODITY or DECLINE Product variety Great variety, product innovation Increasing standartization Emergence of a dominant stadart design High standardization „comodity“ characteristics Industry structure Small competetiors Fallout and Consolidation Few large companies „Survivors“ become comodities Form of competetion Product characteristics Product Quality, Cost and availability Price and Quality and Reliability Price with consistent quality

11 Price of the product? What is the best price of the product?
Smallest, affordable, highest, psychologically friendly, discounted?? Production costs!


13 Manufacturing costs Methods:
Casting, foundry, moulding Forming of metalforming Machining(material removal) Surface treatments(finishing) Heat treatment Joining and assembling Machining is approx 40% of manufacturing costs TECHNOLOGY II

14 Machining Chip removal process – Material is removed in form of chips from a piece of raw material to archive the desired shape. Material(chips) are removed by a tool from the blank This process is called „Chip forming“

15 DISADVANTAGES ADVANTAGES variety of work materials
variety of part shapes and geometric features dimensional accuracy good surface finishes DISADVANTAGES wasteful of material time consuming

16 Material utilization

17 A CUTTING TOOL single-point tool (a) multiple cutting edge tool (b)

18 Chip forming principle
Continuous vs. discontinuous chip Force stresswork hardeningsaturation(fully hardened material)shearconinuous chip

19 CHIP FORMATION (orthogonal cutting schema)
the tool is forced into the material plastic deformation → hardening of the material shear deformation – shear plane (angle φ)


21 Secondary deformation zone

22 Chip breakers Preventing the built-up edge
Groove type - premanufactured Obstruction type

23 Chip and Tool geometry Tool – rake & face angle

24 Chip thickness Chip thickness ratio

25 CUTTING CONDITIONS cutting speed vc [m.s-1]; [m.min-1]
feed f [mm.rev-1]; [m.min-1] depth of cut d = ap [mm]

26 Chip types

27 Chip breaking diagramme

28 Chip breaking diagramme

29 Chip volume ratio Calculation W = Value 3-400 Large volume of chips

30 Chips removal Chips must be removed
From the cut – gravity, liquid, air etc. From the machine – liquid, automatic, manually From the workshop – conveyors, carriages From factory – recycling

31 What to think about? Next time – resistance of material, cutting forces, heat and temperature

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