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Technology in Healthcare 11.11 Identify methods and types of data collected in healthcare.

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1 Technology in Healthcare 11.11 Identify methods and types of data collected in healthcare.

2 Databases Electronic collection of information Stored and sorted by fields (such as name, address, date of service, etc.) Examples: Medical office – patient information database Hospital central supply – vendor database Pharmacy – prescription database

3 Scheduling Specially designed software used to schedule patients for visits.

4 Financial Records What type of program would most likely be used for financial record management? Used to perform mathematical functions.

5 Communication How are computers used for communication in a healthcare setting?

6 Patient Monitoring Oxygen levels Heart rhythms Fetal monitor Blood pressure Many uses in healthcare

7 Diagnostic Tests Medical laboratory Computers used for blood and urine analysis Electrocardiogram Stress test Others

8 Diagnostic Imaging MRI – Magnetic Resonance Imaging This is a large magnet A computer translates the scanned information into cross- sectional images of the body

9 Diagnostic Imaging CT Scan – Computerized tomography First computer-based body and brain scanner Thin, cross-sectional x-rays that produce a 3-D image

10 Diagnostic Imaging Ultrasonography Sounds waves bounce off body structures, computer catches them and makes an image What is this?

11 Telemedicine Use of video and computer systems for interactive healthcare services in different locations. For example, rural doctors in poor countries can communicate with specialists in medical centers across the globe.

12 Medical Robotics Next time you visit a hospital, don't be surprised if a small robot passes you in the hallway on its way to pick up or deliver patient samples. RoboCourier is a self-navigating utility robot designed to remove the grunt work of distributing and collecting patient samples through a hospital. This removes the burden of the tedious and menial task of pushing a medical cart around, which is currently performed by trained medical personnel, a scarce and valuable resource. Photo courtesy of CCS Robotics There are many different uses for medical robotics.

13 Medical Robotics The da Vinci Surgical system A patient-side robotic cart with 4 arms manipulated by the surgeon and a high-definition 3D vision system. Articulating surgical instruments are mounted on the robotic arms. The surgeons hand movements are filtered to eliminate hand tremor and then translated into micro-movements of the instruments. The camera used in the system provides a true picture for the surgeon to see his/her work. The da Vinci System is FDA cleared for a variety of surgical procedures including surgery for prostate cancer, hysterectomy and mitral valve repair.

14 Bioinformatics Used extensively in biotechnology, bioinformatics uses computers to organize biological data in databases. The Human Genome project was managed using bioinformatics. The FDA uses bioinformatics in pharmaceutical research.

15 Summary – Healthcare Data Patient information Pharmacy records Hospital and facility supplies/purchasing Scheduling Financial records Patient medical data monitoring Diagnostic test data Bioinformatics And more….

16 Conclusion What is telerobics? What do you think about the future of technology in healthcare? What do you think are the biggest challenges to the use of technology in health care?

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