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Science, Technology, and Society Integrated Science 9.

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1 Science, Technology, and Society Integrated Science 9

2 Scientific Discovery & Scientific Insight Many scientific breakthroughs throughout history have changed the course of human history Discovery of microorganisms that cause disease Let to studies in how to avoid spread of diseases and cures Watson and Crick in discovered the structure of the DNA double helix Had helped doctors better understand genetic diseases/disorders Will hopefully lead to prevention of cancer and heart disease

3 Video: How simple ideas lead to scientific discoveries - Adam Savage

4 What is technology? Science and technology are often used interchangeably Science is an exploration process Technology is what results when scientific knowledge of materials and processes are used to benefit people

5 Technology Technology can be: Any human-made object Any method or technique for making any object or tool Object or skills needed to operate a human-made object A system of people or objects used to do a particular task

6 Technology and Time What is considered technology today maybe considered an antique tomorrow Feather Quill Pen Telegraph

7 Global Technological Needs Technological solutions are different for different groups of people People in underdeveloped countries need technology that helps supply basic needs like food, water, and basic health care People in industrialized countries need technology that improve the quality of life since basic needs are met

8 Bioengineering and Food Can technology stop world hunger? Is there enough food and we just arent getting it to everyone who needs it? Agricultural biotechnology is a collection of techniques and engineering used to create, improve, or modify plants, animals, and microorganisms *GMOs

9 Round Table Turn to Page 44 in your text and read about the technologies described there. In your groups, discuss the following question: If you were in charge of bringing technology to a developing country and could only bring one technology a year, in what order would you bring the technologies? Why? *One member of your group should write a summary of your discussion to share with the class.

10 Journal Entry Technological advances range from in the invention of the ballpoint pen to the invention of the television. Think about the technological advancements that you have seen in your life. How has technology changed your life?

11 Forces that Shape Technology Society Economics Safety and Responsibility

12 Society and Technology Science and Society are closely connected. Advances in technology will bring about changes in a society. Society will affect how new technologies develop

13 Automobiles Automobile Invented Changes in technology and manufacturing increase the number of people with cars Fossil-fuel emissions increase As fuel prices rise, research into technology that will make cars for fuel efficient begins. Fossil-fuel consumption increases Hybrid cars become available

14 Ways Society Drives Technology Consumer Acceptance Purchasing technology in one way that people support the development of technology Personal Values People will support development of technology that agrees with their personal values Indirectly May elect officials that support research Directly May give money directly to fund research efforts

15 Economic Influences Funding is an important component of scientific research. Before money is given to develop a new technology one may ask: What is the benefit? What will it cost? Who will by it? Methods of Funding Federal Government Private Foundations Private Industries

16 Safety and Responsibility It is important that any new technology not destroy the environment Pros and cons of all technologies must be considered Environmental Issues Moral and Ethical Issues

17 Developing Technology Who develops technology? Scientists Scientist are involved in research and discovery Dont always know how the results of their work will be used Can work in the field or in labs conducting research Engineers Bring technology to the consumer Use scientific information to solve a problem Technological problems found by engineers will often drive additional research by scientists

18 Finding Solutions Identify the problem Have a focuses goal...avoid being too broad Proposing solutions Must be aware of limitations Constraints Funding Materials Cost Time Complying with laws and regulations

19 Finding Solutions Performance testing Drawings, models, and computer simulations Prototypes (full-scale models used to test a product) Made in pilot plants (smaller versions of the real production equipment Limits System Failure Performance testing Redundant systems Control systems

20 Intellectual Property Innovation is costly and time consuming A company will want a return on their investment Patents will give creator exclusive rights to make, use, and sell the product for a number of years. o In the US, patents last 20 years o Granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office in exchange for public disclosure of the invention o A trademark is a word, phrase, symbol, and/or design that identifies and distinguishes the source of the goods of one party from those of others. o A copywrite protects works of authorship, such as writings, music, and works of art that have been tangibly expressed.

21 Science of Innovation innovation

22 Reminders: Study Guide Due Wednesday! Unit 1 Test on Thursday! Timeline project due Thursday!

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