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Andy McPhee Senior Acquisitions Editor BLOG

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1 Andy McPhee Senior Acquisitions Editor BLOG AAMA National Conference Indianapolis, IN September 2011


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4 44 Review learning styles and multiple intelligences Introduce common technologies Electronic whiteboards Podcasts Interactive response systems Many others Brainstorm ideas for using those technologies

5 55 Describe the seven learning styles and eight multiple intelligences. Explain common technologies used to address multiple learning styles, including electronic whiteboards, podcasts, interactive response systems, and other interactive tools, and how they might be used in an MA classroom. Determine which technologies best fit which learning style and why. Explain key benefits and basic costs of the various technologies discussed. Discuss specific activity ideas for use of each technologies in the classroom. Cite at least ten websites where more information can be obtained or software downloaded.

6 6 7 basic learning styles Visual (spatial) Prefers using pictures, images, and spatial understanding Aural (auditory- musical) Prefers using sound and music Verbal (linguistic) Prefers using words in speech and writing Physical (kinesthetic) Prefers using body, hands, and sense of touch Logical (mathematical) Prefers using logic, reasoning, systems

7 77 7 basic learning styles Social (interpersonal) Prefers to learn in groups or with other people Solitary (intrapersonal) Prefers to work alone and use self-study

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9 99 Learning style assessment Multiple_Intelligences_and_Learning_Styles Multiple_Intelligences_and_Learning_Styles ntory.php ntory.php mi/index.html mi/index.html

10 10 Articulated by Howard Gardner in 1983 Similar to learning styles but slightly different perspective Bodily-Kinesthetic (body- smart) Interpersonal (people-smart) Intrapersonal (self-smart) Linguistic (word-smart) Logical-mathematical (number/reasoning-smart) Musical (music-smart) Naturalist (nature-smart) Spatial (picture-smart)

11 11 Faculty and administrators must be open to implementation Involve IT early on Adjust technologies and expectations to student population

12 12 Electronic whiteboards Interactive response systems Podcasts Other interactive teaching tools Voice boards Image teaching tools Interactive software Photo Story Audacity Tutorials A&P resources Concept mapping Quiz-related

13 13 Fit Kinesthetic Social Visual Description Ceramic/plastic whiteboard that can electronically scan itself Images can be transferred to computer, edited, printed, e- mailed, or faxed

14 14 Benefits Enhances student response Highly useful for distance learning Reduces paper load Encourages involvement Reduces re-learning time; they get it the first time Allows use of multimedia resources and internet with whole class

15 15 Costs Mimeo: $1400 and up PolyVision: $1600 and up Smart Technologies: $1500 and up

16 16 Activity ideas Demonstrate blood flow through heart Dosage calculations Parts of a letter Word-building Sequencing Concept mapping

17 17

18 18 Fit Auditory Solitary Visual (video) Description Personal On Demand broadCAST Sound or video files that can be downloaded to iPod or other PDA Allow learning wherever learning is

19 19 Types available Audio podcasts Audiobooks Applications Video podcasts Cost ranges from free to $100+ May be subscription-based (RSS feed)

20 20 Audio podcasts Free Typically subscription- based Topics Nursing Anatomy Coding Medical news

21 21 Audio podcasts Topics Medical terminology Test-taking tips First aid Nutrition Fitness

22 22 Video podcasts Only a few for health care at the moment but growing /podcasts alth_edge

23 23 Main podcast outlets iTunes Medical podcasts Make your own podcasts Audacity: SoundWave: PodBean:

24 24 Activity ideas Listen-and-Say Students listen to collection of audio medical terms In class, rapid-fire game of pronunciation Find-a-Term Assign specific terms and have students locate them on podcast (measured by min:sec into podcast)

25 25

26 26 Fits Kinesthetic Linear Solitary Description Wireless, handheld input device for in-class testing Instant feedback

27 27 Types Engage (Scantron) Engage i clicker i clicker Polyvision Smart Technologies TurningPoint Smart phones

28 28 Wiffiti Real-time messages to selected screens

29 29 Text the Mob Project polls on screen, audience sends input with cell phones

30 30 Benefits Increases retention of learning Increases attention and motivation Improves student attitudes Enhances teaching effectiveness through immediate feedback Reduces learner anxiety by allowing anonymous polling

31 31 Costs SMART Response (Tec): was about $1500 for 24; $2000 for 36 Text the Mob

32 32 Activity ideas Mid-class check on learning Pair with existing quiz for quick assessment Ethics discussions Anatomy identification

33 33

34 34 Voice boards Web-based Like a bulletin board for audio Allows: Voice-enabled e-mail Live group discussions Podcast creation Embedded grading capabilities

35 35 Voice boards Wimba Voice Demos: (Professor showing his class how to use Wimba Voice) (Final project showing how to use voice board to teach pronunciation online) Gong Project Free system Free module for Moodle

36 36 Image teaching tools Image bank Images dropped into PowerPoints Interactive software Examples Delmars Comprehensive Medical Assisting (Delmar) The Professional Medical Assistant (F.A. Davis) The Professional Medical Assistant Take time to review

37 37 Photo Story Free Microsoft software that merges photos and sounds PCs only Basic functionality now in Movie Maker and DVD Maker for Windows 7 and Vista Students take photos, script story, and then record the script Example: The Day I Was Born Example

38 38 Concept mapping Visual map of connections among concepts Also called mind mapping, brain mapping Start with central theme and add concepts

39 39 Concept mapping Software to purchase MindMapper ( Inspiration ( ConceptDraw Mind Map (

40 40 Concept mapping Free software Concept map generator ( Map_Generator.cfm) Map_Generator.cfm Visual Understanding Environment or VUE (

41 41 QR codes Quick Response code Easy to create Requires smart phones Ideas for use: Internet scavenger hunt Citing sources Link to key homework or other sites

42 42

43 43 Quiz-related QuizStar Online quiz management Quizlet Free online site for flash card activities Developed by 15-year-old Andrew Sutherland Lots of medical terminology flash cardsmedical terminology

44 44 Tutorials on diseases, tests, and treatments: A&P resources Visible Body: Student/Teacher Use: $17.95 (1 term/5 months) OR $35.95 (2 terms/1 year)

45 45

46 46 AAMA ID #___________ BLOG This PPT:

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