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The Wonderful World of… TECHNOLOGY. IN YOUR OPINION: What IS technology?

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1 The Wonderful World of… TECHNOLOGY

2 IN YOUR OPINION: What IS technology?

3 What is Technology? Technology is the making, usage, and knowledge of tools, machines, techniques, crafts, systems or methods of organization in order to solve a problem or perform a specific function. (Wikipedia definition)

4 Whats a Technical Object? A man-made object that serves a purpose.

5 Your Pencils Is it a technical object? Take a look at your pencils in your hands. What are the materials it is made of? How are materials decided for certain technical objects?

6 MATERIALS External forces produce various effects inside a material. EXAMPLE: *Consider what would happen if an elephant walked in the room and stepped on your pencil. What would the effect be? EXTERNAL FORCE = Elephant weight EFFECT = pencil being crushed

7 Different materials react differently to different external forces.

8 MECHANICAL CONSTRAINTS A mechanical constraint describes the stress produced within a material when it is subjected to external forces. 5 types of constraints: Compression, Tension, Torsion, Bending, Shearing

9 COMPRESSION: Force that crushes materials

10 TENSION: Force that stretches materials

11 TORSION: Force that twists materials

12 BENDING: Force that bends materials

13 SHEARING: Force that cuts or tears materials


15 What happens when there is TOO MUCH STRESS (constraint) on material? Elastic deformation – Temporary deformation of material. Resumes shape. Plastic deformation – Remains deformed. Fracture – Material ruptures.

16 Your Pencils (again) Have you ever asked yourself why pencils are never made out of rubber? Or out of glass?

17 MECHANICAL PROPERTIES Determines how a material will react when it is subjected to one (or more) mechanical constraints. Examples of properties: Hardness, elasticity, ductility, malleability, tensile strength

18 Resists penetration Reacts to pressure force by elastic deformation


20 Regains initial shape Reacts to force by elastic deformation

21 Resists physical impacts Reacts to temporary force by elastic deformation.

22 =j87UWgvetRg Building Design Pulls Structure Upright after Earthquake


24 Stretches without breaking Reacts to tension force by plastic deformation.

25 Flattens or bends without breaking Reacts to bending or compression force by plastic deformation.

26 Resists tension without becoming permanently deformed Reacts to tension force by elastic deformation

27 HARDNESSResists penetration ELASTICITYRegains initial shape RESILIENCEResists physical impacts DUCTILITYStretches w/o breaking MALLEABILITYFlattens/bends without breaking TENSILE STRENGTH Resists tension without permanently deforming

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