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New Teacher Training Technology August 2011

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1 New Teacher Training Technology August 2011

2 Trussville City Schools
The mission of Trussville City Schools is to design engaging and challenging work that results in students learning important content at high levels. How can technology assist you in meeting this mission?

3 Technology Team BOE Technology Staff School Based PC Technicians
Technology Team Leaders Lead Technology Teacher

4 Technology Staff Shawn Nutting Director of Technology Karen Hutchinson
Secretary April Chamberlain District Technology Integration Specialist David Groom Network Administrator Cameron Sewell Julian Smith PC Technician HTHS Tony White HTMS Billy Crowell Paine Schools

5 TTLs / LTTs Paine Primary Paine Intermediate Charlene Hallman LTT
Computer Lab Teacher Kristi Stacks Rachel Brockman TTL Media Specialist Margaret Parker LTT Media Specialist Tina Fortenberry 1st Grade Teacher Kelly Rush 5th Grade Teacher Donna Franklin Kindergarten Ronda Chrisenberry PE Teacher Mae Stewart 2nd Grade Elizabeth Wilson Keyboarding Teacher

6 TTLs / LTTs HTMS HTHS Erin McGuyer LTT Computer Lab Teacher
Nick Lemonds Spanish Teacher Niki Lincoln TTL 7th Grade Teacher Rhonda Brittain Math Teacher Mandy McIntosh Chris Bond LTT Engineering Teacher Heather Novitski Grade Teacher Kim Hutchens Drama Teacher

7 Laptop Assigned to you for you and your students
Sign the inventory form One tool for you to create engaging and intellectually rich schoolwork while at school and home.

8 Logging into your computer
Press Control, Alt and Delete at the same time Your login will be your first name.last name Password will be Welcome 1 Select OK You will be asked to change your password. Test you password strength at Reminders Choose a strong password Password will not change during the school year, however, you can change your password if you feel someone knows your password at login screen NEVER place your password so that it is visible to others

9 Changing Your Password
Control + Alt + Delete Select Change a Password At least 8 characters – 1 capital, 1 lowercase, 1 number and 1 special character

10 If you are logged into your computer and need to walk away from it ALWAYS lock it by pressing Control, Alt, Delete then lock computer Internet Usage Agreement Policy Student Information – Privacy More rights than students Flagged as you - documenting

11 Getting to Know You Select Respond to this Survey on the top gray bar to begin. Give them a few minutes to complete the survey and the look at the results together (graphical). SharePoint survey that you can create for students.

12 Getting to Know the Laptop
USB ports Firewire port Power Internet LCD port Speaker Microphone Discuss each port, etc. and its purpose Talk about wireless vs wired during Internet Have the items that connect to the various ports there for examples: camera, video camera, Internet cable, projector cable, speakers, headphones, microphone

13 Taking Care of the Laptop
Updates with Bradford Bit 9 Blocking/Unblocking websites with M8e6 WORF Technology Team Discuss each port, etc. and its purpose Talk about wireless vs wired during Internet

14 Pin to Task Bar Flicks Invisibility Button Post It Notes

15 Resources in the Classroom
Laptop LCD Projector ELMO, document camera Speakers – HTHS and HTMS Airliner Slates – HTHS and HTMS Wireless Internet Webcameras – checkout through library Video Conferencing – rooms at HTHS and HTMS, mobile stations at PP and PI

16 Video Conference ACCESS video conferencing equipment at HTHS and HTMS


18 WORF Work Order Request Form
Complete when you have a technology problem Web-based At school – open Internet Explorer and type “worf” At home – open Internet, go to login, select WORF and complete the form Complete any box that has a red asterisk * Common problems Subject means the subject / type of problem, not subject you teach Not enough detail in the description screenshot

19 Virtual Private Network
WORF STI iNow (grades) Atrium (Library)

20 Communicate Outlook, Teacher E-mail Gaggle, Student E-mail
Your Website = SharePoint STI Home

21 Outlook, Teacher E-mail
Setup Outlook on Laptop Inbox Compose and send a new message Use Global Directory Create folders to organize s Calendar Delete s Accessing Outlook s from anywhere Refer to binder

22 Gaggle, Student E-mail (3rd – 12th)
Access from website – Login information Username - first initial of your first name and your last name Password - tville plus the last four digits of your Social Security Number (all lower case) Forward Gaggle s to Outlook Setup Homework Drop Boxes for students to turn in their work Refer to binder

23 Navigating the TCS Website
Main Page Top Tabs My TCS

24 My TCS

25 Software Teacher Software Printer and Scanner Drivers
Software must be pre-approved before purchasing by Shawn Nutting. Software Installation Submit in August and January for approval Teacher Software Supplement to textbook Printer and Scanner Drivers Printers Scanners Approved Software Software that is available to All such as: Google Earth, Airliner, Movie Maker, Skype, YouTube Video Converter, etc.

26 Software Google Earth Photo Story 3 Audacity Student Encyclopedia
Skype Any Video Converter iTunes Microsoft Office 2007 If software is not on a computer, it can be downloaded by you if it is on the approved download list found online.

27 Your Website Communicate important information to students and parents such as homework, project information and due dates, links to support the topic Share pictures, videos, etc. from class Collaborative Space – wiki and blog Survey for feedback

28 Website continued self-service account creation for collaborating with others distribution lists to send weekly announcement updates to parents, etc. Teacher Corner – about you, randomly selects teacher information for main site Stop here for hands on section Edit profile Add announcement Upload welcome letter, classroom management plan, syllabus Add a link

29 Distribution Lists Create one or more distribution lists
Students and parents enroll in distribution list Approve people Create announcement Send announcement through distribution list Discuss and create distribution lists for parents/students

30 STI iNow Attendance, Grades and Lunch Choices
Web-based type “inow” in Internet address bar username: same login as computer Attendance, grades, lunch (Paine Schools), demographics, etc PP – uses Skills Based Report Card so manual entry of week grades only Refer to binder


32 STI Home Web-based,
Data uploaded at 12 noon and 12 midnight everyday from STI iClassroom Parents and students can check grades at any time


34 Tech Tips to Remember Check plugs When in doubt, restart
Always WORF it

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