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Kristen Galloway, MSW Kristina Siarzynski-Ferrer, MS University Advising Center University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

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1 Kristen Galloway, MSW Kristina Siarzynski-Ferrer, MS University Advising Center University of North Carolina at Charlotte

2 UNC Charlotte University Advising Center Undecided/Transitioning students Instructors- First-year learning community seminar Fall and spring semester Purpose finding vs. Prescriptive Advising Undecided students: take time to explore options Goal: lessen anxiety and stress, build confidence and explore inner self Contemplative learning

3 UNC Charlottes University College Spring 2012 Undergraduate Enrollment Undeclared210011% Total19215 Fall 2012 Undergraduate Enrollment Undeclared248912% Total21179

4 Undecided students in numbers The undecided major is the third most selected program in the United States (Miller & Woycheck, 2003) At least half of all students with declared majors are prematurely decided majors who will change their minds (Cuseo, 2005) 77% of all first and second year students are in the process of deciding on an academic major (McDaniels, Carter, Heinzen, Candrl & Wieberg, 1994)

5 Fall 2012

6 Descriptors of Undecided Students Low academic performance High anxiety Poor self-efficacy Fear of commitment / judgment Low self-esteem Problems with decision making High perceived need for resolution Reluctance to seek help

7 Graduation Rates 70-85% - Graduation rates of students who change their major at least once 45-50% - Graduate rates of students who retain their original major Micceri (2002)

8 Why are students undecided? Traditional aged freshman are the largest group of undecided students (Gordon, 2007) Three possible areas of need including: Information deficits Developmental skill deficits Personal or social concerns

9 UCOL 2200: Purpose Driven You! This course has been designed to engage the student in active reflection and development towards finding their academic and career goals. Reflection topics include: What are my values and motivators? What do I enjoy? What do I want to do? The topics will incorporate student development theories focused on helping students find their life purpose through discussion, journal entries and creative activities.

10 Student Development Theory Many students have not reached a stage of intellectual theory in which they are capable of making well- reasoned academic and career decisions (Cueso, 2005) Self-authorship requires defining ones own belief system, a coherent identity, and mutual relationships (Baxter-Magolda, 2007) Students look to parents, peers, and advisors for the right major (Perry, 1999)

11 Life Calling, Work, and Leadership, a course designed for undecided students aimed at meaning-making Students were over six times more likely to earn a degree after 4 years than students who had not taken the course Class helped students: Lead more intentional lives Come to terms with expectations about having a declared major Access the support necessary for them to be successful Reynolds, P. J., Gross, J. K., Millard, B., & Pattengale, J. (2010) Longitudinal Studies

12 UCOL2200: Purpose-Driven You Demographics- 22 learning community students Male: 23% Female: 77% Declared: 32% Undeclared: 68% At this time where are you with declaring your major? Completely undecided: 0% Somewhat undecided: 18% Somewhat decided: 35% Completely decided: 29% Declared: 18% Have you changed your mind about the major you want to declare since starting at UNC-Charlotte? Yes: 47% No : 53%

13 Who am I? Introspective activities Who am I? Identifying values Family interview Reflection Journals Class writing prompts

14 Why am I here? Coaching meeting Self-awareness Positive energy and motivation Meditation Yoga High ropes activity Counseling Center Contemplative learning

15 What am I going to do? My Life presentation Integrated paper and presentation- student action plan Career Services Myers-Briggs StrengthsQuest Strong Interest Inventory

16 Your beliefs become your thoughts, Your thoughts become your words, Your words become your actions, Your actions become your habits, Your habits become your values, Your values become your destiny. Mahatma Gandhi Mahatma Gandhi

17 Life Motto Project The Seven-Word Life Motto Project: Describes – in seven words - how you want to live your life. Focuses on the present and future. Helps answers the questions, Who am I meant to be? and What am I meant to do? Adapted from Educating from the Heart

18 1. How do other people (family, friends, etc.) describe you? 2. What are you good at? 3. Whats most important to you? 4. What inspires you? 5. How do you want to make an impact? 6. How do you want to be remembered? Adapted from Educating from the Heart Reflection Questions

19 Inspiring Words Exercise On each screen, write down 3 words on each screen that: Resonate with you. Describe you well. Others use to describe you often. Describe how you live (or would like to live) each day. Get you excited and inspired! Adapted from Educating from the Heart

20 Key Words Accomplish Achieve Appreciate Believe Build Challenge Change Cherish Choose Connect Community Create Discover Diversity Dream Educate Embrace Empower Encourage Enjoyment Enlighten Entertain Excel Excite Adapted from Educating from the Heart

21 Key Words Explore Faith Family Forgive Friendship Fun Give Global Grateful Happy/Joy Heal Health Help Honor Improve Innovate Inspire Integrity Kindness Knowledge Lead Leader Live Love Adapted from Educating from the Heart

22 Key Words Loyal Make Meaning Model Money Motivate Move Nurture Open Peace People Perform Personal Growth Persevere Play Pleasure Produce Purpose Quality Reflect Relate Relax Renew Respect Satisfy Adapted from Educating from the Heart

23 Key Words Save Serve Service Share Spiritual Success Support Take Team Teach Touch Travel Trust Truth Understand Unity Volunteer Wealth Well-being Wisdom Work Worship Write Adapted from Educating from the Heart

24 Your Motto… As you review your list of words, pick out a few that stick out the most for you. Use these words to help you decide on the seven words that resonate with you the most. Your Seven-Word Life Motto can be: One statement; A series of small statements; Seven individual words; Or any combination of statements and/or words that work best for you. Adapted from Educating from the Heart

25 So… What will you choose to be your seven words? Adapted from Educating from the Heart

26 Our Life Mottos: Kristina: Live, Create, Dream, Empower, Save a life! Kristen: Inspire passion. Encourage connection. Be kind. Serve. Adapted from Educating from the Heart

27 Idea Exchange / Questions Kristen Galloway: Kristina Siarzynski-Ferrer:

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