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M ISSOURI U NIVERSITY OF S CIENCE AND T ECHNOLOGY Dr. Venkat Allada Vice Provost Graduate Studies.

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1 M ISSOURI U NIVERSITY OF S CIENCE AND T ECHNOLOGY Dr. Venkat Allada Vice Provost Graduate Studies

2 1870: Founded as University of Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy 1964: University of Missouri-Rolla (UMR) expanded curriculum and research mission 2008: Missouri University of Science and Technology (Missouri S&T) emphasizes STEM focused mission University History

3 16 Technical Research Universities (TRUs) Massachusetts Institute of Technology California Institute of Technology Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Georgia Institute of Technology Missouri University of Science and Technology Stevens Institute of Technology Colorado School of Mines Worcester Polytechnic Institute Illinois Institute of Technology Clarkson University New Mexico Institution of Mining & Technology University of Alabama in Huntsville Michigan Technological University New Jersey Institute of Technology Florida Institute of Technology South Dakota School of Mines

4 Students and Alumni from Over 70 Countries

5 Payscales 2011-12 Salary Report 2 nd among Midwestern public and private universities ($58,600) 2 nd in nation among public universities 15 th in nation among all universities

6 Rankings Newsweek #1 in the nation among all public universities for the value to out-of-state students #3 in the nation among all public universities for the value to students in the state U.S. News & World Report #7 among all public universities for providing the best return on investment ABC News #10 on the list of universities where the starting pay beats Harvard

7 One of Americas Great Universities No. 31 public university #2 in Missouri behind Washington University #6 technological research university Missouri S&T ranked 74 th in Best Colleges 2011 as ranked by the guidance counselors at Americas top 800 high schools. (U.S. News & World Report, 2011 Americas Best Colleges, September 2010). No. 2 starting salaries among public universities Missouri S&T ranked 15 th in payscale.coms highest average starting salaries for undergraduates (, July, 2011). Top 5 best values among national public universities Missouri S&T ranked 5th among the nations national public universities and 37th overall (U.S. News & World Report, 2010 Americas Best Colleges Guidebook, September 2009). Top 30 safest college campuses Missouri S&T ranked #27 in Readers Digests Campus Safety Survey (, 2008).

8 Popular Science September 2010, 2011, and 2012

9 Toomey Hall – Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering FINISHED!! Bertelsmeyer Hall – Chemical & Biological Engineering CONSTRUCTION BEGINS 2013!! Classroom & Facility Upgrades New Fitness Center FINISHED!! $100 million in facility upgrades in the last decade Thomas Jefferson Residence Hall FINISHED!!

10 New Student Design Complex Toomey Hall – Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Building a Better Missouri S&T New Fitness Center Innovation Park

11 Undergraduate Degree Programs Sciences + Computing Business + Social Sciences Applied MathematicsBusiness Administration Biological SciencesEconomics ChemistryPsychological Sciences Computer Science Geology and Geophysics Information Science & Technology PhysicsArts + Humanities English Pre-ProfessionalHistory Advising ProgramsPhilosophy Pre-LawTeacher Certification Pre-MedTechnical Communication Pre-Nursing Pre-Veterinary

12 Engineering B.S. Degree Programs ABET Accredited Aerospace Engineering Architectural Engineering Ceramic Engineering Chemical Engineering Civil Engineering Computer Engineering Electrical Engineering Engineering Management Environmental Engineering Geological Engineering Mechanical Engineering Metallurgical Engineering Mining Engineering Petroleum Engineering

13 Graduate Degree Programs Sciences + ComputingEngineering Applied & Environmental Biology Aerospace Engineering Applied Mathematics Ceramic Engineering Chemistry Chemical Engineering Computer Science Civil Engineering Geology and Geophysics Computer Engineering Information Science & Technology Electrical Engineering Mathematics Engineering Management Physics Environmental Engineering Explosives Engineering * Business + Communication Geological Engineering Business Administration Manufacturing Engineering * Technical Communication Materials Science & Engineering Mechanical Engineering Metallurgical Engineering Mining Engineering Nuclear Engineering * Masters degree only Petroleum Engineering ** No BA/BS degree Systems Engineering **

14 Application Process Undergraduate Students 1.Application 2.Transcripts high school & college 3.ACT/SAT scores sent electronically from testing agency 4.$50 application fee 5.TOEFL/IELTS scores* * Students must complete Missouri S&T's Applied Language Institute (IEP) or pass Missouri S&T's IEP English Language Proficiency Exam. Students may also submit proof of completion of a US university IEP for consideration of fulfillment of English language proficiency requirement. Graduate Students 1.Application 2.Transcripts college/university 3.GRE/GMAT scores sent electronically from ETS 4.$75 application fee 5.TOEFL/IELTS scores* 6.Departmental Letter Applicants must submit a letter to the chair of the department thy are applying to stating the purpose for the application. 7.Resume 8.Letters of Recommendation Applicants must submit three letters of recommendation in sealed envelopes apply online -

15 Funding and Job Placement Graduate Student Funding Over 630 students supported on assistantships/department fellowships Annual Graduate Student Funding : Approx 10 Million USD 50% FTE includes $1,961/month stipend and $10,574 in additional fee support. Job Placement Average starting salary for graduate students: approx. $67,500 Key School for: Garmin International (1 of 8) Nucor Corporation (1 of 4) US Steel (1 of 12) Toyota (1 of 6)

16 Companies Hiring Our Students

17 Missouri S&T Core Research Strengths Electrical & Cyber Systems Adaptive & Intelligent Systems Cyber Security Electro- magnetic Compatibility Sensors & Sensor Networks Energy Advanced Nuclear Reactors Hydrokinetics Smart/Micro Grid Technologies Transportatio n Fuels Environment Atmospheric Particles & Pollutants Nanoparticle Toxicity Phyto- technologies Safe Drinking Water Civil Infrastructure Blast Resistant Structures Geotechnical Engineering Innovative Construction Technologies Repair & Rehabilitation of Structures Manufacturing Composites Manufacturing Laser Materials Processing Machining Direct Digital Manufacturing Materials Biomaterials for Regenerative Medicine Composites & Steel Materials for Energy Applications Materials for Extreme Environments

18 International Affairs sponsors: Host families, field trips, Social activities, clubs, and much more! Learn More International Student Activities

19 Student Organizations 200 student organizations including: Council of Graduate Students Chinese Students and Scholars Association International Students Club 29 Professional Societies 23 Recreation Organizations Fencing Club Racquetball Club Skydiving Club Spelunkers Club Celebrating the Chinese New Year

20 Mens Teams: Baseball Basketball Cross Country Football Soccer Swimming Track Womens Teams: Basketball Cross Country Soccer Softball Track Volleyball Student Recreation Center: 19 Intramural Sports Athletics Learn More

21 17 Award-Winning Student Design Teams Experience By Design Learn More


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