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The Cisco Microsoft alliance over the past three years has provided a stream of technology innovation ranging from the introduction of our UCS compute.

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3 The Cisco Microsoft alliance over the past three years has provided a stream of technology innovation ranging from the introduction of our UCS compute family, our Hyper-V Extensible Switch offer Nexus 1000V, to some of the best System Center integration and PowerShell work seen to date. In late 2013 and early 2014 Cisco continued to release new technologies that support Microsofts Cloud OS: our Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) architecture, Invicta solid state flash capabilities for UCS, and Cisco Intercloud, a hybrid cloud management solution. ACI, Invicta, and Intercloud offer up a technology trifecta that provide support for Cloud OS - Windows Server and Azure - and System Center. These technologies will enable quicker more efficient cloud deployments, workload deployments based on SQL, Exchange, and SharePoint s well as improved integrated manageability. This session will introduce these three Cisco technologies and showcase their discrete integrations into Windows Server, System Center, and Azure.



6 Increased OpEx is attributed to network optimization to VMs to deliver application SLAs Source: ZK Research Operating expenses represent over 80% of DC spending Network optimization for virtual servers is driving OpEx spending


8 Contract OUTSIDEOUTSIDE DBDBAPPAPPWEB ADCADCF/WADCF/WADC What is an application policy? Group: A set of VMS / servers with the same policy 1. Contracts: A set of rules governing communication between groups 2. Service Chains: A set of network services between groups 3.



11 OPFLEX WAS DESIGNED TO OFFER: Policies: Who can talk to whom What about Ops requirements Abstract policies rather than device-specific configuration 1. Flexible, extensible definition of using XML / JSON 2. Support for any device including virtual switches, physical switches, network services with strong interoperability across vendors 3. Open, standardized API with an open source reference implementation 4. OPFLEX PROXY OPFLEX AGENT HYPERVISOR SWITCH ADCFIREWALL

12 ACI Admin (Basic Infrastructure) Cloud Tenant ACI Fabric APIC Plugin Web App DB HYPERVISOR ACI Agent Apply Network Policy Instantiate VMs State Information Handshake between APIC and SCVMM SCVMM Plugin


14 Workload Acceleration Fast I/OHigh BandwidthLow Latency Data Reduction Eliminate Redundant Data Efficient Storage Utilization Data Center Efficiency Reduce Energy Consumption Reduce Floor Space Consumption Reduce Management Overhead The UCS Invicta Conquers Three Business Objectives

15 Cisco UCS Invicta Series Up to 1.2 Million IOPS** Up to 9.6 GBps** Bandwidth Up to 144 TB Raw UCS Invicta Appliance UCS Invicta Scaling System Scalability Modularity Application Acceleration Data Optimization Multiple Workloads Tuning-Free Performance 250,000 IOPS* 1.2 GBps Bandwidth Up to 24 TB Raw *Read IOPS **refer to earlier slide A Note on Numbers 6 Node Configuration

16 UCS Invicta Scaling System Architecture Silicon Routers Workload Acceleration and Data Reduction Silicon Nodes UP TO 6 UP TO 6

17 Silicon Routers Performance Nodes 600,000 IOPS* 72 TB Raw OLTP Analytics Batch Database Loads Data Reduction Nodes 450,000 IOPS* 192 TB Effective Virtual Desktops Email Web Logs Scaling System Mix & Match *refer to earlier slide A Note on Numbers

18 UCS Invicta Scaling System Mirroring SSN SSR SSN SSR SSN P M P M P M

19 Appliances to Scaling Array Scaling Array to Scaling Array Appliance to Appliance Appliance to Open Target Linux/Windows

20 UCS Invicta Features ApplianceScaling System Architecture INVICTA OS5. Symmetric Read/Writes RAID Protection Asynchronous Replication Snapshots – Copy on Write Mirroring Web Based UI/API Role Based Access Controls Data Reduction Option Thin Provisioning iSCSI, Fibre Channel Enhanced Data Protection VAAI Support* Ethernet, Fibre Channel Increase Performance and Capacity Scaling System FabricPoint to Point Max. Routers2 Max Nodes6 * VAAI is only supported in performance nodes


22 NO MAYBE YES 26% 7% 70%* Will Your Enterprise Be Pursuing A Hybrid Cloud Computing Strategy By 2015? Source: Gartner DC Summit, December 2012 (Base 400+ Enterprise customers) Customers Seek to Leverage Service Provider Clouds to Complement On-Premise Servers Which statement best describes your firms current or planned strategy regarding the use of service providers for cloud IaaS? Use IaaS for peak workload or special demand to complement in- house servers and storage Use IaaS as primary, complemented by on-premise server and storage for special demands Use IaaS for all server and storage needs We dont have an IaaS strategy yet Source: Forrester, 2013 (study commissioned by Cisco) Customers Want Hybrid Clouds, Not Just IaaS

23 Hybrid Cloud Challenges Inability to Access Resources Across Any Cloud, with Security with Ease Siloed Infrastructure Loss of Security Slow and Complex

24 Cisco InterCloud Customer Choice Open Homogeneous + Custom Ciscos Hybrid Cloud Approach

25 Open Ecosystem Cisco InterCloud Customer Cloud Providers Cloud Brokers Cisco Powered Services Choice Open No Vendor Lock-In Any Hypervisor to Any Provider Heterogeneous Infrastructure End-to-End Security Unified Workload Management and Governance Workload Mobility Across Clouds Ciscos Hybrid Cloud Differentiation

26 Cisco InterCloudSolution Overview Enterprise DC / Private Cloud Provider Clouds vSphere Hyper-V Openstack/KVM CloudStack/Xen InterCloud Business Edition End User & IT Admin Portals Azure APIs EC2 APIs Cloud Providers & Cisco Powered Services InterCloud Provider Edition Secure Fabric Network, Compute & Storage

27 InterCloud Supports Key Hybrid Cloud Use Cases Dev/Test Dev/Test Application across Private and Virtual Private Cloud Bring Back Workload for Production Scale Shadow IT Control Providing Rapid Access to Hybrid Cloud Capacity IT in Control of What and Where Applications Can Be Deployed Capacity Augmentation Bursting from Private Cloud to Virtual Private or Public Cloud for Peak Workloads No Change to Application, Networking and Security Disaster Recovery* Use Public Clouds for Backup and Disaster Recovery Securely Extend DC with Consistent Policies Dev/Test Production WAN Private CloudVPC/Public Cloud Common Peak Workloads

28 InterCloud Provider Enablement Platform Features Cloud API Cloud API Interface with InterCloud Controller and Fabric South Bound API API Translation Logic vCenter Adapter vCloud Adapter OthersCloudStack Adapter Open API Rapid Deployment Enable Cloud Provider to Quickly Offer Hybrid Cloud Services Rapid Deployment Enable Cloud Provider to Quickly Offer Hybrid Cloud Services Provider Enablement Platform Open API For Integration with Cloud Provider Infrastructure Open API For Integration with Cloud Provider Infrastructure Flexible Abstraction over Cloud Provider Infrastructure Flexible Abstraction over Cloud Provider Infrastructure

29 Cisco InterCloud Ecosystem Cloud Providers and Partners Provider PartnersTechnology Partners



32 Platinum Partner Theater Session Title: Deploy Applications Faster than Ever Speaker: Rami Rammaha Date: Monday, May 12th, 12:15pm Abstract: Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure tackles the increased complexity in the data center with a common policy framework that automates provisioning and management of resources resulting in deploying applications in minutes. Additional Cisco Speaking Opportunity Session ID and Title: DCIM-B314 Extend Datacenter Networking with Partner SolutionsDCIM-B314 Extend Datacenter Networking with Partner Solutions Speaker: Bob Combs Date: Monday, May 12th, 1:15pm Session Type: Breakout Track: Datacenter and Infrastructure Management Topic: Windows Server Hyper-V

33 Come Visit Us in the Microsoft Solutions Experience! Look for Datacenter and Infrastructure Management TechExpo Level 1 Hall CD For More Information Windows Server 2012 R2 Microsoft Azure System Center 2012 R2 Azure Pack cloud/products/windows-azure-pack




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