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MILLS HALL 110 EXTENSION 1219 Technology Services.

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2 Technology @ Covenant What Is An H Drive? Network Share For Storing Files How It Is Accessed On-Campus – Open My Computer from Desktop Off-Campus – Via VPN Why It Should Be Used What Is A Roaming Profile? Allows You The Ability To Log Into Any Campus Machine And Access Your Documents Email How Do I Check Messages When Im Not On-Campus? Personal Folders Public Folders

3 Technology @ Covenant – Cont. Computer Usage – Best Practices Downloading And Installing Software To Campus Machines How Updates Are Applied TrendMicro Help Desk Pilot How To Search The Knowledge Base How To Submit A Trouble Ticket Available Technology Discounts AT&T Covenant Eyes Dell Varsity Buys – Software GovConnection – Software/Hardware Verizon Banner – https://scots.covenant.edu

4 Technology @ Covenant – Cont. VPN Allows remote users to connect to the Covenant network as though they were physically connected to a network port on campus. Access must be requested via request form. Equipment Checkout Availability and Policies Faculty and Staff can checkout equipment for work related use. Equipment is available on a first come first serve basis. Campus Notifications Group Email Blasts Regroup

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6 Telephone Information Directories Online On Your Phone In Active Directory (Outlook) Available Telephony Options Long Distance Codes Mobile Extension Cellular Twinning Cellular Stipend How To Use Telephone Features Call Forwarding Call Pickup Transferring Callers Using Hold Button Conference Calls

7 Telephone Features

8 Unified Messaging Overview

9 Unified Messaging Overview Cont.

10 Telephone Etiquette - Placing Calls Identify yourself and your department Ask if this is a good time to speak with you over the phone Inform the caller why you are calling

11 Telephone Etiquette – Answering Your Phone Answer by the third ring (maximum) Identify yourself/department properly Technology Services, this is Regina. How may I help you? Give full attention to the call

12 Telephone Etiquette – Answering Another Phone Answer their phone by identifying yourself Technology Services, Ben isnt available at the moment, this is Regina. See if you can help them Is there something that I can help you with? If not, ask if you can take a message or if they would prefer to leave a voicemail If you take a message, always follow up to make sure it was received.

13 Telephone Etiquette – Taking Messages Get COMPLETE Information Callers Name Callers Number Callers Message Date and Time of the Call Sign the Message - questions may need to be ask of you Follow up

14 Telephone Etiquette - Placing a Caller on Hold Use hold button so office noise isnt overheard Ask permission of caller before placing on hold Is it OK for me to place you on hold while I look that information up? Dont leave on hold If you cant answer quickly offer to call back. Never make a promise unless you know you can/will keep it.

15 Telephone Etiquette – Transferring Calls Give the caller the name and direct number of the person being transferred to in case they are accidentally disconnected Stay on the line to tell the receiver who is calling and what the nature of the call is Dont send the caller off into space. If you dont know who can help the caller take a message. Find out who can help them and ask that person to respond. Follow up.

16 Telephone Etiquette - Returning a Call/Email/Voicemail Apply the Sundown Rule Respond to the message within 24 hours. Even if you cant immediately handle the situation, let the caller know: That they have been heard. That they are important. That you will respond as soon as possible. Frequently check for messages and respond to them as if that person were standing in front of you

17 Telephone Etiquette – Changing Your Greeting When you know you are going to be out of the office and/or not responding to messages for a day or more you should turn on your out of office message Message should include Your name Your title or department/office Expected return date/time The name and number of an alternate office contact Make sure you inform your co-workers of this message.

18 Telephone Etiquette – Out of Offfice Example Thanks for your message. I am sorry that I am not able to assist you at this time. I will be out of the office Friday, March 4 through Tuesday, March 8, and will reply when I return. If you need assistance before then, please call the Office for Advancement at 706.419.1122. We look forward to serving you. Name Title or Name of Office/Department Covenant College

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