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Technology that optimises water distribution networks.

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1 Technology that optimises water distribution networks



4 BASIC PRESSURE MANAGEMENT + Fixing pressure at the PRV outlet + Leads to excessive pressure 100% of the time at critical point + Potential response: basic time & flow modulation + Weak control of pressure vs target + Inability to respond and adapt to changing network circumstances

5 ADVANCED PRESSURE MANAGEMENT + Total visibility into network performance + Remote management of pressure + Automatically and continuously optimised pressure based on demand patterns + Delivers the right pressure (and no more) in the network all the time








13 1. Controller 2. APV 3. PRV i2O SYSTEM – PRV CONTROL i2O PRV control hardware + Remote control, optimisation and monotoring of all diaphragm actuated PRVs + Smooth and reliable control and monitoring + Simple installation takes 1.5hrs by network technicians 1 2 3

14 i2O SYSTEM – PRV CONTROL components Controller + Logs pressure and flows with high accuracy + GPRS and Bluetooth communication + Low power consumption – 5 year battery life + Robust, waterproof enclosure APV (Advanced Pilot Valve) + Accurate control over 32m range + Smooth preassure change – no surge + Any PRV Critical Point Logger + Logs pressure with high accuracy + GPRS and Bluetooth communication + Low power consumption – 5 year battery life + Robust, waterproof enclosure

15 i2O SYSTEM – SOFTWARE INTERFACE +Secure +Integrated system – see data and act on it +Scalable throughout the business +Quick and easy to implement +Cost effective


17 ADVANCED PRESSURE MANAGEMENT +Remote pressure optimisation +Remote diagnostics +Quick DMA set-up and installation +Scheduled pressure control +Scheduled alarm control

18 i2O – Worked Example : Implementation Flow (l/s)/Pressure (m) Time

19 LEAKAGE REDUCTION + Each percentage point of pressure reduction in a water network leads to a corresponding decrease in leakage + i2Os solutions have reduced leakage by 10 to 50% in hundreds of water networks. Syabas: 35.4 MLD reduction in 178 DMAs

20 BURST FREQUENCY REDUCTION After i2O Before i2O + Minimizing pressure peaks and softening fluctuations reduces the frequency of bursts + i2Os solutions have reduced burst frequency by 40% or more in customers water networks. Veolia Water UK installation

21 LOWER OPERATING COSTS + Remote monitoring gives managers visibility to network performance and events from any online connection or location + Remote PRV control eliminates site visits to adjust PRVs manually + Reduced leakage and bursts decrease need for find and fix activity + Early detection of asset degradation reduces need for routine maintenance visits

22 IMPROVED CUSTOMER SERVICE LEVELS + Many water networks service levels suffer during peak demand, leading to complaints and fines. + i2Os solutions maintain the right pressure, without abrupt changes, minimising customer service problems.

23 ENERGY SAVINGS + The lower the water pressure you supply to a network, the lower your energy consumption + Installed on pumps with variable speed drives, Advanced Pressure Management from i2O can reduce energy consumption by more than 20% APA Nova Ploiesti (Romania) installation

24 EXTENDED MAINS LIFETIMES + Many water networks are at or near their service lifetimes + Burst frequency is the key trigger for capital- intensive pipe replacement investments + Reduced burst frequency significantly extends pipe lifetimes

25 i2O WORLDWIDE 900+ systems installed in 40 utilities in 21 countries

26 i2O MALAYSIA 4 systems 10.36 Ml/d 3 systems 1.21 Ml/d Logging in progress 1 system + 3 reservoir sensors 229 systems 51.36 Ml/d 6 systems 3.59 Ml/d 8 systems 2.78 Ml/d Total 251 systems Saving 69.5 Ml/d

27 + Advanced Pressure Management technology is quick to implement: Under 2 hours + Rapid NRW reduction: Over 69 Ml/d + Deferred capital expenditure needed for new water plant + Average payback for Malaysian Water Companies: 5 months IMPLEMENTING i2O SOLUTIONS IN MALAYSIA

28 SYABAS + Largest water concessionaire in Malaysia (supplies 7 million consumers) + Cut leakage by 40 million litres per day + Reduced burst frequency by 48% + Expanded Advanced Pressure Management from 50 to 100 to 200 installations over 2 years ADVANCED PRESSURE MANAGEMENT EXAMPLES

29 Manila Water + Serves more than 6 million consumers in Manila, Philippines + 10 MLD pump station cut energy consumption 24% on weekends, 14% on weekdays + Cut network leakage by 800,000 litres per day on weekends, 500,000 liters per day on weekdays + Radically improved level of service from network pumps (failed daily prior to i2O installation)

30 ADVANCED PRESSURE MANAGEMENT EXAMPLES Veolia Water + Provides water and wastewater services throughout the UK + Achieved savings on operational costs of 80% + Improved customer service + Reduced water loss from eight problem DMAs by more than 1.5 MLD

31 During the two last years the number of mains repairs was reduced by nearly 75% in DMAs equipped with i2O systems. ADVANCED PRESSURE MANAGEMENT EXAMPLES +Number of mains repairs (per thousand properties) identified by type of pressure management

32 ADVANCED PRESSURE MANAGEMENT EXAMPLES NWC and Jeddah City Business Unit (JCBU) + Advanced Pressure Management pilot on two District Zones + Systems installed and optimised in 2 days + 20% pressure reduction + 10% leakage savings + 40% reduction in pipe bursts + Remote control capability improved efficiency + Enhanced benefits for District Zones with continuous supply

33 ADVANCED PRESSURE MANAGEMENT EXAMPLES NWC and Jeddah City Business Unit (JCBU) Change from a fixed PRV outlet to a flow modulated pressure within the Zone Pressure is stabilized at critical point inside the Zone

34 PROVEN RETURN ON INVESTMENT + i2O customers typically achieve ROI within 6-12 months Sources of ROITypical Benefit Leakage reduction20% Burst reduction40%+ Operating cost reduction40% less find and fix; Fewer scheduled visits Customer satisfaction improvementReduce network-related complaints Energy savings20% Asset lifetime improvement5+ years

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