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Introduction to Technology

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1 Introduction to Technology
Course 8481 9 weeks 6th Grade

2 Explanation of Technology
The practical use of human knowledge to extend human abilities and to satisfy human wants and needs.

3 Types of Technology Bio Technology Construction Technology
Manufacturing Technology Transportation Technology Energy and Power Communication Technology

4 Biotechnology Biotechnology is used to improve agriculture, health care, and the environment. Biotechnology is responsible for the products and processes that are made from the resources that come from living things.

5 Construction Technology - Building Structures
Residential – Local communities Commercial – Stores, Schools, etc. Industrial – Warehouses Civil - Bridges

6 Manufacturing Technology-
Turning raw materials into consumable goods and products. Food Clothes Building Materials Automobiles

7 Transportation Technology- Moving people or products from one place to another.
Air - airplane Land - Car Space – Space Shuttle Water - Boat

8 Energy and Power- Electricity and Power that makes things run.
Nuclear Electrical Gas Wind Solar

9 Communication Technology- Sending and receiving messages
Telephone Cell phone Television Radio Computer

10 Technology as a System Input (Resources-people, information, tools and machines, Capital, Materials, Time and energy) Process Out (Results) Feedback (Positive or Negative

11 Science, Technology & Engineering
Science- explains how things happen. Technology- makes things happen. (Build the products that engineer designs) Engineering- determines how to make things. (use the knowledge of science and mathematics)

12 Introduction to Technology Class Activities
Bridge Building in teams of two (2) Manufacture a product that shows a label with a Logo, Bar code, Ingredients, Size, Warning, Nutrition Facts- Calories, Total Fat, Cholesterol, Sodium, Potassium, Total, Carbohydrate, Protein, Sugar and/or Vitamins Engineered Structures- Spaghetti Tower Design Paper Structure Design- Weight Bearing Structure Digital Technology/ TSA Promotional Poster

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