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Educational Technology Integration Portfolio Leann Larsen.

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2 Educational Technology Integration Portfolio Leann Larsen

3 Introduction Welcome to my Educational Technology Integration Portfolio! I have designed a presentation showing a wide variety of technology artifacts that reflect what I have learned. I illustrate and show specific examples of each teaching standard. The claim that I make under each standard is supported with evidence, reflection, and a goal. As you review this portfolio, I invite you to evaluate and appraise this work. I believe that you will find my examples to be clear, concise, organized, and interesting. Go ahead, I invite you to begin your journey into my digital creativity.

4 Table of Contents 1. Design and Develop Digital-Age Learning Experiences 2. Promote a Digital-Age Learning Culture 3. Model Digital-Age Work and Learning 4. Facilitate and Inspire Student Learning and Creativity 5. Facilitate Learning by Using Virtual Environments

5 1. Design and Develop Digital- Age Learning Experiences I use digital tools to develop relevant learning experiences that promote learning and creativity.

6 Artifacts: Music Sound Clip Key Signature Treble Bass and Timing Clef Clef Whole NoteQuarter NoteHalf NoteEighth Note Pair 4 Sixteenth Notes How to Write Music

7 Reflection: This learning experience shows the differences in musical notes, key signature, timing, treble clef, and bass clef. Because of my musical background, I use these tools to help students learn the symbols and techniques to both read and write music.

8 GOAL: My musical skills have been enhanced by using technology. Digital tools promote my own learning and creativity in the field of music as well as other learners. I intend to continue to enhance my own talent and creativity as well as teaching others to read and write music using digital tools technology.

9 2. Promote a Digital-Age Learning Culture I am successful at modeling and promoting the frequent and effective use of technology for learning.

10 Artifact: Nutrition and Fitness

11 Reflection: I have mastered the UEN Activities Tool for the appropriate grade level and my questions show a variety of different ways to think. The clip art is colorful and informative.

12 Goal: I plan to continue to use technology for learning by using the available tools to enhance my own learning and teaching skills. I intend to start a fitness program and join with others using the following link: FITBYFUN

13 Artifact: Embedded Video of a Massive Solar Flare which occurred on Feb. 15, 2011

14 Reflection: I have mastered the use of technology for learning by embedding an actual video from NASA showing a massive solar flare. This is a great use of technology to learn about the sun and to see a flare as it actually happens.

15 GOAL: Embedding an actual video is a great technological tool that is a highly effective way of using technology for learning. I plan to continue to use this tool to enhance my teaching skills as I actually show examples of the subject instead of just talking about it.

16 3. Model Digital-Age Work and Learning I use technology in the transfer of current knowledge to new technologies.

17 Artifact: How to Make Fresh Salsa Fresh Salsa Recipe

18 Reflection: I have transferred current knowledge to new technologies by posting a photostream of pictures on Flickr to show the step-by-step process of making fresh salsa. The recipe is found on my Blog. Anyone can view it and make comments. By using these technologies, I am able to teach using a hands-on approach with illustrations.

19 Goal: Transferring current knowledge to new technologies will bring me up-to-date with the digital age of work and learning. I specifically plan to use these technologies to keep a digital record of old family photos. Photos of me when I was a child are actually on slides and these will be transferred to a photostream where my kids and grandkids can all see them. They can learn about my childhood, see what I looked like as a child, download their own copies, and make comments.

20 4. Facilitate and Inspire Student Learning and Creativity I use collaborative technology tools to clarify students conceptual understanding and creative processes.

21 Artifact: Nature Photo Story

22 Reflection: I have put together pictures to music in order to teach the concept of the differences and beauty found in nature. The beauty is in the different colors, shapes, and sizes found in nature. These differences are specifically birds, insects, flowers, trees, changing seasons, the moon, sky, rainbow, and a tropical paradise. Music is added to enhance the concepts portrayed. The beauty of the musical selection is found in the pleasing sound of the notes combined with lyrics. I have used Microsoft Photo Story 3 to collaborate on this presentation.

23 Goal: I plan to continue to use collaborative technology to help teach concepts and creativity. This is a great way to present a learning concept in a fun and interesting way. I intend to use this technology to specifically teach how to download digital images, transition from photo to photo, and set the photos to background music.

24 5. Facilitate learning by using virtual environments I have constructed a virtual learning experience by using technological resources to facilitate an environment for learning.

25 Artifact: Octopus and Sea Lion

26 Reflection: GPS Trackers and National Geographic Crittercam shows never before witnessed predation of the sea lion. This virtual environment teaches about the location of sea lions and how they feed. This learning experience is informative and educational giving an up close and personal view of the sea lion eating an octopus.

27 Goal: I intend to continue to use technological resources to create and facilitate virtual environments for learning. A specific resource which is excellent for teaching and showing virtual environments is: Thinkfinity I plan to continue to use virtual learning experiences to teach about many different things such as animals, weather patterns, science projects, and the solar system.

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