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TESS seeks to be the Colleges trusted technology advisor and preferred provider of information technology and telecommunications services.

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2 TESS seeks to be the Colleges trusted technology advisor and preferred provider of information technology and telecommunications services

3 TESS accomplishes the Colleges mission and delivers value to those that the College serves by: Providing the information technology and communication tools that facilitate learning, and the training and support that enables students, faculty and staff to use those tools effectively; Providing access to instructional content and materials through computer and communications systems; Providing innovative ideas, knowledge and resourcefulness to accomplish College objectives; Providing convenient, self-service access to College academic and business process so faculty, staff and students have more time to focus on educational attainment.

4 Vice Chancellor Director, Enterprise Systems Manager, Banner Manager, Operations Manager, Ecomm Director, End-User Computing Campus Manager, FV Campus Manager, FP Campus Manager, MC Site Coordinator, WW Enterprise Admin and CSC Director, Networking & Telecom

5 Desktop Computers Printers Network Connectivity Telephones Servers Software Applications

6 11,110 Network Connections (6,580 in use) 3,430 Telephones (3,671 Telephone Ports) 6,773 Desktop Computers 1,353 Printers 236 Servers 2 High Performance UNIX Servers (Banner) 78 Major Enterprise Software Applications Thousands of Installed Software Applications


8 Four Generations of Students Silent Generation Baby Boomers Gen Xers Millenials


10 Windows Live Student E-Mail New Public Website – New Authenticated Intranet Site Dark Fiber Replacement – and the ITV impact GEMS Project – Identity Lifecycle Management

11 Student e-mail for all current credit students and current employees – over 38,000 accounts! Professional address for life Lots of other Windows Live services: IM, Spaces, SkyDrive, Office Live Workspace Includes step-by-step getting started info Information at Includes step-by-step getting started info




15 Clicking the College logo presents a drop- down menu of key College web links College branding appears in mail now, will be extended by Microsoft into other products later











26 Anonymous access Official College content Marketing focus Unified navigation and appearance Workflow based publishing and content approval process using Serena Collage WCMS Google mini search Anonymous access Faculty, staff, class, group or organization, and student content Navigation limited to list of available users sites Unmanaged publishing still available (although WCMS and suggested templates, or RSS feed from MOSS MySite, will be available) Google mini search Authenticated access Self-service password reset Entry point into Banner, Blackboard, and other systems and content requiring authentication Navigation is personalized to the user, standardized appearance Publishing workflow varies depending on location within the site MOSS 2007 search

27 Current network is 19 years old New network is: Easy to expand More resilient Less dependent upon one location Actively monitored 24x7



30 College is moving away from ITV We will continue to provided limited ITV to fulfill the requirements of existing agreements Stand-alone rooms for this purpose Using a different, Internet-based, technology CIDTAG – College Instructional Delivery Technology Advisory Group Drafting an RFP for early April Selection of a Web-based desktop synchronous delivery tool, with a demonstration and faculty comment process


32 Active Directory Active Directory Single source for login authentication New accounts are created in real time New Exchange mailboxes are created in real time New MOSS MySites are created in real time Self-service password reset Banner Banner Source for new credentials (students and employees) Uses AD login and password reset Blackboard Blackboard Interchanges course and grade information with Banner in real time Uses AD login and password reset Windows Live Windows Live New accounts are created in real time Uses AD login and password reset

33 Critical Projects Meritorious Projects Continuing vs. New Initiatives Security, Privacy and Compliance Infrastructure Maintenance and Upgrade Improve College Efficiency and Reduce Costs Improve Student Learning Improve Student Services

34 GEMS Phase II Identity Management and Integration Strong Password Policy (External Audit) Network Authentication Emergency Notification E911 OneCard Processing and Procedures Business Continuity PCI DSS, eDiscovery, FERPA (External Audit)

35 Banner Hardware Replacement Districtwide Data Backup and Recovery Intranet and Document Center Upgrade Using SharePoint MOSS 2007 Technology Banner 8.0 Upgrade DARS 3.7 Upgrade Dark Fiber Network Replacement Oracle 10g R

36 Server Consolidation and Virtualization Document Imaging (Banner Xtender) ETL Tool (Extract, Transform & Load) eProcurement CurricUNET Banner Student Loan Module Student ID Photo Processing System Banner Common Matching Online Job Application DAM System (Image Database & Catalog) Server Consolidation and Virtualization

37 Synchronous Interactive Instruction Video on Demand Digital Asset Management (DAM)

38 Public Website Redesign Phase II Banner Admissions Module Banner Recruitment Module Banner Student Loan Module Continuing Education Web Marketplace Integrated Student Network Identity Blackboard Gradebook

39 Craig Klimczak Vice Chancellor of Technology and Educational Support Services Presentation is available online at: Craig Klimczak Vice Chancellor of Technology and Educational Support Services Presentation is available online at:

40 Critical core system infrastructure elements Two-factor authentication for all privileged system accounts MySites (authenticated storage and website) for faculty and staff with external access Object-by-object backup and restore of Active Directory

41 Ensure security compliance Simplify student access to key learning and business systems (Banner, Blackboard, etc.) Enhance data exchange between Banner and Blackboard Self-service password resets

42 Enforcing password complexity and expiration dates for key systems (Banner, AD, Hyperion, Exchange, etc.) Project components: Awareness campaign Announce and implement go-live date

43 Network authentication for all College network segments (wired and wireless) Eliminates anonymous network access Increases network flexibility by eliminating network barriers for authorized individuals

44 New OneCard reporting and processing changes to comply with new Federal guidelines related to Title IV funds

45 Rapid emergency notification system capable of notifying students, faculty and staff of hazardous conditions that could potentially occur on College premises

46 College in-house telephone systems are required to have location information associated with each telephone for regulatory compliance

47 Mandatory to comply with new Federal eDiscovery rules and possible future State legislation E-mail archiving for all Exchange e-mail

48 Replace and upgrade Banner System hardware Provide technical architecture for warm-site disaster recovery and business continuity

49 Enhanced districtwide backup solution for core Collegewide and campus servers

50 Upgrade the software and hardware for the Colleges Intranet and Document Center Replacement of server hardware Upgrade to system based on MOSS 2007 Revision of the Document Centers semantic structure Provide infrastructure for GEMS Phase II MySites

51 Upgrade Banner System to version 8

52 Upgrade DARS software to the current release

53 Upgrade the Data Warehouse system software, Hyperion, to the latest release Replace ageing hardware

54 Upgrade the Colleges Exchange e-mail system to the current software release Expand storage capacity to provide end-users with a one gigabyte storage quota Leverages new features of Exchange 2007

55 Increase access to College courses Grown enrollment by implementing a platform to provide quality, synchronous instructional interactions Strategic College Initiative

56 New media (video) on demand server that would catalog and index the Colleges licensed electronic media content Implements digital rights management to ensure compliance with licensed media rights and fair use

57 Implements the Banner Online Admission Application and Recruitment module Allows students to enter their own admission information into Banner Allows students to identify themselves as potential recruits to receive additional information and communication from the College

58 Expand on the scope of the Phase I project to include redesign of departmental and unit websites Implement a student portal and additional self- service applications for students, faculty and staff

59 Allows financial aid staff to better track loans made by lenders to students in the Banner system

60 Upgrade and replace the student ID photo hardware and software New system would enable the collection and forwarding of ID information and photographs to OneCard for processing

61 SunGardHE is re-architecting and re-designing the Student Lifecycle process and releasing a new web-based system for enrollment management with numerous enhanced features and analytics

62 Develop and implement a new online student enrollment orientation system interfaced to Banner First time students will be required to complete the entire online student enrollment orientation before they will be allowed to register for classes

63 Upgrade the hardware and software system used at public computing to pay for document printing and copying The current system is incompatible with the Colleges new OneCard, creating an extra inconvenience for students

64 Implement virtual server software to enable server consolidation, rapid server provisioning, and server recovery

65 Implement the existing Banner functionality for matching new students to existing students at data entry Will reduce the number of duplicate student records that have to be manually resolved and combined

66 Implement a new hosted curriculum tracking and documentation system Established a districtwide standardized curriculum development process Decrease time required to move a curriculum change through the process Increase committee member satisfaction with the process

67 Implement a new data extract, transform and load (ETL) tool to move data from Banner into the Colleges Data Mart The current ETL process often runs late or fails leaving the Data Mart unavailable until later in the day

68 Implement an image database to catalog and index the Colleges electronic photographs and graphics

69 Implement an online job application system for the College to receive and process electronic job applications A hosted solution from a SubGard partner PeopleAdmin has been identified as the preferred solution

70 Implement a new electronic procurement system that would allow the College to electronically bid and requisition goods and services

71 Implement the Banner Xtender module to allow the College to scan and store electronic images of documents in electronic student records, personnel records and financial records

72 Implement a new Continuing Education management system that would provide web- based marketing and scheduling of continuing education offerings The Colleges CE Deans have requested that the College select and implement the Augusoft Lumens product for this purpose

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