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Project 2 Does using Moodle as LMS in Indo 313-533 help student learn the content?.

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1 Project 2 Does using Moodle as LMS in Indo 313-533 help student learn the content?.

2 Indo 313-533 is an Intermediate Indonesian language course in linguistic department at Ohio University. Participant: 4 student Moodle is used as LMS for the course

3 Q: Have you ever taken a course that used a course or learning management systems? For examples Blackboard, Moodle, WebCT, Sakai. Response: all of participant answer yes.

4 Q: How often do you use Moodle for this class?

5 Q: What is your skill level using Moodle for this course?

6 Likert Type Scale questions: 1. I found Moodle very easy to use. 2. The organization and sequences of the course was easy to understand in Moodle. 3. I get more actively involved in course that use Moodle. 4. The use of Moodle in my course improves my learning. 5. I found Moodle very supporting for my course. 6. I wish more of my classes used online software. 7. I prefer to turn my assignments in online. 8. I would rather take a course with some online content. 9. I access course material when not at school or class. 10. I believe that the skills utilized in online portions of class will prepare me for the future.

7 Questions Mean

8 Question number 7 has the lowest means; The comments are I sometimes forget to submit items before the deadline; none, except the deadlines for assignments always come too quick on Moodle. Is there anything you would like to see added to the online content of your courses? If so, what kinds of things would you like to see? The student would like to have email remainder on Moodle.

9 1. How did Moodle enhances learning in this course? Response: It help me to type journals as I often communicate with colleges in Indonesia through email and Moodle is good practice talking with people from Indonesia through distance learning. quicker feedback rather than waiting for class to get papers back. makes it easy to have all the materials in the same location. Also great for group discussion outside of class

10 Cavus, Uzunboylu, Ibrahim (2006) studied the use of Moodle learning management systems and Greewptool collaborative tool for teaching a programming language. The result shows there is an increase in the learning ability of the student when using collaborative tool together with an LMS. The study also found that knowledge is best built through increase practice and learning with online and web based collaborative tools. The study also points out that the student has show positive comments towards the use of tools such as asking questions to each other, making discussions, sending messages to each. Yates, Delgado (2008) studied the use of Moodle at Kanda University of International Studies. The researcher surveyed 11 lecturers and learning advisor from the ELIs IC, ILC, SALC and English Department. The results shows that more than 90% of respondent consider Moodle as a beneficial educational tool and ELI educators are able to design Moodle functions and activities that related with classroom goals.

11 Moodle was claimed as a beneficial educational tools in Indo 313-533 and helps the learner learn the content. Students used Moodle when outside their class this can caused improve in achievement because they spend more time for their learning. Improves communication among students and teachers

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