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Welcome to the 24th Annual CSBS Technology Conference

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1 Welcome to the 24th Annual CSBS Technology Conference

2 CSBS Technology Committee
Danny Ragan (LA)—Chairman Ron Seymour ( WA)- Vice Chairman Kara Hunter (CO) Marlene Aitchison (WY) Rhoshunda Kelly (MS) Frank Ander (AL) Kelly Lammers (NE) Linda Benton (FL) Karen Lawson (MI) Marjorie Bragado (HI) Mary Ann Magee (CA) Joe Broz (TX) Chuck Martier (PA) Deron Brubaker (OK) Carter Mathews (OK) Chuck Carey (VT) David Merchant (IL) Harold Carney (GA) Mark Pinson (VA) Glen Caspers (KS) Todd Prout (CT) Jim Cooper (IN) William Rachmiel (NY) Rob Fritchey (MO) Felicia Hedgebeth (GA) Jae Sohn (NY) Craig Herrold (PA) Bruce Stewart (UT) Doug Hoselton (ND) – SERT Paul Tate (KY) David Huang (IA) David Wentland (IA) Rick Huff (PA) Susan Zimmerman (AZ) I would first like to recognize a few folks and thank them for their hard work……CSBS Technology Committee members please stand up- Thank you for your time and commitment

3 SERT Doug Hoselton (ND)—Chairman Perry Anne Hayward (MS)—Vice Chair
Harold Carney (GA) Craig Herrold (PA) Annette Cheng (CA) Tom Fite (IN) Richard Abdill (NJ) Mike Kellum (OK) Gretchen Chamberlain (IA) Bob Henry (AR) George Roumeliotis (IL) Gene St. Andrews (NC) Bryan Calhoun (KY) Ken Kuntschik (TX) The State Examiner Review Team has been busy this year – for those SERT members here please stand up!

4 SERT Accomplishments 2010-2011
SERT added three members in 2011. ETS Initiative ETS-SAGE elaboration & constructions ETS-ALERT continued through the construction phase. Produced the Troubled Debt Restructurings job aid, which was published in September. FFIEC-related proposals Testers for GENESYS 5.5, GENESYS 5.6, GENESYS 5.7, several template updates, ALERT 3.3, FDIC Extranet updates, and IER updates ETS SAGE- with almost weekly development meetings. In addition to the weekly meetings, two face-to-face meetings were held with development staff.

5 2010 Technology Survey Shows:
Participated in Survey Total Number of Departments* Percentage of Departments Participated 50 55 91% Survey Results Available Soon at *Includes Texas Department of Savings & Mortgage Lending

6 IT Services Provided by a Central State Department

7 Types of Laptops Used DELL 27 HP 11 OTHER 12 Other Includes: IBM
Gateway Lenovo Panasonic

8 Mobile Devices Used

9 Department Uses Content Management Software
Types of Content Management Software Used: MS MOSS MS SharePoint Basic Intranet Information Web Content Management (WCM) Teamsite Merant Collage Synergize

10 Technology Used for Connectivity in the Field
Other Connectivity Devices Used: Internet access through institutions Clear wireless 4-G and 4G-Plus Hotspots Use access point to share air card for examiner to cut down costs and enhance features MiFi Embedded Mobile Broadband Cards, VPN Built-in wireless network cards Local Ethernet

11 Department Uses Video Conferencing
Types of Technology Used Polycom Microsoft Live Meeting Microsoft Communication Server WebEx

12 Restricted Websites Websites Blocked Yes: 36 No: 12 No Response: 2
Non-Work Related Sites Gambling Adult Websites Social Media Gaming Advertisements & Pop-Ups Proxies Emerging Exploits Spywares Personals & Dating Sex Education Potentially Damaging Content Image/Multimedia Safe Search Applications (iTunes, IM, etc.) Internet Telephony Hacking & Proxy Avoidance Peer-to-Peer Internet Radio and TV Military & Extremist Racism & Hate Religion Shopping Profanity MP3 & Audio Download Services Sports & Entertainment Phishing Alcohol & Tobacco Others These are the type of websites that some departments restrict access

13 Exam Tools Used

14 Secure Communications
Communicate Securely with FDIC: 48 Communicate Securely with FRS: 44

15 Imaging Department Uses Imaging: 39
Imaging Used for Internal Department Documents: 36 Imaging Used for Institution Correspondence: 31 Imaging Used for Exam Workpapers: 18

16 Document Management System
Department Implemented a Doc Management System: 16 Developed an Internal System: 10 Using 3rd Party/Outsource : 7 New York is using both: Domino.Doc and an internally developed system using Lotus Notes.

17 Department Using Cloud or Virtualization Technology
Technology Being Used: Virtual Server VMware vSphere Microsoft Hyper V/Windows 2008 R2 Microsoft Virtual PC Sonian Archiving Postini Security VDI Citrix

18 Social Media Department Utilizes Social Media: 8
Very few states are utilizing Social Media at this point- can this be avoided…..the new generation of workers like and use social media

19 25th Tech Seminar is Next Year
Where do you want to go? Submit to Sebastien and Mary Beth 2012 marks the 25th Tech Seminar- where do we want to go? Submit suggestions and we will vote by the end of this seminar……….

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