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Africa the next big thing By Bamba Thiam CEO of Afrisytems Copyright Afrisystems 2008.

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1 Africa the next big thing By Bamba Thiam CEO of Afrisytems Copyright Afrisystems 2008

2 Africa 1. Oil 2. Commodities 3. Agriculture, land and water 4. Healthcare 5. Infrastructure 6. Telecommunications 7. Information Technology 8. Defense 9. Financial Services 10. Retail Investments Opportunities Copyright Afrisystems 2008

3 Oil exporting nations have grown rapidly. Reserves in the West African countries alone estimated at about 110 billion barrels On a par with Iraq and more than Kuwait OIL Copyright Afrisystems 2008

4 The global infrastructure build-out, led by China and India, is keeping demand strong for all types of commodities. Commodities Copyright Afrisystems 2008

5 Healthcare is one of Africas most pressing needs and represents a tremendous opportunity for investors Publicly traded pharmaceutical companies are growing in Africa. Healthcare Copyright Afrisystems 2008

6 Africa has tremendous potential in agribusiness Estimated 24.3 million square kilometers, almost one-quarter of the worlds land The world continues to struggle with constraints on food production and a lack of arable land. Africa, with its abundant land, could become a major food exporter. Agriculture and land water Copyright Afrisystems 2008

7 The telecommunications industry is growing rapidly The African cell-phone sector is the fastest growing in the world Subscription growth between 2007 and 2008 at 41% annually. Cell phones currently account for 90% of telephone subscribers in Africa. At the beginning of 2008, there were 300 million mobile subscribers (Sources "Global Market Brief: Communications Infrastructure for the Developing World" Stratfor, 2/21/2008) Telecommunications Copyright Afrisystems 2008

8 7. Information technology Use of computers and the Internet will have to become more widespread in order to lower costs and connect Africa to the world economy. The specific goals of these investments are to diversify the economy and to reduce the infrastructure gap that has been created by years of neglect. Information Technology Copyright Afrisystems 2008

9 One byproduct of the commodity boom is that some of the associated revenues are being spent to expand nations defensive, or in some instances, offensive,capabilities. Defense Copyright Afrisystems 2008

10 9. Financial services The need for improved financial services The diversification of African economies needs to be funded and the financial services industry stands to benefit Local competition to invest in business and the establishment of a consumer class will create opportunities. Financial Services Copyright Afrisystems 2008

11 10. Retail The rise of per capita incomes will lead to the development of a consumer class in select African nations. The rich in many African nations continue to take in high percentages of national income and presents a substantial opportunity for high-end merchants. Retail Copyright Afrisystems 2008

12 SENEGAL Copyright Afrisystems 2008

13 Human Ressources Two universities with 31,000 students in all faculties 47 business schools, most of them linked to French or Canadian universities and colleges Total available labour force: 4,000,000 57% of the population is under 25 One of the lowest infection rates in the world for AIDS < 1% Copyright Afrisystems 2008

14 Telecom Infrastructure 100% digital network throughout the whole of the country 3 major operators - SONATEL, subsidiary of France Telecocm - SENTEL gsm, subsidiary of Millicom International - SUDATEL The ATLANTIS optic fibre cable connects Senegal with Europe and South America. The SAFE/WASC/SAT3 cable connects Senegal with Europe and Asia. Connectivity with North America through the TELE GLOBE Canada network. High Internet bandwidth up to 10 MB, digital lines T1 available Copyright Afrisystems 2008

15 Sénégal AGRIBUSINESS INVESTMENT OPPORTINUTY Agribusiness Copyright Afrisystems 2008

16 Modern port facilities: 3, 400 miles from New York. 240,000 hectares of irrigable land available. A favorable climate for growing out of season fruits and vegetables. Closeness to US and European destinations. Good shipping connections Agribusiness Copyright Afrisystems 2008

17 Fishing industry Principal export revenue earner. Exploitable potential : 450,000 tons. Government policy is to increase added value to the landed fish catch. Fishing industry Copyright Afrisystems 2008

18 Bamba Thiam CEO Afrisystems +221 77 529 82 84 1 510 979 9901 RÉPUBLIQUÉ DU SÉNÉGAL

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