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1 DIGIFLAK PROJECT FLAK Technologies DigiFLAK 2013

2 …build total digital safety zone …care for your values
DIGIFLAK PROJECT CONTENTS HOW TO… SeOS – SecuritOS FLiC – FLAK Licensee LogME FLAKmobile FLAKstream FLAKnet …build total digital safety zone …care for your values …login with NO passwords …be protected everywhere …prevent viruses and malware …connect to each other DigiFLAK 2013

3 SeOS. Main Technology Principles
DIGIFLAK PROJECT SeOS. Main Technology Principles SeOS (SecuritOS) SeOS is an embedded Operating System for FLAK devices which performs high-speed cryptographic calculations on big data arrays running within the FLAK Secure Core Main Functions Decryption and sign check of applications before every start Allocation of separate secured address space to applications Provision of special API to high-speed cryptographic accelerators to applications: DES, 3DES, AES, SHA1, SHA128, SHA256, MD5 and others PCSC#11 standard support Multilevel key management system – key ladder with all level keys protection from illegal access Asymmetric algorithms ECC and RSA support High-speed data filtering according to various criteria License management technology (FLiC) support SeOS API functions support for multi application environment Apps SeOS API Linux Main Core Secure Core DigiFLAK 2013

4 FLiC. Main Technology Principles
DIGIFLAK PROJECT FLiC. Main Technology Principles FLiC (FLAK Licensee Control) DigiFlak proprietary flexible and high-capacity mechanism for processing and management of license rights to any digital data such as video, audio, software, eBooks, etc. Smart, fast and secured Easy to trust and integrate License processing takes place in isolated and secured environment which guarantees no illegal access to the keys and prevents license rights interference. With FLiC technology it is possible to re-encrypt data in real time which means that technology supports DRM (CAS)  DTCP-IP and DRM (CAS)  HDCP bridges. FLiC is fully consistent with the FLAK basic concept on simple and convenient usage of information security technologies. FLiC can both be used as a standalone DRM-solution (with its own software for the server side), and provide a "safe" framework for third-party CAS and DRM solutions. Based on the FLAK platform the FLiC technology provides a totally safe license management and mechanism to control access to all digital entities Unique content security DRM and CAS support With FLic it is possible to make easy integration to with all well-known DRM and CAS solutions extending its their security * Secuter (Eng. Security Computer ) – a dedicated device, minicomputer with secure cores inside DigiFLAK 2013

DIGIFLAK PROJECT DRM (CAS) -> DTCP-IP or HDCP BRIDGE How it works FLAK secuter processes DRM-protected content and encrypts output data either according to DTCP-IP specification or to HDMI standard. In the first instance the output content can be played by a PC (a built-in player with DTCP-IP support) or transmitted to connected home devices such as TVs or tablets. The second case can be applied to the FLAK devices with HDMI interface which guarantees maximum level of protection to exclusive content. All content goes from the secuter to HDMI and can be received by any device with an HDMI support. Isolated trusted environment Tablet Content provider DRM protected content HDCP iDTV with HDMI PC with a DTCP player HIGHEST LEVEL OF PROTECTION FOR VALUABLE CONTENT WITH A “CONTENT PROVIDER – USER SCREEN” SCHEME!!! DTCP-IP encryption DigiFLAK 2013

DIGIFLAK PROJECT SOFTWARE PROTECTION Isolated trusted environment Software running on PC License server SW License providing PC-Secuter protected session License storage How it works In most cases a license for commercial software looks like a file with different parameters used: permissions / restrictions of operations, license duration, number of users, etc. The license file which is unique to each copy of software is stored within a protected memory of FLAK secuter and can never be extracted outside. All transactions with licenses (installation, control, update, review) are executed in an isolated environment of the secuter with either a FLiC software module or software developers’ module. !NB Developers can move part of the basic software functionality into the secuter which is strongly recommended !!! FORGET THE PROBLEM OF YOUR SW ILLEGAL DISTRIBUTION OR USAGE!!! DigiFLAK 2013

7 LogME. Threats and Recommendations
DIGIFLAK PROJECT LogME. Threats and Recommendations Password lexical algorithms’ match Password theft from user PC (imitation, key loggers, browser cash analyzers) All user accounts are dependent on account security Password theft from WEB service servers Use only “rules to follow” passwords Limit number of wrong password entries Don’t store passwords on WEB servers Use open/public keys and certificates methods for authentication Don’t save passwords on PC Don’t login via keyboard Check source of WEB login form Provide maximum security to the account itself Are you really able to follow all these mazy rules??? DigiFLAK 2013

8 LogME. Main Technology Principles
DIGIFLAK PROJECT LogME. Main Technology Principles DigiFlak proprietary chrysalis intended for safe and easy authentication procedure on remote WEB sites No less than 20 random symbols’ auto-password generated by hardware facilities of the FLAK secuter; Password is unique for every user account; User doesn’t know the password; Password never comes out of the device secured internal core in unencrypted form; Could not be simpler and securer. Password based and certificate based solutions are provided: DigiFLAK 2013

DIGIFLAK PROJECT (password based) 1. SSL certificate acquisition 2. Login request 3. Login dispatch 6. Encrypted login name and password sending 4. Password generation 5. Certificate and login/password pair safekeeping SSL server SSL client Initial registration During initial registration on a remote WEB site the secuter acquires an SSL certificate from the server. Then it initiates its own SSL session with the WEB browser (with a FLAK certificate), gets the login name from the user and generates a random password according to certain security rules. After that the secuter gets login name from the browser, encrypts both the login name and generated password and sends it to the remote WEB site. Simultaneously, the server certificate, login name and generated key are stored in a secure file system of the secuter. Login procedure At the next login the secuter authenticates the server with the stored certificate and if it is a success both the login name and password are sent to the server in SSL session. The user communicates with the site via the secuter certificate which is a guarantor of safe connection. Advantages Positive NO SERVER MODIFICATION REQUIRED!!! Following proven technology principles like secure login/password storage and easy registration/login procedures this approach allows implementation with no expenses on the server side since all sites now support password authentication. DigiFLAK 2013

DIGIFLAK PROJECT (certificate based) 1. SSL certificate acquisition 2. Login request 3. Login dispatch 5. SSL client certificate sending 4. Certificate generation and safekeeping SSL server SSL client Authentication The approach is based on mutual SSL authentication with a client-authenticated TLS handshake. The client certificate authenticates the user and instead of a password, a private key is stored in the secuter. In this case there are only public keys on the server side and their theft will not work to potential attackers. Advantages TOTAL SECURITY PROVIDED!!! This approach solves security problems with the account data stored on the server. It also doesn’t require upgrade of the server and can be activated on the server side with a system setup. DigiFLAK 2013

11 Afraid to forget your device?
DIGIFLAK PROJECT LogME. Useful features Afraid to forget your device? in bar, taxi, friend’s home, old suit.. Home Your backup FLAK Your FLAK Everywhere FLAK server site OR Android or iOS LogME app Data sync Your FLAK With Data Sync approach you can forget about your fear to forget! Backup with FLAK servers will allow you to enjoy mobile security as well! DigiFLAK 2013

12 FLAKstream. Main Principles
DIGIFLAK PROJECT FLAKstream. Main Principles FLAKstream FLAK proprietary technology of high throughput real-time network traffic scanning and analysis powered by Kaspersky SafeStream Internet HOW IT WORKS FLAKstream technology allows for filtering incoming and outgoing IP packets based on specified criteria and signature analysis according to given ​​URL values. This technology efficiently implements functions of streaming antivirus, firewall, parental control, Data Leakage Prevention, etc. All incoming and outgoing IP traffic to/from the host PC is intercepted by the secuter, where all data is filtered and scanned by the FLAK engine employing dedicated hardware accelerators. After detecting a potential or real threat the secuter blocks the infected object and warns the user of a possible danger. Untrusted Internet data Verified internet to the user Redirect to FLAK NO NEGATIVE INFLUENCE ON HOST PERFORMANCE. TREATS, VIRUSES AND MALWARE ARE BLOCKED BEFORE GETTING INTO PC. Firewall FLAK Device Stream antivirus Parental control DLP DigiFLAK 2013

13 FLAKnet. Main Principles
DIGIFLAK PROJECT FLAKnet. Main Principles FLAKnet With FLAKnet proprietary technology you can create secure virtual networks with no specific knowledge or surplus cost HOW IT WORKS Company Headquarters Secured Network FLAK PRO With FLAKnet technology the FLAK secuter users can integrate their personal computers and mobile devices in a secure virtual network without complicated settings and profound knowledge. It is just enough to enter flak-ID of the device to be connected to the network and get a mutual confirmation on the connection. A virtual network can be based on any physical connections to Internet. The secuter will automatically determine and configure all connection settings. To compare flak-id and the current IP address of the device FLAKnet sync server is used. After setting up a connection the secuter sends information about its current IP address to the sync server and gets back information about the IP address of the connected device. Connections and network management are supported by open source software, like openVPN. FREE WIFI Business dinner FLAK mobile Business trip FREE WIFI FLAK Classic CREATE A SECURE VIRTUAL NET? FLAK MAKES IT EASY!!! DigiFLAK 2013

14 FLAKmobile. Main Principles
DIGIFLAK PROJECT FLAKmobile. Main Principles FLAKmobile DigiFlak proprietary solution, applying FLAK platform and technologies like FLiC, LogMe, FLAKstream, FLAKnet, etc. to mobile domain Solution for USB OTG devices microUSB The solution assumes FLAK mobile secuter connection to microUSB interfaces of mobile devices. The Flak Mobile (as FLAK Classic (non mobile) does) supports USB 2.0 and NFC interfaces as well as basic FLAK applications including Firewall and VPN. It doesn’t have external network interface – the FLAK driver on Host intercepts all incoming and outgoing traffic and forwards it to the secuter via a microUSB. SMALL DIMENTIONS 1x2cm LOW CONSUMPTION microUSB INTERFACE NFC DigiFLAK 2013

15 FLAK Mobile. Main Principles
DIGIFLAK PROJECT FLAK Mobile. Main Principles Solution for devices with ARM TrustZone or Intel TxT support This solution consists of SeOS implementation for ARM TrustZone and LogMe, FLiC, FLAKNet, FLAKstream technologies as applications for Android/IOS/Windows OS. Thus, if a mobile device supports TrustZone, then SeOS is installed as a complementary OS. The FLAK technologies are implemented as SW applications for the primary OS. Secure OS Within this approach the FLAK secuter is required for primary personalization of the mobile device and sync or backup of confidential information and licenses. The same approach is applicable for mobile devices with Intel Trusted eXecution Technology (Intel TxT) support NO EXTERNAL DEVICE USAGE OF WELL-RECOMMENDED TECHNOLOGIES FLAK APPS IN ANDROID PLAY MARKET AND IOS APP STORE DigiFLAK 2013

16 Thank you for your attention!
DIGIFLAK PROJECT Thank you for your attention! DigiFLAK 2013

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