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Image Recognition Technology How Smartphones can be Utilized for Mass Customization.

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1 Image Recognition Technology How Smartphones can be Utilized for Mass Customization

2 What is Image Recognition Technology? Developmental History

3 Image Recognition Technology Also known as Computer Vision image recognition is the process by which a computer algorithm analyzes an image or series of images, and recreates the subject three dimensionally In essence the computer is then able to understand the shape in a three dimensional field

4 The Development of Image Recognition Originally, and not surprisingly, image recognition was funded by the intelligence sector in the 1960s It was not until the late 1990s however that the technology had developed to the point of reliable application

5 Image Recognition in the Private Sector Rapidly, the commercial fields were quick to pick up on image recognition It is utilized everywhere from critical infrastructure security and biometric identification, to real-time professional and amateur photographer assistance

6 Image Recognition and Mass Customization Providing individual details for individual people

7 How Image Recognition can Transform Mass Customization The ability to accurately recreate a real life subject digitally allows for the option to quickly and efficiently analyze the most minute details Thus, products that require a small margin of error for user performance, can be genuinely customized for every individual

8 Applied to Custom Footwear Using only two images of a subjects foot, this video demonstrates how image recognition can accurately and immediately recreate the human foot digitally

9 Enter the Smartphone How smartphones can increase options for mass customization

10 The Rapidly Expanding Ability of the Smartphone Cameras and internal processors on smartphones have now well surpassed the image clarity and processing power required to effectively operate image recognition software It is therefore possible to apply everything previously discussed, in the palm of your hand

11 A Smartphone Application for Mass Customization The pervasiveness of the smartphone in society, means that any individual can quickly, easily, and in their spare time, provide data that will return a product designed exactly for their needs

12 The 3D Soles Model Mass Customization for Orthotic Insoles

13 3D Soles Capability 3D Soles efforts have led to the development of a custom orthopedic insole system that is the first to utilize: A Smartphone Application Image Recognition Technology Mass Customization Opportunity The custom insoles are tailored to the exact curvatures and unique geometry of a persons foot

14 The Users Experience The 3D Soles App walks the user through taking three photos that are used for both a free medical analysis, and to develop customized orthopedic insoles The images are analyzed by the 3D Soles algorithm, and cross checked by a live technician to supplement for medical related data

15 The Custom Insoles Process The user opens the application and is guided through the three photo process The photos are processed in real time by the algorithm and a live technician Data is returned to the user via both the smartphone and email The data contains any medical issues that may have been discovered during analysis The user is then provided the option to purchase the custom insole If purchased, the users custom data is sent to the manufacturer for processing

16 3D Soles Assistance How 3D Soles can help Footwear Companies and their Clientele

17 What 3D Soles Can do for Performance Footwear Footwear that require a small margin of error for optimal performance, also require exacting requirements in their development and production 3D Soles has the knowledge, experience and data available to provide the means to fulfill such demanding standards

18 The Right Fit 3D Soles can determine the clients unique foot geometry for footwear manufacturers that design custom footwear, or help the user select the nearest and most accurate premade product for them

19 3D Soles Mediation User submits images via the brands app, powered by 3D Soles technology (White label) for analysis The data is sent to 3D Soles servers to be processed by our algorithm and technicians Analysis completed, the user is forwarded to the best matched footwear product

20 Image Recognition, Mass Customization, Smartphone Applications CEO: Nimrod Rotem Public Relations: Zack Paige

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