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KT Scotland 2010 Stimulating Energy Innovation: ITF and the Energy KTN Heriot Watt University, 23 rd April 2010 Dorothy Burke ITF/Energy KTN Growing Technology.

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1 KT Scotland 2010 Stimulating Energy Innovation: ITF and the Energy KTN Heriot Watt University, 23 rd April 2010 Dorothy Burke ITF/Energy KTN Growing Technology

2 About ITF ITF Members ITF Process Sample Projects How to get involved Growing Technology Presentation Topics What is a KTN? The KTN Network Objectives/Benefits Energy KTN How to join

3 ITF is a global not for profit organization, owned by 23 major international oil and gas companies Facilitate technology development and access up to 100% industry funding to implementation 150 projects launched; £46m member investment Currently: 40 ongoing projects worth £19 million Growing Technology Industry Technology Facilitator

4 Growing Technology The Industry Technology Facilitator A not-for-profit organisation

5 The ITF Process Screen & Evaluate Development Proposals Engage Development Community & Invite Proposals Technology Challenge Workshops Understand And Identify Technology Needs Implement Technology Launch Joint Industry Projects Secure Funding

6 EOR Technology Tight and Shale Gas, and Coal Bed Methane Drilling Efficiency Completions Technology Produced Fluids Management HPHT (Production) Growing Technology 2010 Technology Challenge Workshops Aberdeen 18/19 August Amsterdam 17/18 March Houston 26/27 May

7 Growing Technology ITF Funding Process Timeline

8 University of Manchester Acoustek Remote Pipeline Inspection for Real-time Field Management Development of an acoustic technique for the detection of leakage and blockage in pipelines Cost: £50k Duration: 12 months Sponsor: BP Implemented Growing Technology Acoustek - University of Manchester

9 University of Liverpool MIMS system has been built and lab tested and 4 days of testing was done at Opus Test Facility in June 2009. The MIMS system successfully passed through its second stage of field trials at OPUS (Flotta) at the end of July. Sponsors:BG, ENI, Chevron, ConocoPhillips Cost:£210k Completed Growing Technology Membrane Inlet Mass Spectrometry Water Based Monitoring System (MIMS)

10 The Robert Gordon University Final test work is now being completed with the project currently on target to complete by September with issue of final report. Potential follow on project based on outcome. Pioneer Project Sponsors:ConocoPhillips, ITF Cost:£20k Completed Growing technology" Non-Chemical Modular Gas Treatment Technology Parameter Characterisation

11 Heriot-Watt University HWU now running Phase Two Development of Hydrate Early Warning methods for determining hydrate safety margin of pipeline fluids Cost: £460k Sponsors: BP, Chevron, Petronas, StatoilHydro, Total Product now available and being implemented by all Participants, e.g. Total in Qatar (Dolphin Energy) and Pau; plus FMC Live Project Growing Technology Detecting hydrate formation in pipelines

12 The University of Aberdeen The development of a novel cost effective underwater cutting device for use in decommissioning. Relatively low power required (cutting power density up to 100 x greater than electric arc systems) and a cutting speed comparable with Abrasive Water Jet Cutting in air. Duration:6 months (Phase 1) Sponsors:BP, CoP, Shell Cost:£200k Live Project Growing Technology Novel Underwater Cutting

13 Growing Technology Exploration Technologies Joint 3D Inversion of Full Wavefield P, S and CSEM data (Fullwave III) Imperial College & OHM Ltd Running:Until June 2011 Sponsors:DECC, BG, BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Eni, Maersk, Nexen, Rio Tinto Cost:£1,280k Addresses joint inversion of 3D seismic and 3D CSEM data to combine the structural fidelity and depth control of P-wave reflection imaging with the direct hydrocarbon sensitivity of both CSEM and full elastic seismic data Live Project

14 Growing Technology Tight Gas Technology Petrophysics of tight gas sands (PETGAS) University of Leeds Project to create an atlas/database on the petrophysical properties of tight gas sands using state-of-the-art SCAL laboratory (Sorby Lab) Sponsors: BG, BP, EBN, Shell & Wintershall Cost: £750k Understand key controls on petrophysical properties Identify relationships between petrophysical properties. Use to better interpret down- hole tool data. Identify better ways to produce from tight gas reservoirs Results will provide the basis for improving the interpretation of wire-line log data for the characterisation of tight reservoirs during exploration, appraisal and production Live Project

15 Growing Technology Low Permeability Reservoirs Gas Flow in Heterogeneous Low Permeability Rocks BP Institute, Cambridge University Phase 1: developed hierarchy simplified numerical models to describe the fluid dynamics of gas from a low perm rock to a well. Sponsors:BG, BP, Chevron, CoP, Eni, Shell Cost:£190k Phase 2: developing these semi-analytic models for gas flow in heterogeneous low perm rock to account for e.g. damage near the well-bore, faults providing dominant conduits for flow etc. Live Project

16 Growing technology" Register to receive info Check proposal calls

17 What is a KTN? Delivered on behalf of Technology Strategy Board : Closing Technology and Market Gaps Network with shared interest in a technology area KTNs are funded by the Technology Strategy Board and bring together industry and academia to: Acquire and share knowledge, participate in shaping future of strategically important technologies in the UK Provide activities and initiatives that promote the exchange of knowledge and the stimulation of innovation 19 KTNs with a membership of around 60,000 Newest KTNs are in Financial Services and Energy

18 The KTN Network Delivered on behalf of Technology Strategy Board : Closing Technology and Market Gaps Accelerated innovation Access to funding Partnerships International engagement Cross-sector links Technology deployment A network of networks delivering strategic value across UK technology sectors:

19 The KTN Network Delivered on behalf of Technology Strategy Board : Closing Technology and Market Gaps - Aerospace & Defence - Biosciences - Chemistry Innovation - Creative Industries - Digital Systems - Digital Communications - Electronics - Energy Generation & Supply - Environmental Sustainability - Financial Services - HealthTech & Medicines - Industrial Mathematics - Intelligent Transport Systems - Low Carbon - Materials - Nanotechnology - Modern Built Environment - Photonics & Plastic Electronics - Sensors and Instrumentation

20 KTN Objectives Delivered on behalf of Technology Strategy Board : Closing Technology and Market Gaps Improve the UK's innovation performance Accelerate knowledge transfer of technology from academia and the science base into UK-based businesses Deliver improved industrial performance by driving the flow of people, knowledge and experience within the sector Enable focused networking across individuals and organisations, in the UK and internationally Provide a forum for a coherent voice to inform government of technology needs and issues

21 KTN Benefits Large businesses supply chain development financial gearing on capital projects engagement with innovators regulatory issues defined meet the vendor networking events Universities & Research Institutes R&D collaborative project partner identification increased R&D funding access engagement with private investors IPR support knowledge transfer partnerships Supply Chain, SMEs increased access to funding sources engagement with end users partner identification meet the customer networking events technology, market & policy enquiry service Delivering real and measurable benefits across technology communities

22 Interactive web portal access Focused networking events programme Global outreach – international engagement Special Interest Groups Advisory Helpdesk KTN Member Services Information : Communication : Innovation : Partnerships : Funding : Technology uptake

23 Interactive Web Portals Information hubs with regular updates R&D proposal calls and signposting International bench marking reports New Technology & Investment Reports Events Directory Technology, Markets & Legislation Updates Project Funding Landscape Navigation Tool Partner Search Tool Supply Chain Capabilities Directory & Search Tool Interactive navigation & search tools Building on Existing Networks and Associations

24 Energy KTN Wave & Tidal Fuel Cells & Hydrogen Maximising Oil & Gas Resources Future & Emerging Opportunities Offshore Wind Carbon Abatement Technologies Large Power Stations Utilities/Operators Equipment Suppliers Trade Associations Universities Research Institutes Investment Firms Certification Bodies Regulators Govt. Funding Bodies Scotland/Wales/RDAs Other KTNs

25 Why Join a KTN? It is FREE! Networking - frequent opportunities to network with businesses and other academics through targeted events, meetings and Special Interest Groups Information and news - free access to on-line services Reports Newsletters Webinars e-training Events diaries e-conferencing collaboration tools sector specific information Funding opportunities -advice on Technology Strategy Board Collaborative R&D calls, other innovation funding, links into KTP/other programmes Policy and regulation - a communications route between the technology community, Government and EU, giving members the opportunity to influence policies and regulation in the UK and abroad KTNs are playing an increasingly important role in the development of the Govts future technology direction (via the Technology Strategy Board)

26 Find the relevant KTN/contact and join for FREE on: Which KTN for Me?

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