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Organizational Technology

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1 Organizational Technology
Presented by: Kimberley Neeson RPR, CRR, CSR, CCP, CBC Realtime Systems Administrator

2 People Individual court reporter Small firm owner (2-9) Medium+ firm owner (9+)

3 Process What do you need to accomplish? How will you accomplish it?

4 Technology What technology do you require in order to do the job, be it hardware or software?

5 Areas to Explore Calendar/Schedule Document Management Email
Production Accounting Tools of Convenience Thoughts on Using Technology

6 Google Calendar

7 Gmail – note Google Calendar entry in the Inbox

8 Segregate or “star” emails you want to flag – organize for later

9 Program reminders

10 Result in Calendar

11 Outlook Calendar

12 Drag and Drop emails - Enbridge

13 Email saved to calendar – all information is there

14 Add tasks

15 Send meeting invitations – automatically goes into Calendar

16 Scheduling in ReporterBase

17 Assigning Reporters (Resources)

18 Calendar at a glance (1 day)

19 Reporter Base Court Reporter Calendar/Schedule

20 Reporter Job Sheet - RB

21 What are the greatest challenges you
What are the greatest challenges you face with ? Too many Distracting “Lose” important s Forget to put s in file folders Using multiple devices that aren’t syncing Junk Group

22 Tips for Email Organization

23 5 minutes or less – deal with it now
5 minutes or more – deal with it now OR decide when you’ll deal with it Tools to get through Touch It Once * To Do This Week * Task List

24 Focused Work v. Multi-tasking
Out of sight = out of mind Turn off alerts Work in a “batch” mode, not every time you pause Chocolate example – if you love chocolate and you’re trying to quit and someone puts it in front of you, hard to resist the temptation! Do check five minutes every hour, for example; wean yourself slowly if need be

25 Don’t let the tools rule you!
Scan for urgency first, and quickly categorize your s Leave yourself time to process s every day Your inbox should function like a short-term to-do list Consider what deadlines and commitments you have to meet, and prioritize your work (use task lists, save s to calendar, etc.) 100 s a day = 2 hours of review time so budget accordingly If you use multiple platforms, use syncing for best use of time (Evernote, Outlook Tasks)

26 Making Time Use your calendar – if you schedule it, it will happen!
Recharge your batteries – turn off! We are all super-connected and breaking this habit will take discipline and help Your neuropathway needs to be reprogrammed and entrenched in the “new” habit It takes one to two months to create a new habit It takes discipline and work to change the current habit

27 Out with the old – in with the new!

Repetition creates a new habit Don’t expect perfection – if you slip, don’t give up, commit to the new habit again Create measurement and accountability – Engage a colleague or family member to keep you on track and “call you out” when you slip Track your success daily REMEMBER: WE ARE NOT EMERGENCY PHYSICIANS THE WORLD WILL KEEP TURNING IF WE TUNE OUT AND RECHARGE!!

29 We train people how to work with us
Use these tools to drive your productivity… Don’t let the tools drive you!

30 Streamline your email folders
Inbox - 1. SPONSORS - A B C + 2. PARTNERS + strategy 3. RBC + + 4. PROSPECTING 5. SORT

31 Final Tips for Choose certain times of the day to look at ; advise senders of those times Create channels for things like group On your tablet/handheld – set different “sounds” for important s you want to flag Create rules for certain s, i.e. junk mail Use search filters like Xobni - Xobni Use Microsoft Exchange to manage s on many devices

32 Accounting Many programs available and not an expensive purchase
Quickbooks - View QB QB Animate Simply Accounting - View SA RB8, Analyser Excel spreadsheets (included in Microsoft Office) NeatDesk – for expenses - View ND Taxes - TurboTax - H&R Block RB8 – accounting did not work for me so abandoned it – tools MUST work for you

33 Inexpensive Billing Option
A great tool for court reporters or small firms is Invoice2go - View I2G Tour I2G Demo on iPad

34 Production Your own court reporting software

35 Production Software YesLaw RealLegal Min-U-Script
Minuscript tour is 7.40 min, go to 2.58 if you are going to show (slow)

36 Reporter Base - Production
Upload transcript from reporter

37 Prefill existing parties

38 Add new party

39 Upload transcript

40 Voila – a transcript is created in pdf

41 Document Management - Servers

42 Next Level

43 Tools of Convenience Meetings Skype – Free
GoToMeeting – approximately $50/month WebEx – monthly fee GoToMeeting and WebEx allow you to share documents and see and hear multiple participants

44 Tools of Convenience The SmartPen The Handheld Scanner ScannerPro App

45 Your Little Black Book Evernote Microsoft OneNote

46 Sharing Dropbox GoogleDocs YouSendIt Create your own FTP site
GoToMyPC and LogMeIn

47 Must have – Hotspot

48 Last thought… With regard to using technology - the tool will be as good as the talent of the person using the tool and their ability to leverage nuances within the tool.

49 Links ORGANIZATIONAL TECHNOLOGY Calendar/Schedule Email Accounting
Presented by Kimberley Neeson RPR, CRR, CSR, CCP, CBC Realtime Systems Administrator Calendar/Schedule Google Calendar Outlook Calendar RB8 Xobni Accounting Quickbooks Simply Accounting NeatDesk Taxes H&R Block

Presented by Kimberley Neeson RPR, CRR, CSR, CCP, CBC Realtime Systems Administrator Billing Invoice2Go Production YesLaw RealLegal Min-U-Script Tools of Convenience Skype GoToMeeting WebEx The SmartPen The Handheld Scanner ScannerProApp

51 Links ORGANIZATIONAL TECHNOLOGY Little Black Book Sharing
Presented by Kimberley Neeson RPR, CRR, CSR, CCP, CBC Realtime Systems Administrator Little Black Book Evernote Microsoft OneNote Sharing Dropbox GoogleDocs YouSendIt Create Your Own FTP Site GoToMyPC LogMeIn

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